Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 2

January 2001

We hope your holidays have been wonderful and that the new year will bring you prosperity and happiness. May your bowling be good, as well.

The Sparetimes is published by your local bowling associations to try to bring news to the bowling community that normally would not appear in any of the local newspapers. We hope you will enjoy reading this publication.


Time is rapidly approaching for the closing date for entries into the Greater Miami Women's Bowling Association's 57th Annual Championship Tournament. Don't be left out! Gather your friends and family members, join in the fun and enter a team, doubles & singles. Entries close January 26, 2001 - don't be late.

This year the tournament will be held at Homestead Bowling Center February 17-18, 24-25, 2001 with squads on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. and Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The cost of entry is $16.00 per person per event. Teams will consist of 4 members.

Those of you who are well-dressed for the occasion will receive a special award, but please remember NO SHORT SHORTS, TANK TOPS OR MIDRIFFS.

The Ways & Means committee will be there tempting your palate with delicious baked goodies and there will be a variety of items for sale at bargain prices with proceeds helping to defray the association budget.

Your GMWBA board members are looking forward to seeing you there and renewing old time friends and making new friends.


The 59th annual tournament of the Greater Miami Bowling Association will be held at Piper Lanes on June 2-3 and 9-10, 2001. This is the first time the tournament will be held at Piper Lanes since 1980. The tournament is open to all GMBA ABC sanctioned members (male and female). Entry forms will be available in bowling centers sometime in March, 2001. The early entry closing date is May 29, 2001, but late entries will be accepted on the day of the tournament 30 minutes before squad times, provided lanes are available.


Joint Membership
The ABC/WIBC joint membership study is progressing, with the general opinion favoring combined membership, including YABA. If this does come to pass, each organization will save money, time, and effort.

Bowling Village
The bowling village planned for Orlando is now a thing of the past. The village did have some merit, but our bowling gurus felt it would be much too costly. The last report on this indicated that a commercial venture is a possibility.

ABC National Tournament
There seems to be some renewed interest in hosting the ABC national tournament. Cities that have hosted this event in the past have done some number crunching and found that money coming in far exceeds money going out. Previous sites currently bidding for tournaments five years down the road are: Wichita, Salt Lake City, Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Reno and Niagra Falls.

There is some discussion on raising the entry fee ($100.00), but nothing concrete has been presented. This fee has been around for several years and it just might be time to have a slight increase.

Festival of Bowling
The Festival of Bowling has just completed the 2000 tournament in Reno, Nevada. Tournament officials have indicated that a move might be in place for next year’s event. At this time they are speaking with Las Vega, Memphis, and Reno. No matter where this tournament goes, you're sure to have a great time! The new format offers participation in:

Team, Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Baker, Association Officers, 300 Bowlers, Seniors Singles, Senior Doubles, Family Doubles, and the list continues. The entry fee is reasonable, and the fun is high. Watch for entry forms around summertime.


Youth Leaders
The Youth Leaders are once again in full force with over 25 members for the 2000-2001 season. The Youth Leaders are planning to host a Scholarship Tournament in March 2001 in "Memory of Danny Ketchem", one of our Junior Bowlers who passed away this past year from a brain tumor. If you are a YABA bowler who wants to make some new friends, have fun, get community service hours, and have a voice in what’s going on with junior bowling, then join us today. Contact D.J. Davant, President, at (305) 595-5982, Jennifer Myers, Secretary/Treasurer at (305) 274-8280, or one of our adult advisors, Mickie Rauch at (305) 274-9709 or Jim DeLeonardis at (305) 251-5171.

High School Season Recap
The GMAC Championship tournament held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes on December 3rd, saw the Southwest Boys and Palmetto Girls dominate the local competition. These two teams went on to the State Finals, both to capture third place in Lake Worth, Florida.

The regular season was equally exciting. Over 400 juniors, representing 33 schools, competed in 5 divisions.

The Boys South Central Division was an extremely high rolling Division with High Scratch Game of 288 from Chris Tait (Southwest), followed by Brian Wright 277 (Southwest), Alex Lopez with a 268 (Sunset), Richard Naue with 266 & 258 games (Columbus), Gabe Velez and Robert Mackavich with 265 game (Columbus), Philip Kern with 258, 247, 243 (Southwest) and Ricky Hites with a beautiful 242 (Sunset). Top averages were: Jeff Turner 199, Robert Mackavich 196 and Richard Naue 195 all from Columbus Senior High. 700 Scratch Sets were: Brian Wright 744 (Southwest), Robert Mackavich 718 (Columbus), Ryan Reese 703 (Miami Springs), and Alex Lopez 702 (Sunset),

The Girls South Central Division showed their stuff with High Games from Michelle Jones with a beautiful 212 & 204 (Sunset), Alethea Perez with a 192 (Miami Springs), followed by Jennifer Jones with a 188 (Sunset).

