Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 9 Issue 2

April 2002


In an earlier edition of the Sparetimes, we reported that the newsletter’s funding was getting very low. We’re now happy to report the Sparetimes has acquired a sponsor that should keep the distribution coming to each league. We are proud to announce the sponsor is Wells Fargo Mortgage. Mr. James Janoff was very instrumental in making this happen. Thank you James!! If you are in need for any kind of mortgage, you can page James at (305) 291-9797.


The 60th annual tournament of the Greater Miami Bowling Association will be held at Bird Bowl on June 1-2 and 8-9, 2002. The tournament is open to all ABC sanctioned members within the GMBA (male and female). Females not currently ABC members will be allowed to join ABC at the tournament site if they wish to bowl. The Handicap All Events will be a guaranteed minimum first and second prize of $200.00 and $100.00, respectively. The tournament will feature 2 separate divisions, based on average. The handicap is a very competitive 90% of 230. New this year is that you can bowl in the singles multiple times, cashing only once though with your highest score. As before, you can also bowl in the Team and Doubles events multiple times. Entry forms are now available in bowling centers. You can also visit the GMBA Internet Web site  to enter the tournament. Call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225 or send an email via the web site if you need an entry form or have any questions about the tournament. The regular entry closing date is May 28, 2002, but late entries will also be accepted after then as walk-ins at each tournament squad. The GMBA will now accept Visa and MasterCard as a method for entry fee payments.


For nearly a year, the Greater Miami Bowling Association and Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association have been on a new computer software system known as WinLabs. This system provides the ability for the local associations to process your membership application cards in order for the membership cards to be mailed directly to your home from the national headquarters. The bowlers’ feedback that has been received to date is highly positive. There are some rather isolated cases that have been reported where bowlers did not receive their membership cards, although the computer systems indicated that they had been mailed months ago. It can be reported, however, that the vast majority of bowlers have received their membership card in the mail in a very timely manner, normally within ten days of when the application was processed by the local associations.

For next season, please remember to ensure that your address is written correctly on your application card when you sign up for your league. But, if you do not receive your membership card in the mail within four weeks of when you pay for it, first contact your league secretary to ensure he/she has submitted it to the local association, and if so, then you should contact the local associations to find out the status of your membership card.


The 33rd Annual Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association Championship Tournament was held March 2-3, 2002 at Cloverleaf Lanes. New features for this year’s tournament were multiple doubles entries and late fees. Both were quite rewarding for the GMJBA. Once again the staff, management and parents of Cloverleaf Lanes out did themselves in the area of hospitality. It is always wonderful to see parents and bowling center personnel care about the future of our sport, the children! Next year’s tournament will be contested at Don Carter Kendall Lanes the first weekend of March.

We hope to see all sanctioned youth bowlers there! This year’s winners:

Division #1

Open Scratch Team:

Stefanie Nation, Christopher Kallinosis, Neno Vargas, Keith Nation
Open Scratch Doubles:
Stefanie Nation - Keith Nation
Open Scratch Boys Singles:
Keith Nation
Open Scratch Girls Singles:
Melissa Coile
Open Scratch Boys All Events:
Keith Nation
Open Scratch Girls All Events:
Stefanie Nation

Division #2

Handicap Team:
Lane Sharks
Brian Wright, Steven Wilson, Christopher Szymanski, Jesse Thrash
Handicap Doubles:
Stefanie Nation - Christopher Kallinosis
Handicap Boys Singles:
Christopher Szymanski
Handicap Girls Singles:
Jennifer Myers
Handicap Boys All Events:
R. J. Dalid
Scratch Boys All Events:
Steven Wilson
Handicap Girls All Events:
Jennifer Myers
Scratch Girls All Events:
Jennifer Myers

Division #3

Handicap Team:
No Mercy
Christopher Slater, Betty Jo Martelli, Alyssa Harper, Edward Martelli, Jr.
Handicap Doubles:
C. J. Chaney - Galen Aldrich
Handicap Boys Singles:
Vernell Sullivan
Handicap Girls Singles:
Caitlin Graham
Handicap Boys All Events:
Galen Aldrich
Scratch Boys All Events:
Galen Aldrich
Handicap Girls All Events:
Caitlin Graham
Scratch Girls All Events:
Caitlin Graham

Division #4

Handicap Team:
We Are The Ones
Michelle Massard, David Rappaport, Gary Lindley, Jason Hall
Handicap Doubles:
Katie Brown - Andrew Meyers
Handicap Boys Singles:
Sean Davidson
Handicap Girls Singles:
Nadine Brisson
Handicap Boys All Events:
Searle Castell
Scratch Boys All Events:
Daniel McLeod
Handicap Girls All Events:
Nadine Brisson
Scratch Girls All Events:
Monique Brisson

