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Volume 10 Issue 2

January 2003


The Greater Miami Women's Bowling Association's 59th Championship Tournament will be held at Cloverleaf Lanes on Feb. 15-16 and 22-23, 2003. The entry closing date is Friday, January 24. There are four bowlers per team. Handicap is 90% of 200. Be sure to get your entry in NOW as there will be $1,500.00 added to the prize fund.

For those of you who are interested in getting evolved as a working member of your women's association, now is the time to express your interest and "get involved". Many of our board members started out as "auxiliary" members then became involved because they were interested in the functions of the GMWBA, not only as a bowler. We certainly know you enjoy bowling, so why don't you find out what it is really all about? If you are interested and want more information, contact us at the bowling office at (305) 665-0788, or ask any of the GMWBA representatives in the bowling centers.


The 34th annual Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association city tournament will be held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes March 1-2, 2003. The tournament will again feature scholarship awards.


The 61st annual Greater Miami Bowling Association's city tournament will be held at Cloverleaf Lanes on March 29-30 and April 5-6, 2003. This tournament is open to all GMBA ABC sanctioned members (male and female). The early entry closing date is March 25, 2003, but late entries will be accepted on each day of the tournament 30 minutes before squad times. Entry forms will be available in bowling centers in early February, 2003.


The Greater Miami Bowling Association held a special 180-under tournament on November 10, 2002 at Cloverleaf Lanes. 48 bowlers entered the tournament. The field bowled 4 games of qualifying, and was cut to the top 10 handicap scores. These bowlers then bowled a one game elimination match (that was determined by random draw). The 5 remaining bowlers then bowled stepladder elimination matches to determine the champion. Tyrone Scott won the tournament, winning $500.00. He defeated Johnnie Summerset, Jr., who won $250.00 for second place. The rest of the top 5 and their winnings were: Christopher John, third, $130.00; David Deutsch, fourth, $105.00; Eurys Gamez, fifth, $85.00.

he complete tournament results can be seen on the GMBA web site at under "Tournaments".


The Sparetimes would like to acknowledge some very commendable events that happened in Miami recently.

The Sparetimes reported last May that the mixed trio team of Stacey Harper, Nikki Mundon and Harold Harper bowled an 836 scratch team game while competing in the Paula's Scratch Trio League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. We are happy to report that the ABC/WIBC has recognized this team score as the highest mixed trio team game (two women/one man) in the nation for the 2001-2002 season. GMBA President Phil Schemer presented the team members with special plaques of recognition from the ABC/WIBC bowling headquarters on December 12, 2002.

While competing in the Paula's Scratch Trio League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, Greg Atwood bowled a 300 game three weeks in a row in the first game. He did these 300's on September 19, September 26 and October 3, 2002.

On September 19, 2002 in the Dolphin World Trophies League at Don Carter Kendall Lanes, Lisa Fuentes became the third woman in Miami history to have an 800 series. (Leslie Young was the first, in the 1997-1998 season, Erin Salinetro was the second in the 2001-2002 season). Lisa had games were 244-300-276, for 820. This is now a Miami record for women's scratch series. Lisa is a member of both ABC and WIBC.


The Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were held at the Starlite Princess Banquet Hall this past October. Inductees celebrating the night were Julio Azcarate, Joan Dillon, and Richard Omodeo, Sr. Michael Kaczka was scheduled to be honored as well, but was unfortunately unable to attend.

If you wish to nominate someone for this honor, drop a line or call Paul D. Boller, Hall of Fame Secretary, by January 15, 2003, at 27210 SW 153 Ave, Miami, FL 33032; telephone (305) 245-7394.

Special thanks go out to those who donated door prizes for the "egg" sale. The GMBC was able to raise about $500.00 for the scholarship fund.


The Sparetimes has previously reported about the national proposal to convert all ABC, WIBC and YABA memberships under a unified membership plan. It was known as Single Membership Organization, or SMO for short. We would like to give an update where this stands at the moment. The following is information from ABC Jurisdictional Director, Paul Boller, who is very familiar with the plan.