The Boys North Central Division showed their skills with Theron Cobb (Jackson) high scratch game of 244 followed by A.J. Hamby (Coral Park) with 243, Jerod Winesberry (Northwestern) with 221, David Snider with 206 and Edward Panetta with 203 (Coral Park). Girls Division shined with Yesseina Sotela (Coral Park) with high game of 182, followed by Elizabeth Miranda (Miami High) 179, and Stephanie Lauw (Coral Park) with a beautiful 178 scratch game. High Averages were held by A.J. Hamby (Coral Park) with a beautiful 183 and Elizabeth Miranda (Miami High) with 126.

North #1 Division Winners: Central High (Boys) and Carol City High (Girls)

North #2 Division Winners: Michael Krop High (Boys) and North Miami High (Girls)

North Central Division Winners: Coral Park Sr High (both Boys & Girls)

South Central Division Winners: Southwest (Boys) and Sunset (Girls)

South Division Winners: Coral Reef (Boys) and Palmetto (Girls)

Shane Nevers from Coral Reef Senior High was the first High School Bowler to ever roll a sanctioned "Perfect 300 Game" during High School competition. Congratulations Shane!

Handicap Winners were:

North #1 Division Central High (Boys) & Hialeah-Miami Lakes (Girls)

North #2 Division: Michael Krop Boys & Girls

North Central Division: Coral Park Boys & Girls

South Central Division: Varela (Boys) & Sunset (Girls)

South Division: Coral Reef (Boys) & Palmetto (Girls)

Outstanding Youth Bowlers
An early reminder that the GMJBA will be accepting nominations for outstanding youths until March 31, 2001. Applications and qualification letters will be sent to all centers within the next few weeks. Please contact Mickie Rauch, Chairperson, at (305) 274-9709 or Jim DeLeonardis, President, at (305) 251-5171 for further details.

Junior City Tournament
This annual tournament will be held at Bird Bowl on March 3-4, 2001. Entry forms for the tournament are now available at each center. This year we have added an additional 6:00pm squad to ensure that all of our junior bowlers will be accommodated Absolute closing date for entries is February 14. Sign up early as we anticipate a full house for each squad.

Kendall Scholarship Tournament
The ninth Annual Kendall Junior Scholarship tournament will be held on February 18, 2001 at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. We are again looking forward to another outstanding tournament with over 50 juniors competing for scholarship monies. All junior bowlers who are in the fourth grade through college are eligible to compete. Entries close on February 11, 2001 with walk-ins allowed the day of the tournament. Please contact Jim DeLeonardis at (305) 251-5171 for further information. Entry forms are available in all of the league offices.

Junior High Scores and Achievements
The Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association youth bowlers, especially former Junior Olympic Team USA member Stefanie Nation, have started the bowling season off with a 'BANG'! Stefanie has already rolled series of 701, 703, 707, 713, 715, 716, 722, 740, 760, 765, 770, & 775. She has added to her list an 11-in-a-Row 290 game and a perfect "300" game. Not bad for the first half of a season!

Other award winning scores from the girls division are: Nikki Mundon 705 & 728 and 13 year old Brigette Harrelson 726 !

Among the boys, Richard Naue stands out with two perfect "300" games. Other perfection achievers are: Keith Nation, Jorge Ramos (Junior Orange Bowl), Ryan Nolan, Chad Brewer (plus a 299 also), Shane Nevers (first perfect game in the Interscholastic High School League), Tyler Whidden, and visiting Junior Olympic Team Member Nathan Bohr (Tournament of the Americas).

High boy set so far goes to Chad Brewer with a 798. Chad also has a 750 & 776 to his credit. Other notables are: Tyler Whidden 755, Andrew Headley 757, Richard Naue 769, Brian Wright 743, David Hyman 739, Keith Nation 741, Jason Watson 732 and Irvine Headley 732! More 700 sets were bowled, but these were the highest. Arthur Buege, Keith Nation, and Chad Brewer joined Stefanie Nation with 11-in-a-Row 290 games. Walter Guasp converted the "BIG-FOUR", Rachel Williams rolled a triplicate, and the following all rolled games 100 or more pins over their averages: Robert Hester, David Pedro, Robert McMahon, Chris Mckechnie, Corey Mckechnie, and Theron Cobb.

