Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 1

August 2000


Legislation was passed at the ABC and WIBC national conventions this past spring that affects the rules of bowling in every league. Below are the significant rule changes in which leagues should be aware. Contact the Greater Miami Bowling Association office at (305) 665-2225 or the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association office at (305) 665-0788 for guidance or questions on these or any other rules. (You can even contact the GMBA via their Internet web site - see next article). Every team captain in every league is entitled to receive an ABC/WIBC rule book. Be sure to get yours from your league secretary.

  • Rule 101K (Handicap Leagues) - This rule now states that the handicap percentage will be 100%, unless another percentage is provided in the league rules
  • Rule 115b (Non-payment of League Fees) - This rule now states when a league charges a member with failing to pay league fees, and brings formal proceedings against the bowler, the league may not charge the bowler for more than 6 weeks of non-payment
  • ABC and WIBC dues increases were also approved. See more details about the increase in following articles.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association now has a web site to keep you informed of events and news. The site will be updated, expanded with additional functionality, and changed constantly throughout the year. Visit for the latest information on tournaments, Sparetimes issues, etc. Leave an email. Feel free to call (305) 665-2225 or email if you have any comments or suggestions about the web site. The GMBA wants to be able to communicate to the bowlers through the web. The web is the fastest growing and is a highly used communications tool in today’s environment. Thanks goes to Stacey Harper, a director in the GMBA, for designing, developing and maintaining the web pages.


Top 8 Invitational Tournament
The Top "8", or Invitational Tournament will be contested at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, October 1, 2000. Qualifications are: composite average from 2 different leagues, in 2 different bowling centers with minimum of 60 or more games in each league. The following is a list of this year’s Top 8 qualifiers:

Nikki Mundon
Stefanie Nation
Stephanie Polk
Stacie Meyers
Michelle Rockwood
Melissa Vega
Risa Levenson
Alyssa Harper
Jason Rockwood
Frank Swiderski
David Smith
Keith Nation
Jeffrey Turner
Chad Brewer
Charles Maxey
Brian Jackson
Stacey Harper
Sharon Colon
Janelle Woodburn
Kay Daugherty
Erin Richards
Terry Roche
Patty Nevers
Cathy Felton
Don Carr
Harold Harper
James Janoff
Chuck Atwood
Roger Boone
Dave Covington
Jairo Hernandez
Richie Omodeo
Bowling Council Scholarships were awarded to Melissa Coile, Stephanie Polk, Eric Ringwald, David Smith, and Kimberly Tait. These $500.00 scholarships come from monies raised by the Council during the Top 8 tournament and the Hall of Fame dinner.

Hall of Fame
On October 21, 2000 three very deserving men will be inducted into the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame. Richard Cheney, David Covington and James Janoff have been elected for their outstanding bowling ability. The induction ceremonies will be held at a dinner at the Miami Elks 948 Lodge starting at 6:30 p.m. The dinner this year will be a buffet-style, with many very good selections. Contact Paul Boller at (305) 235-2105 for more information and tickets. For those of you who know any of these three gentlemen, we hope you will come share their very special evening for the induction dinner.

Thank You, Mickey Rauch
After many years of dedicated service, Mickey Rauch is turning the job of secretary/treasurer of the Greater Miami Bowling Council over to Paul Boller as of August 1, 2000. For many years, members of the Council have watched Mickey devote many hours to the workings of the council. B.V.L., Hall of Fame dinner preparations and door prizes, Top 8 invitations and the overseeing of the tournament, handling the Hall of Fame boards making sure they were kept up to date, and making sure all YABA bowlers were aware of the scholarships available were all part of her job.

Also elected at the Council meeting held on July 22 were Barney Rodgers (Assistant Manager Homestead Bowl) as President, and Laurie Johnson (Director in the GMWBA) as Vice President


ABC Dues Increase
At the ABC national convention this past spring in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the ABC requested a $2.00 increase in national membership dues, and allowed an additional $2.00 increase in local dues.. After a long debate, the delegates passed the proposal. The Greater Miami Bowling Association asked for only an increase of $1.00 of the $2.00 allowance. In May at the GMBA Annual Meeting, the Council of Delegates approved the request. ABC dues for GMBA is now a total of $15.00, of which $8.00 goes to the national ABC, and $7.00 remains with the local association for operations. The GMBA has been operating on a financial loss for most of the 1990's, and the extra $1.00 will help balance the budget.

