Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 3

April/May 2000


GUARANTEED FIRST AND SECOND PLACE PRIZES is the highlight of the upcoming 58th annual city tournament of the Greater Miami Bowling Association. It will be held at Homestead Bowling Center on June 3-4 and 10-11, 2000. The guaranteed prizes are as follows:

First Place Second Place
Team $2,000 $1,000
Singles $1,000 $500
Doubles $1,000 $500
All Events $750 $375

This tournament is open to all GMBA ABC sanctioned members (male and female). The tournament features two handicap divisions. The guaranteed prize money is for each division. The handicap is 90% of the bowler’s average 230, which is a very fair handicapping for bowlers of all averages. (Note: the 10 pin average increase as of January 1 rule is in effect). You can bowl in the Team and Doubles events multiple times. But, you can only bowl once in the Singles. You can also re-enter your entire team or doubles, but you can only cash once with the same team or doubles partner.

Entry fees are $20 per event per person, and $5 for the optional handicap All Events. There is also an option to enter scratch singles and doubles for an additional $10 per person per event.

The regular entry closing date is May 29, 2000. The final closing date is June 11 at 3:00 p.m. This final closing date will allow you to walk in on any day of the tournament to enter, but the entry will have a $5 late fee added to it. Tournament entry forms are now available in bowling centers. Call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225 if you can’t find one.

With the attractive prize money being offered, plus a special mailing that was sent to all GMBA members, it is expected this tournament will quickly fill. So, if you’re wanting to bowl in this event, you are encouraged to submit your entries as early as possible to give yourselves the best chance of getting the squad time of your choice.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association has been considering for some time to offer lower-average bowlers a tournament of their own. With this, the GMBA will be offering a special handicap tournament for bowlers with a 180-under average. The tournament will be held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes on May 7. Check-in will be from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. Bowling time will be at 1:00 p.m. To qualify for this tournament, a bowler

must be a member of ABC, and have a 1998-1999 yearbook average of 180 or under. (Note: the 10 pin average increase as of January 1 rule is NOT in effect). If no yearbook average, a current year’s average in a league with at least 21 games may be presented. Ladies: you’re welcome to bowl in this if you are an ABC member, or wish to join ABC prior to the tournament.

Entry fee is $40 if paid prior to May 7. Bowlers can wait to enter the tournament on May 7, but the entry fee will be $45 at the door. First and second place money is guaranteed to be a minimum of $500 and $250, respectively.

Handicap will be 80 percent of the bowler’s average and 200. Four games will be bowled. The top 8 bowlers after the fourth game will go into a new PBA style stepladder final, where 3 bowlers will be bowling in each match, except for the final match, which will be 2 bowlers. One out of every 5 entries will cash in the tournament. This is really going to be a great opportunity for the lower-average bowlers to bowl in a tournament designed just for them, where there won’t be any domination by the high average bowlers.

Flyers are available in bowling centers. Call (305) 665-2225 if you have any questions.


Nobody likes to report this kind of news, but we must inform you that there will be an ABC dues increase, effective for this summer. There may also possibly be a WIBC dues increase. The dues increases have been requested by the national ABC and WIBC, and are necessary, mainly because national memberships are declining, and funds are needed to keep the organizations in operation. ABC/WIBC membership dues are still less than dues from all other sports organization. It is still a good deal for all who participate in BOWLING.

Delegates at the March 17 ABC Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico approved a dues increase. The ABC asked for a $2 increase for national dues, and a $2 increase for local association dues. The $2 national increase is mandatory; the $2 local increase is optional. The Greater Miami Bowling Association is going to ask for only a $1 increase in local dues. This request must be approved by the GMBA Council of Delegates, which is comprised of a representative from each ABC and mixed league. They will meet on May 7 to cast their votes. If approved, ABC dues would be $15, effective for summer leagues. If disapproved, ABC dues would be $14. Senior dues (for senior leagues) will increase from $9 to $11, as the GMBA is not asking for an increase in local dues for seniors.

The GMBA will inform all leagues and bowling centers of the ABC dues amount after the May 7 vote.

Delegates to the WIBC Convention in early May will consider a dues increase for WIBC also. At the time of this publication, it isn’t known what the increase will be, if approved. The Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association will inform all leagues and bowling centers of any increase that is approved.


Hello again from the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association! Our Annual meeting was held on March 19 at Cloverleaf Lanes. At that meeting several items of interest occurred, among which was awarding the 2001 Championship Tournament to Homestead Bowling Center. Rule changes include "10 Pin Rule SHALL BE observed", " HIGHEST average regardless of the association in which it was obtained" and "NO Tank Tops".

