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Volume 11 Issue 1

August 2003

Legislation was passed at the ABC and WIBC national conventions this past spring that affects the rules of bowling in every league. Below are the significant rule changes in which leagues should be aware.

Rule 102a (League Officers) - This rule now states two members of an immediate family cannot serve as President, Treasurer, or Secretary-Treasurer, or Vice President and Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer of the same league, or co-sign for withdrawals from the league account.

Rule 114c (Uneven Number of Teams) - This rule is for when a league has an uneven number of teams. It states the league’s board of directors can adopt a rule to use a draw system. The way it works is the team bowling the vacant team will draw a team or be scheduled against another team from the league to earn points. The scores bowled will be used as if bowling in direct competition against the drawn or scheduled team. The league would also need to adopt a procedure how the draw team is decided.

Every team captain in every league is entitled to receive an ABC/WIBC rule book. Be sure to get yours from your league secretary.

Rules can sometimes be difficult to understand and can certainly be subject to interpretation. Whenever you are trying to interpret a rule, the key factor to consider is its intent. Granted, the language may not be specific, but the underlying intent is important. If you have any questions about any rules, please don’t hesitate to seek assistance by contacting the Greater Miami Bowling Association office at (305) 665-2225 or the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association office at (305) 665-0788.


There really isn’t much to report at this time. ABC, WIBC, YABA, USA Bowling, the Proprietors, and everyone else are trying to repair the amendment (the Single Membership Organization proposal) and take it back to their membership body for another go at it. There has been a committee established to go over all of the comments, pro and con, and bring back good answers. Some changes have been made, but there is nothing in writing to pass on to the grassroots bowlers. Hopefully we should know more this coming November after the Fall ABC Board Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will pass information along about it as it is received.


Top 8 Invitational Tournament
The Top 8 Invitational was held at Bird Bowl on Father's day, June 15, 2003. The GMBC would like to thank Bird Bowl for the use of their lanes, Dave Covington's Pro Shop at Bird Bowl for the donation of a bowling ball, Scott Pennington's Pro Shop at Homestead Bowling Center for the donation of a $100.00 gift certificate, Mike Greene for the donation of a percentage of his sports memorabilia sales, and Ana Toledo for selling all those raffle tickets! The GMBC raised $289.00 for the scholarship fund.


Of course, we must also thank those whoparticipated and those who gave up their Father's day:

Greg Atwood, Champion, Roger Boone, Runner-up. The other six bowlers were: Orlando DeArmas, Dave Covington, Harold Harper, Mike Greene, Cliff Watson, and Jairo Hernandez.

Sue Covington, Champion, Stacey Harper, Runner-up. The other six bowlers were: Janelle Woodburn, Sharon Colon, Margo Buzzard, Lisa Fuentes, Milena Soledad, and Ann Marie Fasbinder.

Brett Bigenho, Champion, Rafael Delgado, Runner-up. The other six bowlers were: A. J. Hamby, Shane Nevers, David Smith, Andrew Koff, Neno Vargas, and Zachary Rogers.

Brooke Kern, Champion, Brigette Harrelson, Runner-up. The other six bowlers were: Sara Gill, Samantha Murphy, Elizabeth Lassman, Mindy Coile, Alyssa Harper, and Megan Cherry.

A special congratulations for 300 games goes to Greg Atwood and Brett Bigenho (his first ever).

Next year’s tournament will be hosted by Cloverleaf Lanes on July 18, 2004.

To qualify for the Top 8, bowlers must compete in at least two leagues, each at two different bowling centers, have at least 60 games in each, and finish with a composite average of two leagues at different centers high enough to be in the top 8 in the city.

Hall of Fame
Following the Top 8 Tournament at Bird Bowl, the members of the Hall of Fame met to hold elections for this year’s nominees. Nominations were as follows: Irwin Block, Sharon Colon, Sue Covington, Gary Fox, Kevin Morrissey, Patty Nevers, and Bobby Walters. Of the seven, only two were elected to the Hall of Fame: Sue Covington and Bobby Walters, both in the category of outstanding ability.

Induction ceremonies will take place at the Miami Elks Lodge #948, on Sunset Drive, on Saturday, October 25, 2003. The price for tickets is $30.00 per person. All funds raised by this event will go into the Junior Scholarship Fund. The menu will be the selection of chicken or steak. Contact Paul Boller at (305) 245-7394 for further information and tickets.

This year, the GMBC awarded three $500.00 college scholarships. Winners include: R. J. Dalid from Cloverleaf Lanes, Nicole Massard from Cloverleaf Lanes and Brandon Meyers from Kendall Lanes. Each recipient will receive installments of $250.00 after presentation of receipts for expenses incurred.

Any junior bowler can apply for a scholarship. Outstanding bowling ability is not a requirement. The deadline for filing applications is June 30. Contact Paul Boller at (305) 245-7394 for an application and more information.