Secretary of the Year
The 1999-2000 Greater Miami Bowling Association Secretary of the Year award has been won by Michael Schrader of the Southwest Handicap League at Bird Bowl. Mike is a multiple winner of this award. He has always done an outstanding job with his submission of his league’s paperwork requirements. He has received a $100 gift certificate for a local pro shop. He will also receive a nice plaque at the combined August 20 GMBA/GMWBA League Officer Workshop. This is the sixth year this award has been presented. The award recognizes the ABC or mixed league secretary who demonstrates the best performance in the timely and proper submission of secretarial paperwork to the GMBA office and gets their league involved with various GMBA activities (meetings). A points system, based on various categories of duty requirements, is used to rank all of the secretaries.

180-Under Special Tournament
The GMBA held their first 180-under tournament last May 7 at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. It was a very successful tournament. 61 bowlers entered, and every one of them had a wonderful time. For some, it was the first tournament of any kind they had ever entered, and afterward said they really enjoyed it. The field bowled 4 games of qualifying, and was cut to the top 8 handicap scores. These bowlers then bowled PBA-style stepladder elimination matches to determine the champion. Robert Deal won the tournament, winning $525.00 He defeated Christi Williams in an exciting down to the 10th frame match. Christi won $265.00 for second place. The rest of the top 8 and their winnings were: Lisa Cooper, third, $185.00; Brian Douglass, fourth, $140.00; Larry White, fifth, $110.00; Sean Ferguson, sixth, $95.00; Michael Musumeci, seventh, $85.00; Carlos Urbina, eighth, $75.00.

9-Game Scratch Match Tournament
The GMBA held a 9-game scratch match tournament on July 16 at Homestead Bowling Center. 36 bowlers entered. The field bowled 9 games of head-to-head matches, with winners collecting 30 bonus pins. The field was then cut to the top 5 scores, including the bonus pins, for a stepladder elimination. Mitchell Block won the tournament, winning $500.00. He defeated Michael Greene. Michael won $250.00 for second place. The rest of the top 5 and their winnings were: Don Carr, third, $185.00; Roger Boone, fourth, $140.00; Mike Skinner, fifth, $100.00.

Upcoming Special Tournaments
The Greater Miami Bowling Association plans to hold 5 special tournaments for ABC sanctioned bowlers within the next 10 months. These tournaments are held for bowlers to give them the opportunity to bowl in good competition, and with a nice prize fund.

The next one will be September 17 at Bird Bowl. It will be a 6-game handicap match tournament, with a guaranteed first and second prize of $1,000 and $500, respectively. Flyers for this tournament are already out.

There is a tournament for the 180-under average bowlers in October or November at a location and date to be determined. It will have a guaranteed first and second prize of $500 and $250, respectively. Watch for the promotion flyers in bowling centers in early October.

For the other tournaments and approximate dates, they are February for a 9-game scratch match tournament, April for a 6-game handicap match tournament, and July for a 180-under tournament.

Check the GMBA web site or call (305) 665-2225 for information about the tournaments.

New ABC Awards for Lower Averages
ABC now has four new awards for the lower average bowlers. Bowlers, if you score one of these and have the qualifying average, be sure to remind your league secretary to submit the application for your award. These new awards are as follows:

Award Average
200 game 140 and under
225 game 150 and under
250 game 170 and under
600 series 160 and under
New ABC Awards for 298 and 299 Games
ABC now offers award plaques for bowlers who have 298 or 299 games. Until now, the only choices for these awards were a ring or a wristwatch.

ABC Award of Merit for 1999-2000
Robert Korose and Don Carr are to be congratulated for winning ABC’s annual Awards of Merit. The awards are very nice engraved plaques. Robert wins the award for having the highest scratch series of the year (854). Don wins the award for having the highest league average of at least 66 games (239 for 132 games).


