Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 9 Issue 2

January 2002


The Greater Miami Womenís Bowling Associationís annual city tournament is February 16-17 and 23-24 at Bird Bowl. Please come and enjoy. Entry forms are at local bowling centers.


The 33rd annual Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association city tournament will be held at Cloverleaf Lanes March 2-3, 2002. The entry fee has been increased to $11.00 per event. The tournament will feature scholarship awards this year. The GMJBA will also hold an Olympic Gold Qualifier, for which the cost will be $15.00. Entry forms are at local bowling centers.


The 59th annual Greater Miami Bowling Associationís city tournament will be held at Bird Bowl on June 1-2 and 8-9, 2002. This tournament is open to all GMBA ABC sanctioned members (male and female). The early entry closing date is May 29, 2002, but late entries will be accepted on each day of the tournament 30 minutes before squad times. Entry forms will be available in bowling centers sometime in March, 2002.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association will be presenting a special handicap tournament for the 180-under average bowlers (2000-2001 yearbook) on Sunday, February 10, 2002 at Cloverleaf Lanes. Even if you donít have a yearbook average from last year, and you have at least 21 games in a league this year, and have an average of 180 or under, you can still enter the tournament by presenting verification of your league average at the tournament site. This tournament is open to 180-under ABC sanctioned bowlers (male and female). Females who are not members of ABC wishing to bowl can join ABC at the tournament site. There will be a guaranteed minimum first and second prize of $500 and $250. Entry fee is $40 if entered in advance, and $45 if entered on February 10 at the door. Check-in time is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and bowling will start at 11:30 a.m. Contact the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225 or visit the GMBA web site at (click on "tournaments", then "entry form" below 180-Under) for details.


Here are some other upcoming tournaments in which you might be interested. Entry forms are now in your local bowling centers.

Florida Mixed State Tournament

This is a "super great" tournament. The Tournament Director is our new Florida State Bowling Association Secretary/Treasurer Robert Peters. He runs one whale of a good tournament. This yearís tournament is in Daytona Beach.

Florida State ABC Tournament

The 68th annual tournament will be held April 20 through June 30 in Altamonte Springs and Apopka (Orange County and Seminole County). Disney World and others are nearby. Take a weekend off and join in on the fun. Entries close March 3.

Florida State Women's Tournament

Get away from the kids and have a LOT of fun! This yearís tournament is in Jacksonville.

Florida State Seniors Tournament

Just for the young at heart. There are several different divisions for all ages, the young senior and the super senior, both men and women. This is great fun and competition!

Florida State YABA Tournament

Children of all ages are welcomed. There is a Junior Olympic Gold Qualifier, too! This yearís tournament will be held May 25 through June 30 in Ocala.

National Mixed Tournament

There is some sad news about this one. Many of you have been following the National Mixed Tournament which was just contested in Las Vegas this past summer. The ABC/WIBC will no longer sponsor this tournament due to lack of entries.


Junior Participation

The most wonderful thing has happened! Junior bowling in Greater Miami is on the RISE! As of this printing, our headcount, combined with our new members from the summer of 2001, is over 1,100 for the first time in years! A big thank you to these youth directors at all the bowling centers:

Bird Bow-Lisa Fuentes 221-1221
Cloverleaf-Becky Murray 652-4197
Kendall-Susie Coile 385-6160
Homestead-Carol Watson 246-1333
Piper-Robert Hopper 232-0044
(All area codes are 305)

If you have a child who is interested in joining a league, please call one of the above youth directors. Our motto is "there's always room for one more child!"

If you want to help, whether it be coaching or just doing whatever needs to be done, the above youth directors will be most happy to put you to work. Just give them a call.


