The next function will be:
Meeting - July 21, 2007, USBC Office


Phillip Schemer 

Patty Nevers
1st Vice President

Butch Hall
2nd Vice President

Johanna E. La Rosa
3rd Vice President

Bruce Garey



Chris Best
Glenda Beckett
Mindy Coile
Susie Coile
Sharon Colon
Joan Dillon
Eugene Finley
Shelley Goldstein
Danielle Graham
Danielle Hall
Alyssa Harper
Stacey Harper


Rudy Levarity
Luis Lora
Betty Jo Martelli
Rick Mesa
Natalie Riveron
Dianna Rose
Joyce Rumbaugh
Teri Sadler
Tere Sinclair
Matthew Watson
Ronnye Weisberg

Harold Harper
Association Manager

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