Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 9 Issue 1

August 2001


Bowlers will now receive their ABC and WIBC membership cards in the mail, directly from national Bowling Headquarters. No longer will the league secretary receive the cards and distribute them. This is part of a new national program, known as "National Fulfillment". The new membership cards are plastic, instead of paper, and have a much nicer appearance. Additionally, a welcome letter from the respective national organization President is included with the mailed membership cards. Also, a magazine subscription is included for all members.

This new program is part of a change from Bowling Headquarters to provide better service to the membership. This service can take place due to a major upgrade in the software that is used in the local bowling offices to process bowlers’ memberships. Because the software takes advantage of the technology of electronic transmissions, bowlers will now receive their membership cards in a much more timely manner than in the past (in many cases, it will be just a few days). Another side benefit of the software targets the bowlers with honor scores (298, 299, 300, 800, 11-in-a-row). Their award applications can now be sent electronically, thus reducing the amount of time it currently takes for them to receive their awards.

Because of the direct mailing, it will be very important for each bowler to ensure their address is accurate and written legibly on their sanction application card. If you don’t get your membership card in the mail within a few weeks of paying for it, check first with your league secretary to ensure he/she submitted it to the bowling office. If so, then contact the bowling office to ensure your mailing address is correct.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association and Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association are on the Internet. The Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association decided not to join this past year, but we hope they will consider joining this year. The web site is a source of a lot of local bowling information. It also includes the Sparetimes newsletter, yearbook averages, and a feature for entering tournaments. There is also a special page for league secretaries to submit some of their paperwork to the local association office.

Visit the sites at or Feel free to leave an email if you have any comments or suggestions about the web site. The main purpose of the web site is to communicate to bowlers. Recognition goes to Stacey Harper, a director in the GMBA, for designing, developing and maintaining the web pages.


Secretary of the Year
The GMBA’s Secretary of the Year this year belongs to three secretaries. Their performances resulted in exact ties in the evaluation procedures, so the Board of Directors decided to announce co-winners this year. Terri Thrash (Rooms To Go at Don Carter Kendall Lanes), Edna Camacho (Budweiser Mixed at Bird Bowl) and Betty Martelli (Dadeland Chiropractic at Piper Lanes) are the winners. Terri is a multiple winner, but Edna and Betty are first time recipients. These three secretaries performed their duties abundantly above and beyond the minimum requirements. Each has received a $100 gift certificate for a local pro shop. Each will also receive a nice plaque at the combined August 11 GMBA/GMWBA League Officer Workshop. This is the seventh year this award has been presented. The award recognizes the ABC or mixed league secretary who demonstrates the best performance in the timely and proper submission of secretarial paperwork to the GMBA office and gets their league involved with various GMBA activities (meetings). A points system, based on various categories of duty requirements, is used to rank all of the secretaries.

City Tournament Results
The 59th annual GMBA city tournament was held at Piper Lanes on June 2-3 and 9-10. The winners are listed as follows:
Division A (780-up)
1.  Greg’s Sportscards 2827
2. Jim DeLeonardis Team 2730
Division B (779-under)
1. Take it to da House 2773
2. Conrad Casem Team 2762


Greg’s Sportscards 2794
Division A (195-up)
1. Kevin Walker 766
2. Wes Guckian 754
Division B (194-under)
1. Bernie Caburian 793
2. Gerardo Vega 787


Harold Harper 728
Division A (390-up)
1. Jean Hansen - Mike Skinner 1471
2. Tony Acosta - Julian Herradon 1435
Division B (389-under)
1. Lavert Combs - Van Cameron 1494
2. Ray Mielke - Andrew Browning 1469


Tony Acosta - Julian Herradon 1393
1. Kevin Walker 2256
2. Raymond Cummings, Sr. 2230


Tony Acosta 2104


Roy (Butch) Hall 300
1. Michael Kaczka 784

180-Under Special Tournament
The GMBA held their latest 180-under tournament on July 29 at Cloverleaf Lanes. It was a very successful tournament, with 65 bowlers entering. The field bowled 4 games of qualifying, and was then cut to the top 10 handicap scores. These bowlers then bowled a one game elimination match, with the 5 winners then bowling PBA-style stepladder elimination matches to determine the champion. Paul Mendiola won the tournament, winning $500.00 He defeated Jules Mitrani in a close final match.. Jules won $250.00 for second place. The rest of the top 5 and their winnings were: Robert Jones, third, $150.00; Latonia Johnson, fourth, $125.00; Harrell Scott, fifth, $100.00.

6-Game Handicap Match Tournament
The GMBA held their latest 6-game handicap match tournament on April 29 at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. 75 bowlers entered. The field bowled 6 games of head-to-head matches, with winners collecting 30 bonus pins. The field was then cut to the top 16 scores, including the bonus pins, for elimination matches. Janelle Woodburn won the tournament, winning $1,000.00. She defeated Brian Metlika, who won $500.00 for second place. The rest of the top 5 and their winnings were: Erik Rickard, third, $250.00; Walter Simson, fourth, $175.00; Ray Seay, fifth, $120.00.