The following youth bowlers have received recognition for the following achievements:

Girls 650 series Brigette Harrelson 658
Girls 700 series Stefanie Nation 716
Boys 700 series Keith Nation 741
Ronnie Westcott 737
Edward Martelli, Jr. 733
Neno Vargas 733
Jason Louie 728
Brian Hough 719
Jonathan Rawcliffe 718
Chad Brewer 715
Shane Nevers 714
Andrew Headley 713
Brett Bigenho 711
David Smith 708
Robert Mackarvich 706
Garrett Litwin 703
Phillipp Kern 702
Charles Maxey 702
Jeffrey Gross 701
Big "4" Split Conversion
Shane Nevers
Nathan Primrose
100 Pins Over Average
Juana Garza
Alfred Hamby
Joshua Kaufman
Edward Martelli, Jr.
Charles Maxey
Brandon Moore
Patrick Murphy
Christopher Slater
Steven Wilson
280 Game Keith Nation
290 Game Charles Maxey
298 Game Anthony Martinez
299 Game Michael Martinez


Top Eight Invitational

As was printed in the last Sparetimes, the GMBC Top 8 Invitational Tournament was held at Homestead Bowling Center October 7, 2001. The bowlers competed in head-to-head matches against each of the bowlers in their division, with the eighth match being a position match. Bowlers winning a match received 30 bonus pins. Bowlers tying a match split the bonus.

The tournament ran quite well, with a few good scores. We thank all of those who participated in this event along with Robin Berke and her staff at Homestead Bowling Center. The final results:

Menís Division:
Peter Hernandez, Champion
Harold Harper, runner-up

Womenís Division:
Janelle Woodburn, Champion
Sharon Colon, runner-up

Boys Division:
Keith Nation, Champion
David Smith, runner-up

Girls Division:
Stefanie Nation, Champion
Brigette Harrelson, runner-up

As a highlight, Peter Hernandez had a 3-game series of 824, plus had the best match of the day, defeating Harold Harper 279-278. James Janoff also had a 300 game.

The GMBC would like to continue this event, but we need your help and input. Should we move from October back toward the summer? We only have 5 bowling centers left, of which we use only 4.

Should we change the format of the tournament to be able to incorporate all the centers? Our format is one bowler per lane now. We could go to two bowlers per lane (this would allow the host center to have open play while the tournament is being contested and we would be able to use Piper Lanes because this would only entail using 16 lanes). Competition can be started earlier in the day, moving from 1:00pm to say 11:00am. Think it over. We need your help! Contact Paul Boller, GMBC Secretary/Treasurer, 27210 SW 153 Avenue, Miami, FL 33032, at (305) 245-7394.

Hall of Fame

On October 20, 2001, at Elks Lodge #948, three outstanding candidates were inducted into the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame. The first two inductees, Don Carr and Stacey Harper, were honored for bowling ability. The third inductee, Maria Smith, was honored for service to the bowling community. The accomplishments of all three are quite impressive. Congratulations to each of them.

January 15, 2002 is the deadline for nominations for this coming year. Please remember, a candidate MUST have 10 years of active membership in the Greater Miami area, whether it be for bowling ability or for bowling service. If you know of someone who you feel is deserving of this honor, send their name to Paul Boller, 27210 SW 153 Avenue, Miami, FL 33032.

Bowlers Victory Link

Each year there is a national campaign to get a $1.00 donation from each adult league bowler. This money is used to add fun and recreation to the Veterans Hospitals all over the world. The money collected by our association remains here to assist OUR veterans.

Did you know that there are some associations in our country that raise almost $5.00 per bowler! The thanks of the GMBC and our veterans goes out to all of you who donate that $1.00. Next year, why not bring it up at your league organizational meeting and vote to take $1.00 per bowler from your prize fund. This way EVERYONE can have that good feeling! Remember, we only do this once a year, around Veterans Day. Let's make next year the biggest year we've ever had!


The Greater Miami Bowling Association honored Michael Greene on the evening of this past October 20 for being the recipient of the "Gene Chilson Bowler of the Year" award.

Each year since 1992, the GMBA determines which male bowler has excelled during the bowling season in meritorious achievements and in sportsmanship. The GMBA board of directors felt Michaelís accomplishments this past year were quite outstanding. He had a high single average of 231 at Homestead Bowling Center. His composite average was 222.78 (two leagues in two different bowling centers). He had an 879 series at Bird Bowl and an 823 series at Homestead Bowling Center. He had two consecutive 300 games in each of these 800 series. In the 879, he had 35 out of 36 possible strikes. Only a solid 8 pin kept him from achieving a "perfect" 900 series. That series, incidentally, was bowled on three different pairs of lanes in a tournament. Additionally, he had five 300 games, one 298 game, and three 11-in-a-row games. He also did well in the GMBA city tournament, being a member of the first place scratch team.