ABC, WIBC, YABA, and USA Bowling, what's in all those letters? Well, if all goes the way some intend it to go, nothing other than the history of bowling.

In November the four organizations met in Milwaukee to discuss the merge of all of these organizations. The outcome was a new set of letters: USBC, or United States Bowling Congress.

In order for this to happen, WIBC or ABC must vote in favor of the merge. For the ABC members, this will take place in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 14, 2003 during the Annual Convention Meeting. For WIBC members, it will take place in Reno, Nevada in April at their Annual Convention Meeting. YABA and USA Bowling have already voted in favor of the merge.

However, there is one issue that needs to be resolved first. Before the WIBC members can vote, there must first be a motion passed to rescind the motion that was passed in Milwaukee in April, 2002 at that Annual Convention. The motion was to delay any vote on this matter until 2004 to enable more information to be distributed to members throughout the country. If this vote is not rescinded, they will not be able to bring it back to the floor for a vote to merge.

If both ABC and WIBC do vote and it's NO, then the merge is over. Well, it's over for this year at least. However, if either ABC or WIBC vote in favor of the merge, then the merge will take place and the USBC will be our future. The USBC will sanction all bowlers, men, women, and children. If either ABC or WIBC votes no and the other votes yes, then the one who voted yes will be in charge of the USBC. If the other wishes to join at a later date, then they will have to petition to join and would most likely have no voice in the running of the organization.

The main board will consist of 26 members. There would be a CEO (Manager) who would select a staff. Strike Ten would eventually be dissolved. The assumed projection is that there is supposed to be a large savings of expense money and less duplication of work/supplies.

If you are interested, and we hope you are, please go to and read up on this merger. You will find the reading VERY interesting.

As a footnote, if the merger is approved, the Miami associations (GMBA, GMWBA, GMJBA) would merge sometime within the next two to five years.

The next issue of the Sparetimes will most likely report the definitive decision on this plan.


3rd Annual Holiday Jamboree Tournament
What fun all had at this year's 3rd Annual Don Carter Holiday Jamboree Tournament.

The Adult/Junior Tournament yielded 35 teams from all over Dade County and there was lots of great bowling. There were two handicap divisions, based on the junior bowler averages. Division A was 149 and under, Division B was 150 and up. The adults showed their skills with Brian Jackson leading the pack with a beautiful 813 series followed by Tom Papageorgiou - 742, Stacey Harper - 722, Harold Harper - 711 and Mike Myers - 703. The juniors held their own though with Chris Miller bowling a beautiful 719 series, Melissa Coile - 696, followed by Brian Hough - 654. Betty Jo Martelli and father Ed Martelli led the pack for Division A with a 3 game total of 1376. Brian Jackson and Melissa Coile won Division B with a 4 game total of 1922.

The Junior Singles Scholarship Tournament was also a huge success. There were 48 entries from Dade and Broward County. There were three handicap divisions and two scratch divisions, based on average. Handicap Division A was 100 and under, Division B was 101 to 149, and Division C was 150 to 174. Scratch Division A was 174 and under, and Scratch Division B was 175 and up.

Here are the scholarship winners:

Division A Handicap: (3 games):
Michele Harper (589) $250.00 scholarship
Danny Diaz (566) $125.00 scholarship

Division B Handicap: (6 games):
Andrea Gomez (1361) $250.00 scholarship
Cristina Garcia (1233) $125.00 scholarship

Division C Handicap: (6 games):
Christina Gomez (1301) $250.00 scholarship
Zachary Remsen (1297) $125.00 scholarship

Division A Scratch: (6 games):
Chris Slater (1143) $250.00 scholarship
Justin Moore (1106) $125.00 scholarship

Division B Scratch: (6 games):
Jennifer Myers (1267) $250.00 scholarship Robert McMahon (1232) $125.00 scholarship
Nick Solana (1231) $75.00 scholarship Kevin Rosenberg (1209) $50.00 scholarship
Chris Miller (1198) $25.00 scholarship

A very hearty thanks goes to the tournament sponsors of Mercedes Benz, Rooms To Go and Don Carter Kendall Lanes for their monetary donations to this event for scholarships.