Division #5

Handicap Team:
Still Got Gazz!
Katherine Jones, Jordan Smith, Elizabeth Jones, Tyler Rose
Handicap Doubles:
Katherine Jones - Jordan Smith
Handicap Boys Singles:
Glenford Patterson
Handicap Girls Singles:
Tracy Johnson
Handicap Boys All Events:
Jordan Smith
Scratch Boys All Events:
Gary Lindley
Handicap Girls All Events:
Tracy Johnson
Scratch Girls All Events:
Tracy Johnson

Division #6

Handicap Team:
Sweethearts Plus
Geneveive Jones, Victoria Jones, Talar Dulaney, Yorick Jones
Handicap Doubles:
Talar Dulaney - Yorick Jones
Handicap Boys Singles:
Shaun Humphrey

Division #6 (continued)

Handicap Girls Singles:
Kelsey Hudek
Handicap Boys All Events:
Shaun Humphrey
Scratch Boys All Events:
Earl Braffith
Handicap Girls All Events:
Geneveive Jones
Scratch Girls All Events:
Katherine Jones

Andrew Headley won the Olympic Gold Entry.


BVL - Bowlers Victory Link The Bowling Council would like to thank all of those who contributed to the BVL collection last November. We didn't get quite what we would have liked, but due to those who did make a contribution, we were able to send a check for $2,200.00 to the BVL Fund. As long as we have the ability and there are still veterans who need our help, we will continue to ask all WIBC and ABC bowlers to donate $1.00 per year. However, anyone can donate to this very worthy cause. We will see you once again in the month of November, around Veterans Day! Hall of Fame The following ABC/WIBC members have been nominated for induction into the GMBC Hall of Fame this year: Mike Kaczka, Sue Neidig Covington, and Richard Omodeo, Sr. each for ability and Joan Dillon for service. Elections will be held in June of this year, with induction ceremonies being held this fall. A location for this year’s event has not been selected, but all local bowlers are invited to help celebrate this occasion and to help raise money for the GMBC Scholarship Fund.

Top 8 Invitational Tournament For the first time ever, the Top 8 Invitational Tournament will be held at Piper Lanes. It will be on July 21, 2002. Format changes were made in order to accommodate the use of Piper Lanes, a 24 lane center. The GMBC voted to mix the men and women qualifiers together and the boy and girl qualifiers together. This will slow down the pace a little, and may make the tournament a little longer, but we will now be able to use smaller centers. The top male and top female bowlers will compete on the same lanes, as will all the others. An earlier starting time is planned, 9:30 a.m. check-in, 9:45 a.m. paddock, with bowling at 10:00 a.m. If you think you have a chance to qualify (two different bowling center averages of 60 or more games), then make sure you keep that date open. A special thanks goes out to all those who did give suggestions on how to improve this tournament.


ABC Tournament Our area’s jurisdictional ABC Director, Paul Boller, served on the ABC Tournament Site Selection Committee activities this year in Billings, Montana. There were 5 cities looking to host the 2008 or 2009 tournaments. Representatives from those cities came to Billings to make their presentations to 17 people (12 of which voted) from all over the United State and Canada. The cities bidding for two tournament years were: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hammond, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada; Mobile, Alabama; and Syracuse, New York. The first vote tied Albuquerque and Mobile, but Albuquerque won in a run off for the 2008 tournament. The four remaining cities were then thrown back into the hat and Las Vegas came out the winner for the 2009 tournament. Las Vegas' presentation also included the possibility of future bids every third year. The schedule for the next seven years is: 2003 (the 100th Anniversary Tournament) Knoxville, Tennessee; 2004 Reno, Nevada; 2005 Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 2006 Corpus Christi, Texas; 2007 Reno, Nevada (the end of this contract); 2008 Albuquerque, New Mexico; and 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are interested in bowling in any of these tournaments, see one of your local GMBA directors, they would be glad to help!