Coral Reef Wins State Championship

The 2001 High School State Championship Tournament was held at Seminole Lanes in St. Petersburg, and consisted of 32 boys teams and 32 girls teams from around the state. Dade Countyís South Division, which bowls at Piper Lanes and Homestead Bowling Center, dominated the competition. The Palmetto boys team finished 3rd, while the South Dade girls placed 4th in the state. The Coral Reef boys were the champions. Congratulations to the bowlers and Coach John Shackles for winning the first state title in Coral Reefís history. The champions are freshman, Jesse Thrash, sophomore Brett Bigenho, and

juniors Kyle Nolan, Shane Nevers, Derek Sutta, and Tyler Whidden. Team total pins of the first two rounds determined the 8 teams that advanced to the final 3 rounds, which were best 3 out of 5 using Baker format. Coral Reef defeated River Ridge and Dixie Hollins in the third round and semi-finals, respectively. In the final round Coral Reef crushed Largo: 216 - 175, 246 - 193 and 192 - 180 to win the state title. Coral Reef averaged an outstanding 216 for 12 Baker games. Congratulations to the team for a stellar performance.

Top High School Averages

Neno Vargas, Southridge, 213
David Pedro, Palmetto, 207
Garret Litwin, Killian, 200
Andrew Headley, Palmetto, 196.25
Tyler Whidden, Coral Reef, 196.23
Rob Mackarvich, Columbus, 196.07
Shane Nevers, Coral Reef, 196.06
Alec Fernandez, Felix Varela, 195
Anthony Martinez, Columbus, 194.6
Eric Fernandez, Felix Varela, 194.2

Stefanie Nation, Palmetto, 210
Brigette Harrelson, South Dade, 191
Nadine Brisson, North Miami, 166.8
Danielle Hall, South Dade, 166
LeeAnne Biddle, Killian, 165
Michelle Jones, Sunset, 164
Melissa Vega, Coral Reef, 162
Lindsie Brown, Killian, 158
Sara Gill, Killian, 156
Chrissy Boyett, South Dade, 149


Wayne and Danielle Graham would like to thank everyone who participated in our 30th Bowling Reunion in October. Everyone worked very hard and we all had a great time. We should do this more often! It was great to see everyone who we used to bowl with and their families. The only thing different this time around was seeing the Advil and wishing the heating pad was near. A special thanks goes to Debbie and Gordon. We can't do these great events without you. Thanks.

Congratulations to Mindi Estevez and Lisa Fuentes who are now Level 2 Junior Bowling Coaches.

Good luck and great bowling in 2002.

2002 Bowling Events

Middle School Warm up Tournament January 23

Middle School Finals February 1

GMWBA City Tournament February 16-17 & 23-24

Dade County All Stars April 28

GMBA City Tournament June 1-2 & 8-9

Dade County All Stars July 28

Scoring Recognition

High series for Men
Bruce Gilbert 761, Mike Kaczka 759,
Danny Saunders 754, Richard Cheney 751, Orlando DeArmas Jr. 743, Bill Durr 741, Tony Acosta 735, Steve Delisi 734,
Harold Harper 727, Wayne Graham 719,
Julian Herradon 718

High games for Men
Harold Harper 300, Louis Kallinosis 300,
Jorge Ossorio 290, Bruce Hoffman 289,
George Litwin 288, Alberto Mestres 279,
Josue Redondo 278, Kent Orner 278

High series for Women
Mireya Gomez 661, Lisa Fuentes 642,
Rosie Martin 642, Janet Diaz 625,
Laura Pannullo 617, Belkys Copin 614,
Dee Johnson 606, Rosie Mendez 600,
Cindy Guerin 598, Margaret Estevez 593

High games for Women
Cindy Guerin 252, Lisa Fuentes 249,
Margaret Estevez 235

High series for Boys-3 games
Jonathan Seligman 621, Jorge Diaz 602,
David Beck 497