In addition, election of officers & directors were held according to the stagger system in our bylaws. Elected for three year terms were Irene Finley as Sergeant-at-Arms, and directors Peggy Arnold, Jean Block, Sharon Colon, JoAnn Mayer and Wendy Wander.

Delegates selected for WIBC 2001 in Broward County were Sue Jacobs, Mell Brooks, Shelley Goldstein, Peggy Arnold, and Joyce Rumbaugh. Alternates are Mickey Rauch, Ann Marie Fasbinder & Shirley Beck.

Elected to represent the GMWBA at the Florida Women’s Bowling Association Annual Meeting in Indian River, 2001, were Shelley Goldstein, Mickey Rauch, Joyce Rumbaugh, Peggy Arnold, Wendy Wander, Ann Marie Fasbinder, Margo Buzzard, Shirley Beck, Laurie Johnson & Irene Finley.

Barbara Brown’s resignation from the GMWBA board , due to conflicts with her job, was accepted with regret. Sharon Colon was appointed to complete the unexpired term.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH WHAT YOU CONSIDER LOW AVERAGES ---- HERE’S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! During the GMWBA City Tournament the PRESIDENT’S AWARD WAS WON BY ANA VILLOCH WITH A 109 AVERAGE. This award is for a person with a 130 & under average who bowls the highest handicap set in the team event. CONGRATULATIONS ANA!

TO ALL LEAGUE SECRETARIES --- May 1 averages are due. Please be sure to complete the average forms sent to you by the GMWBA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank You.

Look for the next issue of Sparetimes and we’ll be keeping in touch.


The 56th Annual Greater Miami Women's Bowling Association Championship Tournament was recently hosted by Homestead Bowling Center. It was the first of the new millennium. There were new millennium pins given to each of the tournament’s participants. The results are as follows:

HANDICAP TEAM: Tiger Tail Air Boats

SCRATCH TEAM: The Spoilers

Sharon Colon - Lauralee Gam

Sharon Colon - Lauralee Gam
(new scratch doubles record; since 1979)


(new scratch singles record; since 1981)


(new scratch all events record; since 1981)

PRESIDENT'S AWARD: (130 & Under Average - High Handicap Set in Team Event) - Ana Villoch (109 average)

SECRETARY'S AWARD: (First Time Entry - High Handicap Set in Team Event) - Janelle Woodburn

Next year the tournament will be at Homestead Bowling Center again. We hope to see you all there. Win or lose, it’s always good to have a great time seeing old friends and making new ones.


After 30 years of dedicated service, Mrs. Mickey Rauch has stepped aside from running the JUNIOR ORANGE BOWL Bowling Tournament. It wasn't an easy thing to do, but family and health, eventually, must come first. Mrs. Rauch will be greatly missed.

New Co-Directors are Joan Dillon and Maria Smith. Joan is currently President of the Greater Miami Bowling Council, Vice President of the Greater Miami Bowling Association, and Vice President of the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association. Maria is currently a Director on the Greater Miami Women's Association, a Director on the Greater Miami Bowling Association, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association.

Many suggestions have been given to the new Co-Directors and all will be taken under consideration. The Sparetimes has been informed that something new and exciting is planned and will be announced during the coming summer months. A push to increase participation is also planned, including cooperation with YABA national headquarters, and local sponsors. Once again, this year, the tournament will be held at Homestead Bowling Center.

Keep asking at your local bowling center for any news of this year’s Junior Orange Bowl Bowling Tournament. The Sparetimes will keep you posted as news develops.


GMJBA City Tournament
The 31st Annual GMJBA City Championship, contested at Piper Lanes, March 4th and 5th, was the largest since 1997. Scoring was not as high as in years past, but the bowling was just as competitive. Division #1 featured the resurgence of the feminine side of bowling with both first and second place teams going to all girls! Here are the results:

1. Buzz's Girls - Michelle Rockwood, Melissa Vega, Stefanie Nation, Nikki Mundon

2. Fluffy Stuff - Stacie Meyers, Melissa Vega, Michelle Rockwood, Stephanie Polk

3. Kendall Jokers - Frank Rosado, Melissa Coile, Eduardo Perez, A.J. Hamby

1. Galen Aldrick and Robert Chirino
2. Brian Hough and Colin Thrash
3. Keith Nation and Jason Rockwood
4. Melissa Coile and A. J. Hamby
5. Michelle Rockwood and Stefanie Nation