As you can see, Bowling is in good hands!

YABA Headquarter Notes
There are many "scholarship" tournaments around Florida. Before you enter any tournament verify the sanctioning status of the tournament. If you have any doubt, please contact your local association or junior director.

If you have any suggestions for future issue coverage, or want to contact the local junior association, you may now contact us by email at We are looking forward to hearing from any and all of you.


This is a reminder that January 1st averages lists must be forwarded to the bowling office, per your notice from the GMBA, GMWBA, and GMJBA offices. These averages are very important as they may be needed to verify averages for those not currently having a yearbook average who have entered various tournaments.


The GMBA has successfully launched an Internet web site as a place you can view bowling news and information in the Miami area. Besides all the information items within the site, you can register for tournaments and send email to the GMBA. Results of the city tournament and the special tournaments are also posted on the site. Check out the new Miami bowling Internet web site at,


The GMBA offers 3 different special tournaments throughout the year to give ABC bowlers real nice competitive-level tournaments in which they can bowl, as well as some good prize money. The match tournament play is very exciting competition. The luck of the draw of opponents, the bonus pins for wins and the handicapping (for the handicap tournaments) make it really competitive. If you like bowling in tournaments, and would like the experience of head-to-head competition, you should try bowling in one of the match tournaments.

If you have any questions about any of the special tournaments, please call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225, or visit the GMBA web site to send an email.

6-Game Handicap Tournament
The GMBA held a handicap 6-game match game tournament on September 17, 2000 at Bird Bowl. 56 bowlers entered the tournament. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $1,000.00 and second prize of $500.00. Joe Silver and Mitchell Block finished first and second., respectively. Gary Fox finished third winning $200.00. Peter Hernandez and Michael Greene finished fourth and fifth winning $100.00 and $75.00, respectively. As a highlight of the tournament, Michael Greene bowled consecutive 300 game and almost a third (279) for an association record 879 series.

The next handicap match tournament is scheduled for April 29 at a location to be announced. Watch for entry information in the bowling centers and on the GMBA’s Internet web site.

180-Under Handicap Tournament
The GMBA held a handicap 180-Under average tournament on November 12, 2000 at Piper Lanes. 57 bowlers entered the tournament. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $500.00 and second prize of $250.00 James Bledsoe and Linda Williams finished first and second., respectively. Russell Lesher finished third winning $175.00 Daniel Davis and Nelson Veloz finished fourth and fifth winning $150.00 and $125.00, respectively. As a special acknowledgment, Nelson Veloz bowled his first ever 700 series in the tournament.

The next handicap 180-Under average tournament is scheduled for July 29 at a location to be announced. Watch for entry information in the bowling centers and on the GMBA’s Internet web site.

Scratch Match Tournament
The GMBA will be holding a scratch 9-game match game tournament on February 4, 2001 at Homestead Bowling Center. The first and second place prizes will be guaranteed to be at least $500.00 and $250.00 Entry forms are now available in bowling centers and on the GMBA’s Internet web site.


The 67th annual Florida State ABC Tournament is being held in Sarasota and Bradenton from April 21 through June 24, 2001. Entry fee is $15.00 per person per event; optional all events is $5.00 per person. Get your entry in early to get your preferred dates. Entries close March 3, 2001.

Entry forms are now available at all of the local bowling centers, or call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225.


This past summer, Barney Rodgers, Assistant Manager at Homestead Bowling Center, was elected President of the Greater Miami Bowling Council. On October 1, due to mostly his work schedule, Barney submitted his resignation. At the next meeting of the Council, Tom Romanik, Proprietor at Cloverleaf Lanes, was elected to replace Barney as this year’s president. All too soon after that, Tom suffered a mild stroke. We have been informed that he is on the road to full recovery and will continue as Council President. The next meeting of the Bowling Council will be held on January 13th, 11am at Bird Bowl.

Top 8 Tournament
The annual Top 8 Tournament was held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes on October 1, 2000. Bowlers invited to bowl in the tournament were those with the top 8 composite averages (in two leagues, in two different bowling centers) from the 1999-2000 season. There are separate divisions for men, women, boys and girls.

The bowlers bowled a head-to-head match against each of the bowlers in their division, with the eighth match being a position match. Bowlers winning a match would receive 30 bonus pins. Bowlers tying a match would split the bonus.