We hope to see everyone at next year's tournament! It will again be on December 26 and 27.

Dade County Junior Scholarship Tournament
Don Carter Kendall Lanes will be hosting the 11th Annual Dade County Junior Scholarship Tournament on February 16, 2003. Entry fee is $35.00 and entries close on February 10, 2003. Check in will be 9:00 am. For further information, please contact Jim DeLeonardis at (305) 251-5171.

Kendall Bowlers Help in Time of Need
The staff at Don Carter Kendall Lanes would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of the wonderful people who pulled out their wallets to help one of our closest and dearest employees, Beverly White, in her time of need. Beverly's granddaughter was seriously injured in a school bus accident. We're sure Beverly would agree that all of you are truly wonderful friends who can be counted on in this time of need. In Beverly's absence, we at Don Carter Kendall Lanes wanted to thank all for your support!


Look for more information on the web site for tournaments to be held at Bird Bowl for 2003. A few new tournaments are planned.

Junior Orange Bowl Recognition
Congratulations to David Beck and Caitlin Graham, two of our junior bowlers. David bowled a beautiful 278 game in the Boys 130-159 division to win his first championship in the Junior Orange Bowl. Caitlin bowled in the Girls 160-189 division and came in third place. They each paired with Lisa Fuentes. Caitlin and Lisa came in 6th and David and Lisa came in 7th in the Adult/Junior division of the Junior Orange Bowl.

Special Recognition to one of our Staff Members
Also, congratulations goes to our Junior Director Lisa Fuentes who shot her first 300 and 800 (820) at Don Carter Kendall Lanes.

Keystone Junior Bowlers Tournament
The Keystone Junior Bowlers Tournament was held at Bird Bowl on December 8. David Beck of Miami won an entry into the National Tournament for the Gold Division. Anthony Martinez of Miami came in first in Major Boys and David Beck was second. Prep Boys was won by Andrew Koff of Miami and Brett Bochak of Parkland, was second. Junior Boys was won by Jene McGinnis of Holiday

and Tyler Voss of Fort Myers was second. Junior Girls was won by Shaye Vasturo of Davie and Caitlin Graham of Miami was second.

Winter League High Games and Series
High Game High Series
Men Men
Roger Boone 300 Peter Hernandez 812
Jerry Mugar 300 Orlando DeArmas 793
Jerry Pugh 299 Mike Greene 787
Bill Durr 299 Tony Acosta 773
Peter Hernandez 298    
Rene Ramos 296    
High Game High Serie
Women Women

Janet Diaz


Sue Covington


Sue Covington


Janet Diaz


Nikki Parisi


Lisa Fuentes


Mireya Gomez


Margaret Estevez


Lisa Fuentes


High Averages High Averages
Men Women
Peter Hernandez 254 Sue Covington 204
Julian Herradon 228 Janet Diaz 202
Tony Acosta 226 Lisa Fuentes 190
Orlando DeArmas 225 Nikki Mundon 189
High Game-Boys: High Series-Boys:
Richie Naue 290 Chris Best 724
Chris Best 267 (his first 700)
High Game-Girls: High Series-Girls:
Brooke Kern 255 Brooke Kern 715
Caitlin Graham 234 (her first 700)

Caitlin Graham

High Averages-Boys High Averages-Girls
Richie Naue 209 Brooke Kern 191

Thank you to all our league bowlers, open bowlers, friends and staff who have made this a great year. Happy Holidays and a Great New Year to everyone!


The 34th Annual Junior Orange Bowl, Inc. Bowling Event was contested over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at Homestead Bowling Center. This year's event drew just under 200 teams for the Adult/Child portion and over 170 entries for the singles event. Participants came from all over the state of Florida. The youth bowlers were competing for college scholarship money.