Boys Singles
1. Hunter Lausted
2. Keith Nation
3. Tyler Whidden
4. Robert Chirino
5. Neno Vargas
6. Joey Colon
7. Rafael Delgado
8. Joseph Quick

Girls Singles
1. Michelle Rockwood
2. Stefanie Nation

All Events
Boys Handicap: Robert Chirino
Boys Scratch: Keith Nation
Girls Handicap: Michelle Rockwood
Girls Scratch: Stefanie Nation

1. Impossible - Monique Brisson, Zachary Lett, Tiicon Onick, Justin Cummings

2. Sibling Rivalry - Matt Naue, Andrew Turner, Jeffrey Turner, Richard Naue

1. Zachary Lett and Justin Cummings
2. Jeb Cole and Eric Helmrich
3. Brigette Harrelson and Danielle Hall

Boys Singles
1. Eric Helmrich
2. Zachary Lett
3. Colin Thrash
4. Brett Bigenho

Girls Singles
1. Monique Brisson

All Events
Boys Handicap: Justin Cummings
Boys Scratch: Zachary Lett
Girls Handicap: Monique Brisson
Girls Scratch: Monique Brisson

1. King Pins - Larry Brande, Nicolas Dorwin, Erik Shelfer, Nathan Krowitz

2. We Ready - Justin Moore, Daniel McLeod, Vernell Sullivan, R.J. Dalid

1. Jonathan Salinetro and Chris Best
2. Roosevelt Jackson and Jerrod Winesberry
3. Charlene Gonzalez and Douglas McDowell
4. Justin Moore and DAniel McLeod
5. Melanie Edwards and Andrew Turner

Boys Singles
1. Douglas McDowell
2. Nicolas Dorwin
3. Jeb Cole
4. Roosevelt Jackson
5. Jonathan Salinetro
6. Justin Moore
7. Jerrod Winesberry

Girls Singles
1. Charlene Gonzalez
2. Lindsie Brown
3. Denice Stewart

All Events
Boys Handicap: Douglas McDowell
Boys Scratch: Douglas McDowell
Girls Handicap: Charlene Gonzalez
Girls Scratch: Melanie Edwards

1. What's Up - Ronnie Jackson, Sean Bailey, Terrell Ross, Bertram Cooper

2. Speeding Bullets - Chris Padilla, Matt Naue, Chris Wickline, Sara Gill

3. Ridge Rats - Kevin Hulse, Megan Cherry, Steven Wilson, Adam Reach

1. Alan Musselwhite and Christian Rato
2. Gerald Brown and George Meeks
3. Terrell Ross and Bertram Cooper

Boys Singles
1/2. Kevin Hulse tie Daniel McLeod
3. Brandon Forristall
4. Jason Hall
5. Ronnie Jackson

Girls Singles
1. Mindy Coile
2. Jennifer Casarino

All Events
Boys Handicap: Chase Lausted
Boys Scratch: Chase Lausted
Girls Handicap: Jennifer Rappaport
Girls Scratch: Jennifer Rappaport

1. Hialeah Pals #1 - Alex Nunez, Jay Bushman, Frank Sassone, Evander Cuff

2. The 4 Horsemen - Gordon Wickson, Leonardo Moreno, Chase Lausted, Stefanie Stanchio

1. Jennifer Hahn and Jennifer Casarino
2. Kenneth Owens and Jason Hall
3. Dante Collins and Chris Passino
4. David Rappaport and Jonathan Balserio

Boys Singles
1. Reese Covert
2. Jeffrey Ramos
3. David Rappaport
4. Jerry Estevez
5. Chris Passino
6. Daniel Molinares

Girls Singles
1. Stefanie Stanchio
2. Megan Cherry
3. Megan Hill

All Events
Boys Handicap: Gerald Brown
Boys Scratch: Gerald Brown
Girls Handicap: Megan Cherry
Girls Scratch:: Megan Cherry

1. Friends - Daniel Hulse, Douglas Hulse, Amir Merali, Melissa Covert

2. Stars of Tomorrow - Anthony Diaz, Abel Diaz, Tomas Varela, Jesse Hall

1. Daniel Molinares and Joanna Castillo
2. Melissa Covert and Reese Covert
3. Geron Bailey and Leo Balserio

Boys Singles
1. Leo Balserio
2. Joseph Tucker
3. Bryan Vallieres
4. Demetruis Hammonds

Girls Singles
1. Jasmine Jackson
2. Joanna Castillo

All Events
Boys Handicap: Leo Balserio
Boys Scratch: Kenneth Owens
Girls Handicap: Joanna Castillo
Girls Scratch: Jasmine Jackson

Next year’s tournament, the 32nd Annual, will be held at Bird Bowl........ we hope to see you there!!