High series for Boys-4 games
Richie Naue 957, Keith Nation 954,
Brian Wright 911, Chad Brewer 907,
David Smith 903, Andrew Koff 806,
Steven Wilson 804, Kevin Hulse 770,
Chris Best 768

High games for Boys
Keith Nation 299, A.J. Hamby 279,
David Smith 278, Rafael Delgado 276,
Richie Naue 269, Chris Best 258,
Andrew Koff 247, Steven Wilson 246,
Jonathan Seligman 245, Kevin Hulse 224,
Jorge Diaz 221

High series for Girls-3 games
Caitlin Graham 552, Grace Urdanivia 455

High series for Girls-4 games
Melissa Coile 809, Caitlin Graham 733,
Brooke Kern 720, Megan Cherry 651,
Mychel Estevez 611

High games for Girls
Melissa Coile 236, Caitlin Graham 235,
Brooke Kern 213, Megan Cherry 212,
Caitlin Graham 204, Grace Urdanivia 193,
Mychel Estevez 186


The 33rd Annual Junior Orange Bowl Committee, Inc. Bowling Tournament was contested once again at Homestead Bowling Center over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Friday kicked off the event with the Adult/Junior Tournament, which drew 177 entries and featured scholarship prizes in place of just plaques. Youth bowler Shane Nevers strutted his stuff with a heartbreaking 299, while adult bowlers James Janoff and Nick Thomson rolled 300 and 299 games, respectively.

Adult/Junior Tournament Winners:

Prep Girls
1st Alana Pendergrass / Cliff Watson
2nd Megan Hopper / Robert Hopper

Prep Boys
1st William Welch / Sal Bongiorno
2nd David Bowman / Joe Stempien
3rd James Hudson / Tina Churchill
4th Zachary Morrison / Doug Taylor

Junior Girls
1st Samantha Murphy / John Murphy
2nd Alyssa Harper / Roger Boone

Junior Boys
1st Vincent Hall / Stacey Harper
2nd Vincent Hall / Julie Hall
3rd Darryn Auerbach / Craig Auerbach
4th Steven Wilson / Richard Wilson
5th Ryan Jackson / Jennifer Hernandez
6th Greg Mielke / Robert Hopper
7th Steven Wilson / Maria Wilson
8th Matthew Watson / Weaver Shepard
9th Darryn Auerbach / Peter Hernandez

Major/Senior Girls
1st Elizabeth Lassman / Nick Thomson
2nd Danielle Hall / Stacey Harper

Major/Senior Boys
1st  Brett Bigenho / Jorge Hernandez
2nd Justin Greenfield / Marc Greenfield
3rd Raymond Timbers / Bill Baldwin
4th Chris Kallinosis / Lou Kallinosis
5th R.J. Dalid / John Dalid
6th Nick Tomares / John Rodgers
7th Jorge Ramos / Craig Auerbach
8th Derek Sutta / Nick Thomson

Saturday's opening ceremonies featured the current JOBC President, Linda Brown, the immediate Past President, Linda Andrews, and the President-Elect Eunice Perry, wishing everyone good luck and good bowling!

The singles event drew 179 entries. Entries came from Ft. Myers, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Wachula, and even Ocala. The competition was excellent! A special "scratch" event was added to the Prep and Junior Divisions by the generous donation ($1,050.00) of an unknown sponsor. The event culminated Sunday morning with the "stepladder" finals.

Singles Event Winners:

Prep Boys Handicap Prep Girls Handicap
1 Justin Velez  Melissa Covert
2 Kyle Madaffer Alana Pendergrass
3 David Bowman Ana Koff
4 David Lamb Shaniqua Brown
5 Matthew Gill Katie Brown
Junior Boys Handicap Junior Girls Handicap
1 Zachary Rogers Alexis DeLeonards
2 Steven Wilson Tracy Johnson
3 Vincent Hall Laura Freedman
4 Ryan Jackson Christina Gomez
5 Larry Brande Alyssa Harper
6 Darryn Auerbach  
Major/Senior Boys  Handicap