Welcome back to another new bowling season. It is our sincere hope that your expectations of a season filled with fun, excitement, great scores and lasting friendships becomes a reality.

In July, the GMWBA board of directors held a brunch at the Rusty Pelican in order to say "goodbye" to our outgoing directors Barbara Brown, Maria Smith and Ana Toledo for their services rendered over the past years and "welcome aboard" to our newest director Sharon Colon.

Barbara and Ana were presented gold charms as mementos of their years of service to the association, but unfortunately Maria was unable to attend. Her charm will be presented at a future date. All three of these ladies have served your association faithfully and are deserving of this gift.

Sharon Colon received her director’s pin at the brunch and is a welcome addition to the board. We are confident she will serve your best interests in every way possible.

Also honored at the brunch were Ann Marie Fasbinder and Shelley Goldstein, two board members who have not only performed their duties diligently, but who have volunteered their services above the expected norm of their directorship. Each was presented with the Outstanding Service Award plaque for 1999-2000. When visiting our office,please look for the permanent plaque on the wall which lists all of the recipients since the award’s inception.

At the annual WIBC meeting,it was voted to increase the dues in order to keep up with the rising costs of operation. This was regrettable, but necessary. WIBC dues for GMWBA will now be $14 (an increase of $2).

Services and awards are available to you that you may not be aware of. Locally we have an award if you bowl your FIRST IN A LIFETIME 200, 225, 250 game or a 500 series. WIBC offers 275-300 game awards as well as 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 series (according to eligibility rules). Other awards are for 75, 100, 125 pins over average, Triple score, Dutch 200, and all spare game. However, we are not aware that you have earned these awards unless your league secretary reports them to us on the proper forms. Also, your secretary may not be aware of your having earned them if you do not tell her/him. Please call it to their attention.

Remember, the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association is here to SERVE YOU. Please let us know how we may be of service.


There is so much included in our annual ABC and WIBC dues. Most bowlers think all they get for their money is a little sanction card. The truth is, sanctioned competition makes it possible for all bowlers to compete on the same lanes conditions, no matter where they bowl!

Each year, a certification inspection is done on each and every bowling lane in the United States and on every US military base in the world. Inspectors check to see if the lanes are level or have any depressions. Standardized width and length of the lane, pins spotting, gutter widths and depths, no holes in the lane surface, pit depth, foul lights working, and approach depressions are also checked. All of these items must pass the inspection. Certification time doesn’t mean a lot to most bowlers, but to a handful of many underpaid volunteers, it means a great deal of work, a lot of aches and pains, and some early morning. The certification inspections is just to see that the integrity of this game is maintained.

Dues are also used to set up research labs to test new bowling pins and bowling balls to make sure they give no special added advantage.

Rule books, bonding, field services, our national championships, magazines, league supplies, awards, and all the people it takes to make everything run smoothly are all part of the dues. All of these things don’t just happen. Many paid and unpaid people are needed to maintain this type of organization. Try to get this type of service from some other sports organization. A local association representative is as close as your telephone. They are here to help. They are unpaid volunteers. They are the backbone of our sanctioning organization. This is just some of what you get for your dues!


Junior Olympic Gold National Championships
The following junior bowlers qualified to represent the Greater Miami Bowling Association in the USA Junior Olympic Gold National Bowling Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 9 – 15, 2000:

Nikki Mundon won her spot in a FYSBT tournament in June of 1999. Stefanie Nation won her spot by being a member of the USA Junior Olympic Team 2000. Matt Eustace won his spot in a FYSBT tournament in September of 1999. Melissa Coile and David Smith won their entries in the Elks #948 Red Ribbon Tournament in October 1999. Joey Colon won his spot in an FYSBT tournament in January 2000. Michelle Rockwood, Keith Nation, Ryan Nolan, and Tyler Whidden all won spots thru the GMJBA City Championships in March of 2000. Jason Rockwood won his spot in a FYSBT tournament in March 2000. Jeffrey Turner and Richard Naue won his spot thru the GMJBA Scholarship Festival Tournament in April 2000. A.J. Hamby, Shane Nevers, Frank Swiderski, and Neno Vargas all won their spot through league competition at Kendall Lanes. Chad Brewer, Keith Richards, Melissa Vega, and Andrew Headley all won their spot through league competition at Piper Lanes.