Junior scholarship match tournament
Something new has been started for the youth bowlers of Greater Miami! It's a traveling, within Dade County, scholarship tournament. It's designed after the GMBA's (and Homestead Bowling Center’s) 9 game match game tournament.

The first tournament, which was an experiment, was held at Piper Lanes February 6. Scholarship winners were: Tyler Whidden $50, Garrett Litwin, $25, Hunter Lausted $85, Chase Lausted $40, Edward Martelli, Jr. $30, and Chad Brewer $20.

The second tournament, with minor modifications, was also held at Piper Lanes, March 26th. Scholarship winners were: Nikki Mundon $35,

Tyler Whidden $15, Eric Helmrich $30, Hunter Lausted $10, David Bowman $55, Andrew Turner $30, Michael Dykes $15, and Chase Lausted $10.

All Scholarship money is place in the "SMART" Scholarship Fund at YABA headquarters. The next scheduled tournament will be held at Homestead Bowling Center, May 14 with check-in at 9:30am and bowling at 10am. Call Maria Smith at (305) 232-0044 for information.

Junior Scholarship Tournament
On February 27, the eighth Annual Dade-Kendall Junior Scholarship Tournament was held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. This yearly tournament was again a huge success with 47 junior bowlers competing in four Divisions for a total of $1,800 in scholarships, with $200 being awarded for first place and $100, $75, $50, and $25 to the other finalists. In addition, plaques were given to the first place champions. Ten games of qualifying were bowled to determine the top 5 positions, who then advanced to the stepladder finals. In the Girl’s Handicap Division, top qualifier Sara Gill survived a late challenge by Brooke Kern to win the title by a score of 204-200. Top qualifier Christopher Best rolled his best to top Andrew Turner 260-245 for the Boy’s Handicap title. The Girl’s Scratch division saw second place qualifier Nikki Mundon sneak past top qualifier, and last year’s champion, Melissa Coile, by one pin 216-215. Third place qualifier Jeff Turner climbed the ladder to defeat Joey Colon 202-177 to capture the Boy’s Scratch Division. Joey electrified the crowd by rolling a beautiful 300 game to open the tournament. This was Joey’s second 300 of the season. The KJSF extends its thanks to manager Jeff Minster and the staff and management of Don Carter Kendall Lanes for their support and generosity for the production of this annual event. Additional thanks are deserving to the Kendall Lakes Moose, Dolphin World Trophy League, D.C. Invitational League, Wednesday Nite Trio, Wednesday Night Turkeys, First National Bank/Hogan’s Heroes, Paula’s Scratch Trio and Room To Go leagues for their donations to this years tournament. Miami Elks Lodge #948 was generous in their purchase of the Champion’s plaques.

Boy’s Scratch Girl’s Scratch
1. Jeff Turner $200 Nikki Mundon
2. Joey Colon 100 Melissa Coile
3. Garrett Litwin 75 Jennifer Rosenberg
4. Tyler Whidden 50 Jennifer Myers
5. Ryan Nolan 25
Boy’s Hdcp Girl’s Hdcp
1. Christopher Best $200 Sara Gill
2. Andrew Turner 100 Brooke Kern
3. Jonathan Salinetro 75 Elizabeth Lassman
4. Chase Lausted 50 Emily Horiwitz
5. Colin Thrash 25 Mindy Coile

  Outstanding Youth Bowlers
Nomination forms for the outstanding youth bowlers are available at all of the bowling centers. Forms must be submitted no later than June 1 to Jim DeLeonardis (305 251-5171). Presentation of the awards will again be at the Greater Miami Bowling Council’s Hall of Fame dinner in October.

Scholarships-Greater Miami Bowling Council
If you are a senior in High School or a college student, check with your Junior Director regarding the scholarships available for your use. Deadline for the local Greater Miami Bowling Council Scholarships is June 30. Contact Mrs. Mickey Rauch, 305-274-9709 or your Junior Coaches for further information. Do not miss out.

The Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association is once again preparing for the annual yearbook. The Junior portion is approximately 30 pages and contains results of major tournament, outstanding achievements and the averages for all of our junior bowlers. Forms for advertising will be available in all of the centers within the next few weeks. The ads for the Yearbook provide funds for many of the recently initiated awards for the juniors. In addition to the over one hundred 70-99 Pins Over Average Awards distributed yearly, we also present plaques to those juniors, boys and girls, who have had the high averages, sets and games during the past year. Last year we presented 14 awards including eight 300 game awards and two 800 set awards to our outstanding juniors. Deadline for advertisement is June 27. Rates begin at only $10 for a business card and $25 for a 1/4 page. Contact Jim DeLeonardis (305 251-5171) for further information.

Mid-Season Achievers & Highlights
The following are high scores and achievements bowled by our juniors since the January, 2000 issue of the Sparetimes.

Sets Games
Chris Robulock 767 Joey Colon 300
Brian Jackson 759 Hunter Lausted 300
Jeff Turner 759 Arnold Padilla 300
Ryan Nolan 758 Tyler Whidden 299
Keith Nation 743 Mike Hamilton 290
Joe Wagner 736 Ryan Nolan 290
Richie Naue 727 Neno Vargas 289
Joey Colon 721 Rafael Delgado 279
Jason Rockwood 718 Chris Robulock 279
Tyler Whidden 716 Eric Fernandez 279
Frank Rosado 712 Brian Jackson 279
Arnold Padilla 710 Joe Wagner 278
Phillip Kern 709 Shane Nevers 278
Garrett Litwin    705 Jeff Turner 278
Jaron Zadi 705 Matt Eustace 277
Jonathan Rawcliffe 704 Frank Swiderski 277


Sets Games
Michelle Rockwood 718 Michelle Rockwood 279
Melissa Coile 672 Stephanie Polk 277
Stefanie Nation 646 Stacie Meyers 256
Melissa Coile 253
Genuine 11
Mike Hamilton
Ryan Nolan

Look for this year’s Yearbook for a complete list of high scores, and other achievements, GMJBA’s city tournament, Junior Orange Bowl and miscellaneous awards for our Junior bowlers.

Danny Ketchum
The Junior Program at Don Carter’s Kendall Lanes, and all of Dade County’s young bowlers, lost a courageous young man when Danny Ketchum passed away on March 21 at the age of 18, from complications of a brain tumor which was discovered when he was only 4. Bowling was Danny’s favorite sport and he bowled in the Saturday morning program for years, the Dade County High School League and last summer joined the Scratch Scholarship League. Danny always greeted everyone with a big smile and those around him how to live life to its fullest and to be thankful for their blessing every day. We all will miss Danny and his enjoyment. For those who wish to donate in the memory of Danny, for research and development, to benefit other children with Brain Tumors, you may forward your donations to: The Brain Tumor Center at Duke, c/o Dr. Sri Gururangan, 407 Baker House, Trent Drive, Duke University Medical Center 3624, Durham, N.C. 27710. Should you or your organization wish to participate in this most worthwhile effort, please contact Ms. Susie Coile at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, 305-385-6160.


Several people were nominated this year for the Hall of Fame. A screening committee reviewed the nominations, and 3 are being forwarded for a vote by the Hall of Fame members. Each nominee is for bowling ability. They are: Richard Cheney, David Covington and James Janoff. The election will be held in the next few weeks. If elected, their induction into the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame will be held in October at the Miami Elks Lodge #948. More information will be forthcoming as it develops.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted from anyone before January 15 each year. There are three categories for induction: BOWLING ABILITY, BOWLING SERVICE, AND HONORARY. If a category is not indicated on the nomination, the committee will decide the appropriate one, understanding that a person can be nominated for both ability and service.

Submit any nominations to Paul Boller, Secretary of the Hall of Fame, at 14455 SW 98 Ct, Miami, FL 33176, phone (305) 235-2105.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association recently held special handicap and scratch 9-game match game tournaments. The handicap tournament was held at Piper Lanes on February 13, 2000. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $1.000 and second prize of $500. 48 bowlers entered the tournament. Each bowler bowled a head-to-head match against nine opponents. 30 bonus pins were given to the bowler for each match that was won. 15 bonus pins were given to the bowler for each match that was tied. The top 5 at the end of the ninth game went into a stepladder final to determine the champion. The results were based on bowlers’ cumulative scratch score plus handicap plus bonus pins. Billy Block and Wayne Cornelius finished first and second. respectively. Mitchell Block, Brian Douglass and Don Carr finished third, fourth, and fifth winning $150, $105 and $90, respectively.

