Greater Miami Bowling Council - Hall of Fame

Michael Kaczka


Background Information:

Michael was born in Chicago, Illinois.  He has been bowling for 26 years, 21 of which in the Miami area.  He has had twenty 300 games, a high series of 837 (twice) and a high average of 243 (all-time highest in GMBA history).

Some highlights:

18 - ABC 300 games
2 - PBA 300 games
7 - 800 series
4 - 299 games
7 - 11-in-a-row games
Won a Dade County All Stars tournament
Won City Tournament Doubles Scratch twice (1993, 1995)
Won High Roller Sweeper twice (1998-$10,00, and 1997 - $18,600)
1984 had the highest three (837) and four (1077) game series in GMBA history (since broken)
Highest four game series - 1114
Lifetime 196.1 average for 17 ABC National Tournaments
(Items below were not on the original resume, but were discussed during the election meeting, which commenced just after the 2002 tournament.)
2002 City Tournament Doubles Champion with Peter Hernandez
2002 City Tournament Optional Scratch Doubles Champion with Peter Hernandez
2002 City Tournament High Scratch with Peter Hernandez

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