Upcoming Special Tournaments
The Greater Miami Bowling Association plans to hold 5 special tournaments for ABC sanctioned bowlers within the next 10 months. These tournaments are held for bowlers to give them the opportunity to bowl in good competition, and have a nice prize fund.

The next special tournament will be September 30 at Bird Bowl. It will be a scratch eliminator tournament, with a guaranteed first and second prize of $1,000.00 and $500.00, respectively. Flyers for this tournament are already out.

There is a 6-game handicap match tournament scheduled for November 11 (location to be announced). It will have a guaranteed first and second prize of $1,000.00 and $500.00, respectively. Watch for the promotion flyers in bowling centers in October.

For the other tournaments, they are February 10 for a 180-under handicap tournament, April 21 for a scratch match tournament, and July 21 for a handicap match tournament.

Check the GMBA web site or call (305) 665-2225 for information about the tournaments.

ABC Award of Merit for 2000-2001
Michael Greene and Michael Kaczka are to be congratulated for winning ABC’s annual Awards of Merit. Michael Greene wins the award for having the highest scratch series of the year (879). Michael Kaczka wins the award for having the highest league average of at least 66 games (243 for 132 games). Incidentally, the 879 series and the 243 average are new GMBA records.


Welcome back! We are happy to welcome another season, and hope all of you had a great summer. I know mine was but, I missed you all. I am looking forward to an exciting and new bowling season, meeting new friends and renewing old friendships.

On July 29, the GMWBA held their end of year brunch at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant. We awarded Cindy Jacobs our Outstanding Service Award for her help in organizing and leadership with the Walk for the Cure for Juvenile Diabetes, which was held at Metro Zoo. Thanks to her and our walkers, we raised over $5,000. Also, Patty Nevers earned an award for 100 pins over average. Great Going Patty. On a sadder note, we said good bye to several officers and directors: Margo Buzzard, Peggy Guest, Linda Daley and Mell Brooks. They will be missed. I wish each the best.

Again, I want to say I am looking forward to this season, and I ask if you know of news you want to see in this newsletter, contact me, Laurie Johnson, (305) 226-9820. I am always interested in your ideas and stories. Welcome back — come on and join us and bring a friend.


At the annual meeting of the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association, July 14th, 2001, Joan Dillon was re-elected to the office of Vice-President and Maria Smith was re-elected to the office of Secretary-Treasurer.

Other business transacted at this meeting included the selection of the 2000-2001 Outstanding Youth Bowlers.. Richie Naue is this year’s recipient in the boys division and Stefanie Nation is this years recipient in the girls division.

Almost one dozen youth bowlers from the GMJBA participated in the Junior National Olympic Tournament in Reno, Nevada in July. Two participants, Nikki Mundon and Stefanie Nation, made it to the match play, but failed to secure a spot on this years Junior Team USA. Nikki Mundon then went on to represent the State of Florida in the Coca Cola National Tournament.

Speaking of the Coca Cola National Tournament, the state finals will be held in the GMJBA jurisdiction in April of 2002. Two bowling centers, Cloverleaf Lanes and Piper Lanes are vying for the honor of hosting this very prestigious tournament. State YABA Secretary/Treasurer Pat Pidgeon and Coca Cola State Director Patsy Wedding will be visiting Greater Miami over the Labor Day Weekend to determine which bowling center will play host next year.

It was also announced that the Junior National Olympic Tournament and the National Coca Cola Tournament will be held in Winter Haven and Lakeland during the summer of 2002.

The GMJBA is now using WinLabs. This is the new association software program being distributed by Bowling Headquarters. Processing sanctions and awards should become easier and faster.

The big news on the youth front is the dues increase by the local association. Two years ago, YABA increased the national fees to $8.50 and the local fees to $3.50. At that time our association was not in need of funds. However, with the purchase of the new computer and all the new awards programs we have started, it now seems like the right time to raise our local fee $1.00. All youth bowlers who sanctioned during the summer of 2001 will be "grandfathered" in at the $10.00 fee. Those starting in the winter of 2001-2002 will pay $11.00 for sanctioning. We are hoping this does not cause any hardships, but with the rising cost of office supplies, postage, etc., the association found it difficult to operate on a $550.00 budget.

The Youth Leaders Association is always looking for new members. For more information please call Jim DeLeonardis at (305) 251-5171. Please remember, each bowling center is allowed 5 youth bowlers on the Youth Leaders Board.

The next scheduled meeting of the GMJBA will be September 15 at 1:30pm at Cloverleaf Lanes. Anyone interested in attending is more than welcomed.