Janelle Woodburn, Don Carr, Nikki Mundon, and Chris Robulock were the winners. Competition was keen and all had a good time. All proceeds collected went to the GMBC Scholarship Fund.

The finishing positions are as follows:

Women’s Division
1. Janelle Woodburn
2. Cathy Felton
3. Erin Richards
4. Sharon Colon
5. Stacey Harper
6. Patty Nevers
7. Kay Dougherty
8. Teresa Roche
Men’s Division
1. Don Carr
2. Harold Harper
3. Dave Covington
4. Jairo Hernandez
5. James Janoff
6. Richie Omodeo
7. Chuck Atwood
8. Roger Boone
Girl’s Division
1. Nikki Mundon
2. Michelle Rockwood
3. Stefanie Nation
4. Melissa Vega
5. Risa Levenson
6. Alyssa Harper
Boy’s Division
1. Chris Robulock
2. Brian Jackson
3. Chad Brewer
4. Frank Swiderski
5. David Smith
6. Jeffrey Turner
7. Keith Nation
8. Charles Maxey

Hall of Fame
On October 21, 2000, three men were inducted into the GMBC Hall of Fame for bowling ability. Laurie Johnson, Vice President of the Bowling Council, presided very well over the event. The names of Dave Covington, Richard Cheney, and James Janoff have been sent to the Hall of Fame in

St. Louis to be placed in the Home Town Section. They also received certificates of recognition from the American Bowling Congress. Each of these gentlemen were quite worthy of induction for outstanding bowling ability into the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

BVL (Bowlers’ Victory Legion)
The BVL will run during the month of February. We hope you will all participate in this very worthy charity. Bowlers across the United States contribute to the veterans of all wars. Funds generated from this drive are used for recreational equipment at our veterans hospitals. No one will be around to beg or twist your arm, but when that envelope is given to your team, please put a dollar in it to help those less fortunate.

Senior Baker Challenge
After four years of trying to get participation in the Senior Baker Challenge, we must finally call an end to our efforts. Those who have participated in this exciting event have had fun and will find it sad that cooperation and participation have waned. If anyone has an idea to incorporate the seniors into a special event, please let us know.

This past summer the GMBC awarded $500.00 scholarships to the following youths bowlers: Melissa Coile, Stephanie Polk, Eric Ringwald, David Smith, and Kimberly Tait. Applications for the 2000-2001 season will be distributed to the bowling centers by the end of April and must be returned to the GMBC no later than the end of May.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association honored Don Carr on the evening of this past October 21 at the Hall of Fame event for being the recipient of the 1999-2000 "Gene Chilson Bowler of the Year" award. The award is named after a true gentleman and sportsman, who served as the GMBA President for 13 years.

Each year since 1992, the GMBA determines which male bowler has excelled during the bowling season in meritorious achievements and in sportsmanship. Don’s credentials were phenomenal. He had a high single average of 239 at Homestead Bowling Center, a 222 average at Piper Lanes, giving a composite average of 232.13 (two leagues in two different bowling centers for all his total pins and games), He also had an 800 series, a 300 game, two 299 games, and two 11-in-a-row games. Additionally, he did very well in the GMBA city tournament, finishing second in scratch doubles, second in scratch all events, second in handicap doubles, and second in handicap team.


The 32nd Annual Junior Bowl Committee Bowling Tournament, sponsored by U.S. Contracting & Plumbing Service, Inc., took place at Homestead Bowling Center, November 24-26, 2000. This year’s theme "Festival of Youth Bowling", took this completely revamped youth tournament into the future.

The event kicked off at noon, Friday November 24th with the first of 4 adult - junior doubles squads. Response for this portion of the tournament was unbelievable, with 204 of 216 spots being filled. Highlights were: Greg Atwood's 300-814, Bob Walters' 300-812, Stacey Harper's 299, and Junior Bowler Jorge Ramos' 300!


Prep Division
David Bowman and Cliff Watson
Michael Skinner, Jr. and Brian Douglass
Jamil Merali and Mike Pedro
Alyssa Harper and Roger Boone
Kevin Rosenberg and Rick Rosenberg

Junior Division
Chrissy Boyett and James Bledsoe
Steven Chok and Bill Baldwin
Bobby Walters and Bob Walters
Chase Lausted and Craig Kirchhoff
Larry Brande and Bruce Brande

Major/Senior Division
Jason Watson and James Bledsoe
Danielle Hall and Stacey Harper
Jason Watson and Cliff Watson
Hunter Lausted and Craig Kirchhoff
Brandon Ladenheim and Mike Skinner, Sr.
Chris Tait and Greg Atwood
David Hyman and Tom Papageorgiou
Jeffrey Boone and Roger Boone
Tiicon Onick and Charles Ross