Major/Senior Girls Handicap

1 John Meyers Whitney Piett
2 R.J. Dalid Elizabeth Lassman
3 Daniel McLeod Sara Gill
4 Jason Watson Christina Brown
5 Jorge Ramos Jennifer Myers
Lower Open Scratch Upper Open Scratch
1 Bobby Walters, Jr. David Smith
2 Brian Hough Keith Nation
3 Andrew Turner Andrew Headley
4 Rafael Delegado Garrett Litwin
5 Danielle Hall Stefanie Nation
Special Prep Scratch Special Junior Scratch
1 William Welch Brigette Harrelson
2 Colin Thrash Steven Wilson
3 Andrew Koff Matthew Watson
4 Jesse Rodriguez Daniel Ares
5 David Bowman Ryan Jackson
A VERY special event was added to this yearís tournament. Committee member, David Rowen, came up with the idea of a "Pin Design" Contest. Any junior bowler entered in this yearís tournament was given an old bowling pin. Then, we let their imagination run wild and wide. What we got was 3 scholarship winners, compliments of "Pin Design" Contest sponsor "Lane 41" & J & L's Snack Bar. The scholarship winners were: Megan Hopper for her "Gymnastic Girl Pin", Shaniqua Brown for her "Hula Girl Pin", and Jennifer Galloway for her "Clown Pin". Each winner received a $50.00 scholarship.

The JOBC Bowling Event Committee Co-Chairs would like to express their deepest thanks to Homestead Bowling Center and the wonderful employees who work there! With a very special thank you to Robin Berke, General Manager, for rising above and beyond! See you next year, same time, same place!


Scratch Eliminator Tournament

The GMBA held a scratch eliminator tournament on September 30 at Bird Bowl. 40 bowlers entered the tournament. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $1,000 and second prize of $500. Tony Acosta and Joe Boggiano finished first and second, respectively. David Tolson finished third winning $250. Don Carr and Jairo Hernandez finished fourth and fifth winning $125 and $100, respectively. As a highlight of the tournament, John Hilbert, Jr. bowled a 299 game. The next special scratch tournament is scheduled for April 21 at a location to be announced.

Handicap Eliminator Tournament

The GMBA held a handicap eliminator tournament on November 11 at Homestead Bowling Center. 32 bowlers entered the tournament. The turnout was quite low, and it is felt that the NASCAR race at Homestead Speedway contributed for the lack of entries. The GMBA offered a guaranteed first prize of $1,000 and second prize of $500. Ray Seay II and Jerry Pugh finished first and second, respectively. Michael Greene finished third winning $150. Bernie Caburian and Greg Atwood finished fourth and fifth winning $100 and $65, respectively. The next special handicap tournament is scheduled for July 21 at a location to be announced.


The latest news on "One Organization" is that it will not happen this year or even next year. There are a lot of items that need some work before it will become a reality, if it does at all. From the perspective of our areaís ABC Director, he realizes it will save money for the national organization by cutting costs. It will also help by doing away with duplication of paperwork and manpower. However, the national organization seems to feel that "fewer is better", in terms of local and state volunteers. There is also talk about limiting the number of national directors from approximately 130 to 25. With the trickle down effect, that would also happen to the state and local associations, along with term of office limits for national, state, and local officials.

The plan at this point is to bring a new proposal package to the ABC and WIBC convention delegates in the spring of 2003 for approval. If it passes, the ABC, WIBC, YABA, and Bowling, Inc. along with the proprietors and professional bowling associations would be merged into one large organization by 2004. The time frame set for doing the same for state and local associations would be no later than 2008. The feeling of our areaís ABC Director about 25 directors "running the show" is that it won't work! These 25 directors would be making our rules, and running our organization, with little or no input from the people paying the bills, who are US! The only say the local bowler is going to have is whether or not to belong to this new organization, which has been titled "United States Bowling Association".

If you have an opinion on this matter, you are highly encouraged to email via, call (414) 423-3465, or write ABC/WIBC/YABA at 5301 S. 76th Street, Greendale, WI 53129. Let them know how you feel. Your input could be quite useful as well as important.


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