Single Membership Organization

You may have seen reference to this in previous issues of the Sparetimes. This is the proposed new system where all bowlers will be under one single membership organization, instead of it being like now (ABC, WIBC, YABA). There is not much to report at this time, other than the latest plan is that the proposal will be presented in November to the ABC board of directors, and if it is approved by them, it will be presented to the ABC delegates in Knoxville in March, 2003 for final approval. We will keep you posted on this item as information becomes available.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association held a special 180-under tournament on February 10, 2002 at Cloverleaf Lanes. 52 bowlers entered the tournament. The field bowled 4 games of qualifying, and was cut to the top 10 handicap scores. These bowlers then bowled a one game elimination match (that was determined by random draw). The 5 remaining bowlers then bowled stepladder elimination matches to determine the champion. Shon Williams won the tournament, winning $500.00. He defeated Henry Viera in an exciting down to the 10th frame match. Henry won $250.00 for second place. The rest of the top 5 and their winnings were: Luis Pelaez, third, $125.00; Leon Graham, fourth, $100.00; Judi Eggleston, fifth, $80.00.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association held a special scratch tournament on April 21, 2002 at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. This tournament featured two separate divisions (200 & under and 201 & up). 59 bowlers entered the tournament, with 31 in the 200 & under division and 28 in the 201 & up division). The field bowled 6 games of qualifying, competing only against bowlers in their own division. After the sixth game, the field was then cut to the top 5 in each division. These bowlers from the 2 divisions were then merged into doubles teams by pairing the high qualifier in the 201 & up with the low qualifier in the 200 & under, the next high qualifier in the 201 & up with the next to lowest qualifier in the 200 & under, and so on. The doubles teams then bowled one more game to determine the position seedings, based on the double team’s scores, for the stepladder doubles final. Three of the four stepladder matches, including the championship match, were not decided until the anchor bowlers in the tenth frame. The final results and amounts won by each are as follows: first: Seymour Ginsberg ($550.00) and Carl Johnson ($590.00); second Michael Greene ($275.00) and David Tolson ($295.00); third: Butch Hall ($175.00) and Brian Douglass ($205.00); fourth: Chuck Atwood ($125.00) and Peter Martucci ($150.00); fifth: Orlando DeArmas ($95.00) and James Johnson ($110.00).

As a highlight, James Johnson bowled a 299 game and Michael Greene bowled a 290 game during the qualifying round. It should be also noted that the combined ages of the winning team of Seymour Ginsberg and Carl Johnson were almost twice that of the second place finishers. Here’s proof that senior bowlers can compete!!!!


The Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association city tournament was held at Bird Bowl on February 16-17 and 23-24, 2002.

The winners in the tournament are as follows;

Team - Handicap
James Bond Girls 2579
Jackie Walker, Patricia Nolan, Lisa Cooper, Vikki Purdy

Team - Scratch
Special Delivery 2432
Erin Salinetro, Paula Carter, Sharon Colon, Lauralee Gam

High Team Game Handicap
James Bond Girls 899

Doubles - Handicap
Rose Lynn Smith - Lisa Goitz 1310

Doubles - Scratch
Jean Hansen - Paula Carter 1236

High Doubles Game Handicap
Rose Lynn Smith - Lisa Goitz 489

Singles - Handicap
Susan Best-Rodriguez 730

Singles - Scratch
Sharon Colon 632

High Singles Game Handicap
Ann K. Vega 359

All Events - Handicap
Vikki Purdy 2046

All Events - Scratch
Lauralee Gam 1915

President’s Award
(130 & under average with the high handicap series in team event)
Kelly Parrish (129 average) 704

Secretary’s Award
(first time entrant with the high handicap series in team event)
Kelly Parrish 704


GMBA City Tournament

Bird Bowl is looking forward to hosting the GMBA City Tournament. Entry blanks are available at the front counter, or see Wayne or Danielle Graham.

Coach of the Year

Congratulations to Lisa Fuentes, who was awarded the Junior Coach award from Bird Bowl. Lisa has been the Junior Director for two years and is a great asset to the Junior Program at Bird Bowl.

Get Well

Our best wishes and speedy recovery to two of our junior bowlers. Jorge Diaz and his wife Magdalena were hit by a car as they were leaving Bird Bowl in March. The quick response by fire and rescue and the help from family and friends have been overwhelming. They belong to our Boston Special League and have bowling at Bird for over 12 years. They spent two weeks in Ryder Trauma and Jorge celebrated his 40th birthday there. Magdalena is home and Jorge is in rehabilitation for his broken leg and will be home soon. Get well soon and hurry back to bowling.


All of our restrooms are being remodeled and handicapped facilities are being added.

High Games and Sets

High games for men: Danny Saunders 300; Harold Harper 300; Richard Omodeo, Sr. 300; Luis LaMarche 300; Rey Falcon 300; Harry Wright 300; Louis Kallinosis 300; Peter Hernandez 300; Dave Covington 300; Richard Cheney 299; Ricardo Barnes 299.