Saturday morning’s ceremonies, which were opened by Neil Diamond's "HEADED FOR THE FUTURE", were punctuated by the appearance of the Junior Orange Bowl Committee President Linda Andrews, and Junior Orange Bowl Committee Executive Director Paul Olingy. Homestead Mayor Steve Shiver and Councilman Nick Sincore stopped by to wish everyone "Good Bowling!" Junior Orange Bowl Queen Leah Bueso and her princesses Shantavia Davis and Jade Reichling threw out the first ball, even knocking down the traditional "orange pins". Our bowling community was represented by ABC Jurisdictional Director Paul Boller, GMBA President Phil Schemer, and directors from all boards. Flowers were presented to Mrs. Andrews, the Junior Orange Bowl Queen, and Homestead Bowling Center General Manager Robin Berke..... all compliments of Mrs. Patty Nevers and Dole Flowers!

At 9:30am, sharp, 172 of our finest junior bowlers took to the boards to vie for over $8,000.00 in scholarship money. A new twist to this year’s competition featured both scratch and handicap brackets for additional scholarship money. Thanks go out to Nick Thomson and Charles Maxey for their dedication in running the brackets! By Saturday night, only a handful remained to lay claim to their scholarship prize.


Prep Girls Handicap Division
ANDREA GOMEZ..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Andrea Gomez defeated Shanquia Brown($50.00); Gomez defeated Courtney Estevez($75.00); Gomez defeated Randi Furtak($100.00); Gomez defeated Danielle Evans($150.00) for the Championship.)

Prep Boys Handicap Division
JAMIL MERALI..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Marc Estevez defeated Andrew Todd($50.00); Estevez defeated Matt Gill($75.00); Estevez defeated Bryan Vallieres($100.00); Jamil Merali defeated Estevez($150.00) for the Championship.)

Junior Girls Handicap Division
MEGAN CHERRY..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Megan Cherry defeated Mychell Estevez($100.00); Cherry defeated Christine Boyett($150.00) for the Championship.)

Junior Boys Handicap Division
CHASE LAUSTED..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Vincent Hall defeated Steve Wilson($50.00); Hall defeated Jorge Ramos($75.00); Chase Lausted defeated Hall($100.00); Lausted defeated Jerry Estevez($150.00) for the Championship.)

Major/Senior Girls Handicap Division
KILA ROSS..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Danielle Hall defeated Elizabeth Lassman($50.00); Kila Ross defeated Hall($75.00); Ross defeated Emily Horowitz($100.00); Ross defeated Lindsey Jacqmein($150.00) for the Championship.)

Major/Senior Boys Handicap Division
DEREK SUTTA..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Hunter Lausted defeated Peter Huyer($50.00); David Deleon defeated Lausted($75.00); Shane Nevers defeated Deleon($100.00); Derek Sutta defeated Nevers($150.00) for the championship.)

Prep Girls Scratch Division:
JENNA SADLER.....$300.00 Scholarship

(Jenna Sadler defeated Betty Jo Martelli($75.00); Sadler defeated Megan Hopper($100.00); Sadler defeated Alyssa Harper($150.00) for the Championship.)

Prep Boys Scratch Division
ANDREW KOFF..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Andrew Koff defeated Colin Thrash($150.00) for the Championship.)

Junior Girls Scratch Division:
BRIGETTE HARRELSON..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Brigette Harrelson defeated Lindsie Brown($150.00) for the Championship.)

Junior Boys Scratch Division:
BRETT BIGENHO..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Christopher Best defeated Eddie Martelli($50.00); Andrew Turner defeated Best($75.00); Turner defeated Jesse Thrash($100.00); Brett Bigenho defeated Turner($150.00) for the Championship.)

Major/Senior Girls Scratch Division
STEFANIE NATION..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Michelle Rockwood defeated Jennifer Rosenberg($75.00); Nikki Mundon defeated Rockwood($100.00); Stefanie Nation defeated Mundon($150.00) for the Championship.)

Major/Senior Boys Scratch Division
GARY MAPLES..... $300.00 Scholarship

(Charles Maxey defeated Jeffrey Turner($50.00); Maxey defeated Shane Bates($75.00); Gary Maples defeated Maxey($100.00); Maples defeated Tony Demerac($150.00) for the Championship.)