Hall of Fame
At a meeting of the Hall of Fame selection committee, held at Piper Lanes on Sunday, June 3, 2001, the following people were elected to the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame:

Don Carr and Stacey Harper were elected for outstanding bowling ability. Maria Smith was elected for outstanding service.

All three are very deserving of this honor. The induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2001 at the Miami Elks Lodge #948. Tickets will go on sale sometime in August. Cost for this dinner will be $25.00. Contact Paul Boller at (305) 235-2105 for tickets/information. We will also be holding our annual "Egg" sale with all proceeds going to the GMBC Scholarship Fund. Any and all donations are welcomed. Come on out and help these three deserving people celebrate THEIR night!

Top 8 Tournament
This years Top "8" Invitational Match Game Tournament will be hosted by Homestead Bowling Center on Sunday, October 7, 2001. The format will remain the same with each bowler rolling eight head to head matches. The field is comprised of Men, Women, Boys, and Girls. The selection process is handled by each sanctioning association. To be eligible, a bowler must have bowled in 2 or more leagues, in 2 or more bowling centers, and have at least 60 games in each league. The total pinfall is added together, as is the total games, then the total pinfall is divided by the total games to give a true composite average.

The bowlers who compete in this tournament donate their time and energy to help benefit the Greater Miami Bowling Council Scholarship Fund. Tickets go on sale in September and cost only $1.00. Door prize drawings will be held during the tournament.

The following is this years Top "8" Bowlers:

Men Women
235 Don
211 Janelle
231 Harold
201 Sharon
226 Peter
200 Stacey
226 Chuck
195 Teri
224 Roger
194 Cathy
223 James
192 Erin
222 Mike
186 Patty
222 Bruce
184 Penny
Alternates Alternates
221 Mike
183 Julie
220 Sergio
180 Pat
Boys Girls
214 Keith
211 Stefanie
209 Chad
200 Nikki
207 David
186 Brigette
204 Richard
180 Michelle
202 Irvine
165 Danielle
198 Hunter
163 Melissa
197 Tyler
158 Jennifer
194 Neno
140 Alyssa
Alternates  Alternates
191 Charles
137 Chelsee
186  A.J.






BVL – Bowlers Veterans Link
The BVL was established in 1942 to support American’s service men and women by providing programs and services which help to repair strong minds and healthy bodies. Our goal is to show we honor our armed forces and value their sacrifice to our country. Some of the ways the BVL does this are:

BVL donates monies to VA Hospitals, Readjustment Counseling Centers and State VA Homes

BVL co-sponsors "Re-Creation" performances

BVL conducts bowling clinics

BVL sponsors an annual bowling tournament

BVL sponsors national veteran competitions

BVL attends national bowling conventions to educate, gain support and cooperation for its work

BVL hosts an annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery


Bird Bowl will be hosting both the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association and the Greater Miami Bowling Association city tournament this coming year. The GMWBA tournament will be in February, 2002. The GMBA tournament will be in June, 2002. Cloverleaf Lanes will be hosting the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association city tournament in March, 2002. Watch for entry forms in bowling centers.


We just thought the bowlers in Greater Miami would like to know that the Youth Classic Scholarship Bowling League reached two very lofty goals this past winter season. The first was a scholarship prize fund in excess of $10,000.00, which was distributed to approximately 50 youth bowlers. The second was a five year cumulative total nearing the $60,000.00 mark!

Sponsors are always welcome and should contact Piper Lanes at (305) 232-0044. The Youth Classic Scholarship Leagues are "SMART" affiliated and include an Olympic Gold Event.


Generation Gap League
Our Generation Gap league was a success. We had families, grandparents and kids of all ages bowling together. We all look forward to bowling next summer. Danielle Graham and Lisa Fuentes want to thank everyone for a great summer. High scores:

High Game Men: Wayne Graham - 279
High Series Men: Wayne Graham - 782
High Average Men: Wayne Graham - 248

High Game Women: Lisa Fuentes - 225
High Series Women: Lisa Fuentes - 622
High Average Women: Lisa Fuentes - 190

High Game Boys: Anthony Martinez - 269
High Series Boys: Anthony Martinez - 696
High Average Boys: Garrett Litwin - 215

High Game Girls: Caitlin Graham - 256
High Series Girls: Caitlin Graham - 605
High Average Girls: Caitlin Graham - 175

Saturday Junior League
This year was our first with the Bumper Babies (ages 2 to 4). Their coach is Selma Beckham, 80 years young and one of our senior bowlers who has been bowling at Bird Bowl for over 25 years, and bowls 3 days a week. She took very good care of the kids and they enjoyed their Saturday morning bowling. We hope Selma and her "kids" will join us again in the winter. Our senior division, with Doug Melendez as coach, was a great success. Doug was in our junior program and he has come back to coach the 15 to 21 year olds. Our winter season will start on Saturday, September 8 with a meeting at 9:00 a.m. and bowling at 9:45 a.m. The cost is $7.00 weekly and a one-time yearly sanction fee of $11.00. Call Bird Bowl at (305) 221-1221 to sign up your kids for our junior program.