High series for men: Peter Hernandez 806; Richard Cheney 795; Tommy Young 782; Richard Greene 782; Mike Kaczka 781.

High games for women: Janet Diaz 297 & 279.

High series for women: Janet Diaz 681; Margaret Estevez 654; Lisa Fuentes 646; Dee Johnson 646.

High games for boys: Rafael Delgado 300; A. J. Hamby 300; Chad Brewer 286; Richie Naue 279; Andrew Koff 278; Chris Best 269; Chris Tait 269; Hunter Lausted 263; Steven Wilson 245.

High series for boys (4 games): Keith Nation 973; A. J. Hamby 946; Steven Wilson 943; Rafael Delgado 881; Chris Best 867; Chris Tait 858; Hunter Lausted 855; Andrew Koff 854; Kevin Hulse 834.

High games for girls: Brooke Kern 245; Caitlin Graham 235; Megan Cherry 226; Mindy Coile 202.

High series for girls (4 games): Brooke Kern 784; Caitlin Graham 733; Megan Cherry 716.

Summer Leagues

Our summer league schedule will be posted on the site. We are looking forward to a great summer.

Following is information on some of our summer leagues:

Generation Gap League: Monday, June 10 thru August 12. This is an adult/child league with 4 person teams. The meeting will be Monday June 10, at 6:30 p.m., and the league will start after the meeting. Weekly cost will be discussed at meeting.

Junior Bowling League: Saturday, June 22 thru August 10, 2002. This is for ages 2 to 20, and experience is not required. The meeting and sign up

will be Saturday, June 22 at 8:45 a.m., and the league will start at 9:30 a.m. The weekly cost is $7.00.

Junior Scholarship League: Wednesday, June 12 thru August 14. The meeting will be Wednesday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m., and the league will start after the meeting. It will be a scratch league, with 3 divisions based on average. It will be 4 games per week across 8 lanes. The weekly cost is $10.00.

Cellular Universe Doubles League: Tuesday, June 4 thru August 20, 2002. The meeting will be Tuesday, June 4 at 7:00 p.m, and the league will start at 8:15. The weekly cost will be discussed at meeting.

For more information call Bird Bowl at (305) 221-1221, extension 14 or 15.

Special Note

Plans are being made to reconstruct the Cellular Universe Classic League for the upcoming winter. The goal is to return this league to a house premiere league, with 20-plus teams it had just a couple of years ago. Some changes and promotions are being planned to try to achieve this. The winter meeting will be Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30 p.m. The league will start on September 3 at 8:15pm.


The Sparetimes would like to acknowledge some very commendable events that happened in Miami recently.

On February 14, 2002, in the Paula’s Scratch Trio League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, the mixed team of Stacey Harper, Nikki Mundon and Harold Harper posted an 836 team scratch game. Stacey had a perfect 300 game, Nikki had 256 and Harold had 280. This team score may very well qualify for national recognition for a mixed team award for the 2001-2002 season.

On April 9, 2002 in the Cellular Universe League at Bird Bowl, two bowlers on the same team had perfect 300 games in the same team game. Richard Omodeo, Sr. and Luis Lamarche, each had the 300 in their second game. On this night, there was a rather large crowd of spectators gathered behind the lanes as the two bowlers entered their 10th frames. As each of them rolled their three strikes in the 10th, the crowd cheered them on, getting louder with each strike. It was especially nice to see and hear the cheers and shouts of encouragements. It has been something that has been noticeably absent from the game for quite a while.

On April 9, 2002 in the Rooms To Go League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, Greater Miami Bowling Association President Phil (Flip) Schemer rolled an 804 series, with games of 279-278-247.

On April 18, 2002 in the Hogan's Heroes League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, Erin Salinetro became the second woman in Miami history to have an 800 series. (Leslie Young was the first, in the 1997-1998 season). Erin had an 816 series, with games of 258-270-288. Erin is a member of both ABC and WIBC.


Did you know? The Dade County Police Department has a program titled "GREAT" which stands for (Gang Resistance Education and Training) for middle school students. The police speak to the students in class, and according to their grades and behavior, they pick the students who will participate in this program. Each program is 8 weeks long, including summer camps, covering different areas of sports, including bowling. The students are driven to the bowling centers and back by the police officers in the officers’ vehicles. Don Carter Kendall Lanes and Bird Bowl are presently participating in this program.

Sergeant Capps and Officer Romero are in charge of the current program. At the end of the 8 week program there is a championship tournament with a

trophy presentation. Let’s give our local law enforcement a GREAT big hand for caring for our

youth and their involvement in the sport of bowling.


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