The scratch tournament was held at Bird Bowl on March 12. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $500 and second prize of $250. 34 bowlers entered the tournament. It worked just like the handicap tournament described above, except all matches were scratch. Irwin Block and Butch Hall finished first and second, respectively. Harold Harper, Michael Greene and Danny Smiley finished third, fourth, and fifth winning $175, $125 and $100, respectively.

There will be more of these tournaments in the futre, but a schedule is not yet set. These tournaments are open to all ABC sanctioned bowlers. Females, of course, may bowl in the tournaments if they are ABC sanctioned. ABC sanction cards may be purchased on site on the day of the tournaments. Match game tournament play is very exciting competition. If you like bowling in tournaments, and would like the experience of head-to-head competition, you should try bowling in one of these match game tournaments. If you have any questions about these tournaments, please call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225.

These tournaments are being offered to give bowlers a real nice tournament in which they can bowl, along with some good prize money. Match game tournaments are very exciting. The luck of the draw of opponents, and the handicapping make it really competitive.


ABC and WIBC have finally reached the crossroads and come to the conclusion what has been discussed and argued for many years. This is the way for us to continue if bowling is to survive. By this, we are talking about merging the two national organizations and having one. This will make bowlers, not ABC bowlers and not WIBC bowlers. It will also make rules the same for all bowlers. The costly duplication of all of the services provided by the two organizations would be cut to nearly half, if not less. We are not saying that they are not doing a very good job now, only that it makes sense to combine the two, as they are losing memberships at a consistent rate. This would probably make bowling the number one membership organization in the world. This, of course, is going to take a while to actually implement, once the final decision is made.

There is another goal: is to get bowling into the Olympics. The Olympic committee says we need one governing body. USA Bowling was formed for that purpose. The Olympic committee says this won’t do. We won’t tell you that getting bowling into the Olympics would save our great sport, but it would have one great incentive to our youth to try to excel in the sport. This, in turn, may get more people involved with bowling.

The ABC national board of directors is undergoing some changes. These changes were approved by the delegates at the ABC Convention. The board now consists of a President, an Executive Vice President, Vice Presidents and 106 Directors. The Vice Presidents will be reduced to 4, with the reduction being done by not electing any new ones for the next several years. As board members reach 20 years of service and life membership, they will not be replaced if another Director is in the state. The state of Florida has 2 Directors: Paul Boller and Dick Hocking. Boller covers from Tampa-Lakeland-Ft. Pierce to Key West. 

Hocking covers the rest of the state. ABC membership in each of the two sections is almost the same (about 42,000 each). Boller will reach 20 years of service in 2004, at which point Hocking would be the only Director in the state. Most of the committees that do the work for the ABC have been reduced in both number of committees and committee strength.

The World Bowling Village in the Orlando area is still alive at last word. The final draft of proposed legislation affecting the Village was submitted to the Florida Legislature in February. Several sites are under discussion. This does not mean that the ABC-WIBC-YABA staffs in Milwaukee will all migrate to Florida. It is proposed to have a stadium, much like Reno, as well as testing & research facilities and coaching facilities for lane dressing, bowling, pro shops and possibly even personnel of bowling centers. The stadium would be used for open play or possibly even leagues, when not being used for tournaments. The complex would be run by ABC-WIBC.

ABC has signed an agreement with Gateway (computer company) that allows members a 5% discount on purchases.

The ABC Masters will be June 12-17 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The finals will be on June 17 at 4:00 p.m. on Fox Sports.

If you cannot qualify or enter locally for the USA Bowling Championships, there is a DIRECT entry fee of $100 for the State Championships, which will be held July 1, August 13, September 16-17 and September 23-24., at a location to be announced. You can contact USA bowling to find them. If you fail to qualify in the State Championships, there is a DIRECT entry fee of $250 for entry into the National Championships in Reno December 17-21. If you wish to just enter the National Championships in Reno without going through the route of the State Championships, there is a DIRECT entry fee of $350.

A poem by Dottie Riggins

Spring is the most beautiful of all seasons!
I can think of so many great reasons!
All kinds of beautiful flowers are in bloom!
A robin is singing a pleasing tune!
He is telling us "Be happy, enjoy the beauty of Spring"
Everything has a nice sounding ring!
Sports top the list and Bowling is number one!
You can bowl some big games have a lot of fun!
You get Spring Fever, give thanks to the good Lord and say,
This has been a very beautiful Spring Day!


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