High Scores:

Bumper Babies - Luke Serrott 80; Michael Mendoza 70; Celine Cabrera 68; Savana Serrott 66

Rugrats - Jordon Serrott 146; Joseph Estevez 135; Jorge Gomez 130; Lindsay Suriel 132

Preps - King Wu 152; Fabian Guerra 147; Guillermo Antonini 137; Courtney Estevez 136

Juniors - Sebastian Guerra 176; Taylor Riusech 168; Andrew Todd 158; Caitlin Graham 209; Brianna Pucko 186; Amanda Aiello 149

Seniors - Ryan Reese 254; Jonathan Seligman 241; Julian Melendez 240; Mychel Estevez 149

Boston Special - Lloyd Hood 220; Jorge Diaz 202; Douglas Picard 200; Teresa Rodriguez 183


Bird Bowl Junior Scratch Scholarship
Our scratch scholarship on Wednesday nights drew 30 bowlers. There were 3 divisions. Our new season begins on September 5, with a meeting at 6:30 p.m. and bowling at 7:00. Cost is $10.00 weekly. Contact Bird Bowl for more information. Thank you to the sponsors of the Junior Scratch Scholarship: Bird Bpowl, Carvel Ice Cream (on Miller Road and 93 Avenue), Fit Kids - Miami Racquet & Fitness Center, REA Air Conditioning, Michael F. Schrader - Attorney at Law, and Transatlantic Bank. High scores:

Division A - Shane Nevers 279; A.J. Hamby 278; Melissa Coille 255; Nikki Mundon 247

Division B - Steven Wilson 253; Javi Rosario 235; Kim Tait 185

Division C - Chase Lausted 231; Taylor Riusech 182; Caitlin Graham 221; Brooke Kern 220

Everybody at Bird Bowl wants to wish Laura Glance a very happy 90th birthday. Laura still bowls in 3 leagues!


This is the oldest women’s traveling organization in the South Florida area. There are 5 divisions, with both scratch and handicap tournaments (3 mixed) held on the first Sunday of each month (unless it occurs on a holiday weekend). Bowlerettes is open to any WIBC member with a 21 game verifiable average. The new season begins in September with a scratch singles tournament at AMF Davie in Ft. Lauderdale. The tournaments alternate monthly between Dade and Broward county bowling centers.

For information and/or applications, please contact Shelley Goldstein at (305) 215-0986 in Miami-Dade. For Broward, call Iris Manning at (954) 435-0993.


On September 23, this tournament organization is starting its 33rd year of competition with a handicap singles tournament at Piper Lanes. Monthly tournaments (on the fourth Sunday, unless a holiday weekend) are held in Miami bowling centers. Each year, there are 3 singles tournaments, 6 singles match game tournaments, and 3 doubles tournaments. It is a handicap-based tournament, open to all ABC and WIBC bowlers. Because the handicap structure has a maximum of 30 pins, this tournament is recommended for the 180 and up bowler, although, there are bowlers with lesser averages that are able to compete.

You don’t have to be a member to bowl in the monthly tournaments, but membership does have privileges. For information about the tournament, please contact Francie Boellard at (305) 408-9093 or Harold Harper at (305) 388-2299. Or you can visit the Dade County All Stars’ web site at to view information, tournament schedule, tournament results, and apply for membership.


We’re very sorry to say, the funding for the Sparetimes is running out. However, we do NOT have any plans to stop publishing the newsletter. We want to continue to bring news and information to the Miami bowlers. It costs approximately $650.00 each year to produce the Sparetimes, with 100% of the cost associated with copying. We have been providing copies for each bowling center, and one copy for each team in each league. With the funding source about to run out, we may have to re-evaluate this distribution process. We feel the best way of getting the most readers is to provide copies to the leagues. But, if we can’t find the funds, that may be discontinued.

Your ideas on how to overcome this situation are welcome. Drop us a note as shown in the next item. Perhaps you would like to donate to the cause. If a fair number of you would donate even $1.00, it will help keep the Sparetimes going until we can resolve the funding issue. That would be absolutely great -- thank you very much if you do.


The editors and staff of Sparetimes hope you have enjoyed reading about bowling news and information in the Greater Miami area. We hope you will continue to be interested in our publication. We do welcome your comments, suggestions, and newsworthy articles for publishing. Send us your feedback and news articles in the mail to the following address:

Sparetimes Newsletter
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You may also send your information via the GMBA Internet web site at

Thanks for reading our newsletter. We plan to have our next issue out in late August. Remember, feel free to send us your ideas.

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