Only 16 of the above actually made it to Las Vegas. Competition was fierce and grueling. They did not bring home an Olympian this year, as they did last year in our very own STEFANIE NATION, but the experience gained by these youth bowlers will enable them, in future years, to "Bring Home The Gold!"

For those youth bowlers that haven’t heard about the JUNIOR OLYMPIC GOLD movement, to qualify to become a card- carrying member, a youth bowler must: boys carry at least a 175 average in a sanctioned league; girls must carry at least a 165 average in a sanctioned league. To get an application or more information, email YABA at

Know the YABA Rule
A question came up this past winter bowling season and here is the answer. Can a NON YABA member (not sanctioned youth or ABC/WIBC member) pace in an all YABA league or tournament? The answer is a pacer is NOT an entrant (member) in a tournament or league and it would be allowable for this pacer to be an ABC/WIBC member IF AUTHORIZED by the tournament or league management.

National YABA News
YABA Executive Director Jim Zebehazy has announced an agreement with Post Cereals and the Cartoon Network. Starting this November, 13 million boxes of Fruity Pebbles and Coca Pebbles cereal will carry free game coupons and information about YABA youth bowling opportunities. The Cartoon Network will carry TV ads announcing this offer! It is hoped that the impact of this effort will reach many new members.

The following is the "YABA Legislative Update" for 2000-2001 for general playing rules changes:

Rule 400Special Eligibility Rules - Delete the provision in Pro-Ams that must be bowled in a separate group from adults. Add a new special eligibility rule stating that the use of brackets for YABA competition is permitted as long as the prize are given in scholarship form and all entries paid back 100%.

Rule 403Membership Filing and Processing - Adds the registration card to the requirement to provide reference for mailing.

Rule 710Tournament Fees - Eliminates the words Bowling Fees and incorporates it into the Expense Fee.

Rule 800Procedures for Disciplinary Action - Outlines and standardizes the proper procedures and requirements. It also adds a new rule for appeal procedures for infractions of various rules. (The rules is being divided into Rules 800 through 804 for clarity).

Rule 801Adult Leaders in the YABA Program – Defines that a complaint may be filed with ABC/WIBC and stipulates when the processing and dues is required. (This rule will be re-numbered to 805 due to legislation re-numbering Rule 800).

Junior Orange Bowl Tournament
The annual Junior Orange Bowl Tournament will have some major changes this year, and the changes are sure to be on the good side.

The first major change is the dates have been moved from Christmas to Thanksgiving (November 24-26). The adult/junior part of the tournament will be on Friday. The junior part will be on Saturday and Sunday.

The second major change is the tournament will be a scholarship tournament, instead of just a trophy tournament. Trophies will still be presented, but scholarships, bonded by YABA’s SMART (Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins) program will also be presented. This year, there is a minimum of $5,000.00 in added funds for scholarships. For the first time, there are some sponsors to add money for the scholarships. U.S. Contracting and Plumbing Service is providing $5,000 in sponsor money. Thank you! And, thanks to all of the sponsors that will contribute.

The third major change is the tournament will offer some fun events in addition to the regular part of the tournament.

The tournament is now very attractive for our youth bowlers to enter. Parents, please start planning on entering your youth bowlers so they can win some college scholarship money. Watch for entry forms in bowling centers sometime in October. You can also call Maria Smith for further information at (305) 232-0044.

Coca Cola Champions
Congratulations to the following youngsters who received scholarships in their respective divisions at the 2000 state Coca Cola tournament.

Boy’s Scratch: Jason Rockwood
(3rd place)
Girls’s Scratch: Stephanie Polk
(1st place)
Stefanie Nation
(2nd place)
Boy’s Handicap: Jamil Merali
(10th place)

Outstanding Youth Bowlers
Congratulations to Keith Nation and repeat winner Melissa Coile who were recently selected as the Outstanding Youth Bowlers of the Year by the GMJBA Board of Directors. They will each receive plaques at the Bowling Council’s Hall of Fame dinner on October 21, 2000 at the Miami Elks 948 Lodge. All who are involved with the junior program should plan on attending this event. Please contact Paul Boller at (305) 235-2105 for information and tickets.