Sunday, when the awards ceremony was completed, junior bowlers and adults alike took to the lanes once again for 5 hours of "Funtime Moonlight Music" Bowling! Specially designed trophies (Academy Trophies) were presented to 30 different participants for various achievements, ranging from No-Tap "300"s to 3-6-9 scores to Scotch Doubles series! Homestead Bowling Center owner, Herbie Yamamura donated 3 cases of holiday candy and almost every bowler went home with a prize, be it candy or trophy!

When asked his thoughts on this years tournament, U.S. Contracting & Plumbing Service, Inc. owner and tournament title sponsor($5,000.00), Ricardo Mesa replied, "Great! What a success! I can't wait until next year... maybe we'll be able to double our scholarship awards!"

This year’s committee, chaired by Joan Dillon and Maria Smith, along with committee members Paul Boller, Robert Hopper, Gail Hopper, Bob Slater, Sandy Slater, Kasey Naue, Richard Naue, Peter Hernandez, and Jennifer Hernandez (of Adolfo Hernandez Office Supplies and one of the major sponsors) obtained over 30 "Booster Sponsors", totaling donations of almost $3,000.00. Each Singles Event Youth received a specially designed gift from this years committee, a green and orange "Neck Key Chain" embroidered with 'JOBC Bowling Event' on it! Tee shirts, with the JOBIE Bowling Logo on it, designed by Miss Amy Hirth, also produced added revenue to the scholarship pot. A special thanks goes to Cullen Bowling Supplies for the donation of two bowling balls for drawings. Approximately $500.00 was donated through this drawings.

Staunch junior bowling advocates James Janoff and Roy (Butch) Hall, have thrown their hats into the scholarship pot for next year as they seek donations from their corporations. Anyone wishing to assist or donate to next years Junior Orange Bowl Committee Bowling Event should call Maria Smith, (305) 235-2105.

A special thanks goes out to Mike Pedro, David Rowen, Stacey and Harold Harper, Bruce Garey, Bruce Brande, Sara Ross, Nikki Mundon, and Janelle Woodburn! These very special people gave up their Thanksgiving weekend to make sure this event was a 'ROARING' SUCCESS'! Our deepest appreciation also goes to Homestead General Manager Robin Berke, Manager Barney Rodgers, and the entire staff for a job above and beyond the call of duty! We even think they had fun, as we noted the dancing by employees Barbara Burgess and Cassy Wiggins, on top of the control desk during Sunday’s fun events..

See you next year, same time, same place........ for an even better tournament!


Here are a couple of rather unusual accomplishments that occurred this past fall that bear mentioning in this newsletter.

On September 17, 2000 at Bird Bowl, while competing in the GMBA 6-Game Handicap Match Tournament, Michael Greene bowled consecutive 300 games, and only a solid 8-pin kept him from having the perfect 900 series. Michael had 300-300-279 for an 879 series. This is a GMBA city record, and it ties a state record. Also, on October 2, 2000, Michael had two consecutive 300 games in the Redland Construction Trio league at Homestead bowling center.

On December 11, 2000 in the Redland Construction Trio league at Homestead Bowling Center, John Stempien converted both the 7-10 split and the "Big Four" split (4-6-7-10). It is very rare for a bowler to convert either of these splits in an entire lifetime, but for John to have converted both of these "impossible" splits on the same night is just next to unbelievable.


With almost 100 entries the First Annual tournament, held on December 26-27, 2000, was a fulfilling event well received by all who participated. The Adult/Junior contest, with 4 Divisions based upon the Junior’s average, saw the following champions, who were presented plaques for their outstanding achievements:

Division A:
Kimberly Peterson & Paula Carter

Division B:
Kyle Young & James Janoff

Division C:
Andrew Koff & Jim DeLeonardis

Division D:
Shane Nevers & Joe Nevers

The $2,500.00 Scholarship tournament, enhanced with a $500.00 personal donation from Paula and Don Carter, saw a full day’s worth of qualifying, with the top 5 in each Division advancing to a step-ladder roll-off.

The Division winners are:

Scratch Division B:
GIRLS Christina Gomez
BOYS Greg Rosenberg
Scratch Division C:
GIRLS Rachel Dacks
BOYS Derek Sutta
Scratch Division D:
GIRLS Nikki Mundon
BOYS Joe Wagner
Handicap Division A:
GIRLS Ana Koff
Handicap Division B:
GIRLS Jordon Fineberg
BOYS Andrew Meyers
Handicap Division C:
GIRLS Brooke Kern
BOYS William Welch
Handicap Division D:
BOYS Brandon Meyers


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