Friday's Adult/Child doubles showcased several aspiring bowlers. Fifteen year old Brigette Harrelson, of Homestead, bowled in all 5 squads, putting together sets of 685, 713, 707, 555, & 648 for total pinfall of 3308, which computes to a 220.5 average. Her counterpart, who also bowled in all 5 squads, 20 year old Keith Nation of Miami, bested her only slightly with sets of 654, 712, 691, 709, & 590 for a total of 3356, which computes to a nice 223.7 average. Fifteen year old Zachary Rogers, of Kendall, rolled the tournament high game, 298. Another Homestead product, Christopher Miller, also participating in all 5 squads, cashed in 4 out of the 5 squads with 4 different partners, garnering him almost $400.00 in scholarship money.

Saturday's Singles event featured 7 average divisions. In the Girls 129 and under division, Melissa Covert, of Miami, was high qualifier besting all the others en route to her second championship in two years. Boys 129 and under Division was a tightly contested race with 8 year old Jeremy Brock prevailing as this year's Champion. The Girls 130-159 Division was won by Elizabeth Kallinosis of Coral Reef High School. David Beck, from Bird Bowl, stole the show in the Boys 130-159 Division by carding a beautiful 278 game to win his championship. The Open Scratch Division drew 33 entries, of which only 2 were girls (Christine Hofer of Broward County and Brigette Harrelson of Homestead). Keith Nation defeated Brigette in the title match, 244-219.

It was an exciting weekend. The tournament was well-bowled, well-attended and well-appreciated!

A special thank you goes out to Blake Chevrolet of Homestead and Ricardo Mesa of U.S. Contracting and Plumbing for their generous donations o $500.00 each. Of course, our other sponsors can't be forgotten. Thanks to them and everyone who helped make this another successful Junior Orange Bowl Bowling Event.

Adult/Junior Tournament Winners:
Girls 11-Under
1st Megan Hopper and Robert Hopper

Boys 11-Under
1st Ryan Curll and Charles Curll
2nd Nicholas Delisa and Bruce Garey
3rd Jeremy Brock and Mike Browning

Girls 12-14
1st Danielle Evans and Bob Evans
2nd Samantha Murphy and John Murphy

Boys 12-14
1st Chris Miller and Roger Boone
2nd Chris Miller and Michael Greene
3rd Steven Wilson and Richard Wilson
4th Chris Miller and Greg Atwood
5th Chris Miller and Charles Maxey

Girls 15 and up
1st Brigette Harrelson and Irvine Headley
2nd Stephany Falk and Marc Berke
3rd Elizabeth Lassman and Emily Horowitz

Boys 15 and up
1st Shane Nevers and Michael Greene
2nd Jesse Thrash and Phil Sanchez
3rd David Smith and Irvine Headley
4th R. J. Dalid and John Dalid
5th Andrew Headley and Orlando Ramos
6th Brett Bigenho and Allen Alverson

Youth Singles Tournament Winners:

129 Average and Under





Melissa Covert

Jeremy Brock


Missy Pendergrass

Matthew Gill


Vivian Kallinosis

Kenny Lankton


Katie Brown

Tyler Rose


Katie Tucker

Royall Eason


130 to 159 Average





Elizabeth Kallinosis

David Beck


Christina Gomez

Chris Miller


Crystal Tanguma

Nicholas Solana


Amanda Rollins

Aaron Eason


Samantha Murphy

Daniel McLeod


160 to 189 Average





Elizabeth Lassman

Zachary Rogers


Kathryn Adach

R. J. Dalid


Caitlin Graham

Rafael Delgado


Jennifer Myers

Kevin Hulse


Brooke Kern

Nick Bergens

Open Scratch
Ist Keith Nation
2nd Brigette Harrelson
3rd David Smith
4th Michael Hamilton
5th Anthony Vacca


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