Youth Leaders
The Youth Leaders recently held their annual meeting and the following juniors were elected to office: Frank Swiderski, President, D.J. Davant, Vice President, Jennifer Myers, Secretary/Treasurer, and Melissa Coile, Sergeant-at-Arms. The organization, a function of the GMJBA, supports the GMBA and GMWBA, conducts tournaments, provides community service activities, and prepares the young adults for their future assimilation into the various adult organizations. They will soon begin a membership drive for all juniors 12 years and older. Contact Jennifer Myers at (305) 274-5521, or the adult advisors, Mickey Rauch (305) 274-9709 or Jim DeLeonardis (305) 251-5171 for further information.

High Schools
The Miami-Dade County high school bowling season is just around the corner. This year, the matches will begin two weeks earlier than in previous years due to the state finals requirement. Support your favorite teams beginning September 18 at all the local bowling centers. 31 teams will vie for the various championships, including the highly successful handicap division which was initiated two years ago by the GMJBA. Medallions and certificates are awarded to all members of the handicap champion teams, courtesy of the GMJBA. This year’s tentative divisional lineups are as follows:


North North Central
Carol City
Miami Beach
North Miami
 North Miami Bch
Hialeah-Miami Lakes
MacArthur North
South Central South
Coral Park
Miami High
Miami Springs
Coral Reef
MacArthur South
South Dade
South Miami

Check the junior section of this year’s yearbook for all of last year’s divisional winners and the members of the 1999-2000 All Dade teams.

Scholarship Leagues
The Sparetimes is aware of three scholarship leagues that are about to begin another exciting season. Don Carter Kendall Lanes offers a league on Monday nights, starting September 11. For details, contact either Susie Coile at (305) 385-6160 or Jim DeLeonardis (305) 251-5171. Piper Lanes offers a league on Sunday nights, starting September 10. For details, contact Maria Smith at (305) 232-0044. Homestead Bowling Center offers a league on Tuesday nights, starting September 12. For details, contact Carol Watson at (305) 246-1333.

Outstanding Accomplishments
The following are the high scores recorded by the junior bowlers for the August 1, 1999 to July 31, 2000 season. Look in this year’s junior section of the yearbook for a complete listing.


High Games High Series
Stephanie Polk 300 Stefanie Nation 791
Bridgette Harrelson 299 Nikki Mundon 785
Janelle Woodburn 290 Janelle Woodburn 747
Michelle Rockwood 279 Michelle Rockwood 718
Stacie Meyers 278 Stacie Meyers 717
Nikki Munon 278 Stephanie Polk 707


High Games High Series
Arthur Buege 300 Keith Richards 818
Joey Colon (2) 300 Tyler Whidden 794
Hunter Lausted 300 Garret Litwin 793
Jim Miller 300 Jason Rockwood 793
Arnold Padilla 300 Neno Vargas 791
Adam Pierce 300 Jeff Turner 790
Jason Rockwood 300 Jason Watson 789
Tyler Whidden 300 Ryan Nolan 779
Jeff Turner 299 Jim Smith 777
Brandon Miranda 299 Chris Robulock 767
Ryan Nolan 298 Arthur Buege 766
Seadrick Gantt 290 Chad Brewer 762
Mike Hamilton 290 Chris Tait 762
Brian Jackson 290 Frank Swiderski 761
David Smith 290 Brian Jackson 759
Richie Naue 290 David Hyman 756
David Smith 756
Keith Nation 750

Early Reminder: The 2001 junior city tournament will be March 3-4 at Bird Bowl.


Homestead Bowling Center will be hosting the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association city tournament in February, 2001. Bird Bowl will be hosting the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association city tournament in March, 2001. Piper Lanes will be hosting the Greater Miami Bowling Association city tournament in June, 2001. Watch for entry forms in bowling centers.


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