Welcome back! Last season we had a number of award scores bowled by our ladies including 300 games by Lisa Fuentes, Sue Covington, and Janelle Woodburn. In addition to this, we also had an 820 set bowled by Lisa Fuentes. We would love to see many more of you join this elite group this year. Your league secretary should have attended the August meeting to hear about any new WIBC/ABC rules, review the old ones, and pick up all of their materials. It is their job to apply for awards, so if you think you have bowled a game/set worthy of an award, please bring it to their attention. Three of our bowlers made Miami proud at the WIBC State Tournament in Daytona Beach. Margo Buzzard and Sheila Cockfield came in first place in the doubles event and Ronnye Weisberg finished 6th in the singles event. (Way to go!) The GMWBA will soon have its web site in working order. The office will let your league secretary know the date and address when it becomes available. Finally, the GMWBA would like to congratulate the two newest bowlers to be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame: Sue Covington and Bobby Walters. They were both elected on the basis of their fine bowling achievements.


The junior bowling association started the season on August 2, 2003 with their first meeting held at Bird Bowl. The board welcomed many new faces and the new Secretary/Treasurer Danielle Graham. The junior program has grown these last few years and it is due to the many coaches and especially the parents who are actively involved. This season will see more junior bowlers and many new ideas. The board also has two representatives on the state level, Becky Murray and Bruce Garey. They, along with Danielle Graham and Lisa Fuentes, attended the state junior meeting in Orlando and will be bringing important information back to all the centers and junior directors. Meetings are usually held every two months at the association office starting at 2:00 p.m. Please feel free to attend any of the meetings. Just check with your coaches, junior director or call Danielle at (305) 221-1221. Here’s wishing all the juniors good luck and good bowling this coming season.


Our condolences go out to Nikki Mundon and her family in the loss of her mother, Debbie. There was never a tournament that Nikki bowled in, that her mother wasn’t there to cheer her on. We will miss her beautiful smile and lovely personality!

Paula’s Super Seven Tournament
This special tournament was held on Saturday, June 21. The house hosted a group of our finest bowlers. There were two divisions, women and men. In the end, first place was awarded to Sue
Covington and Michael Greene.

Upcoming Tournaments
August 17 at 1 p.m. – The Elks will be hosting their annual Tournament. Come on out and join the fun.

August 30 at Noon – Strike Against Pediatric AIDS Benefit Tournament - $65.00 tax deductible donation per person or $250.00 per 5 member team.

August 23 at Noon – Chamber South Bowl-a-thon $25.00 per person
 September 27 at 1 p.m. FPL/UM/JM Burn Center Tournament to raise money for burn victims – $25.00 per person. Come on out, bring a team and enjoy some fun.
 November 23 at 11 a.m. - Dade County All Stars Doubles - open to all ABC/WIBC sanctioned bowlers
 December 27 at 6 p.m. - Adult/Junior Holiday Jamboree
 December 28 at 9 a.m. & 1 p.m. - Junior Handicap & Scratch Jamboree

Leagues Beginning
Saturday August 23 at 1 p.m. – Adult/Junior Sports Shot League – will run for 10 weeks - $10.00 per person

Saturday September 6 at 9 a.m. – Saturday Morning Junior Program (Ages 4-21)

Sunday September 7 at 5:30 p.m. – Generation Gap (Adult/Junior) League

Monday September 8 at 6:30 p.m. – Junior Scratch Scholarship League (avg. over 150)

High School Bowling will begin the second week in September. Finalized schedules should be coming out soon. The Schedule will be posted on the Junior Board located right outside the office.

For details on any of these tournaments or leagues, contact the League Office at (305) 385-6160.

Summer League High Games
Andrew Koff – 299 Game on 6/30/03

Mike Greene – 300 Game on 7/10/03
Peter Loney – 300 Game on 7/17/03
Harold Harper – 300 Game on 7/24/03

Frank Martinez – 300 Game on 7/24/03

Welcome Acknowledgment
Don Carter Kendall lanes would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association Secretary/Treasurer – Danielle Graham. She will be a real asset to the Junior Organization.


Winter leagues are now forming at Bird Bowl. The organizational meeting for the Bird Bowl Invitational League (formerly Cellular Universe) will be Tuesday, August 26 at 7:45 p.m. Bowling will start on September 2. This is a competitive league for competitive bowlers. The Bird Bowl Junior Scratch Scholarship will start on Wednesday, September 3, with a meeting at 6:30 p.m. and bowling at 7:00 p.m. This is a scratch league, 4 games across 8 lanes and weekly fee is $10.00. The Youth bowling league will start on Saturday, September 6, with a meeting and registration at 9:00 a.m. and bowling at 9:45 a.m. There are 6 divisions. Seniors bowl for scholarship money. Weekly fee is $7.00 and $10.00 for scholarship. A full coaching staff is available. Our winter league schedule will be posted on the site. Come in and join a league and have a great time! For more information call Bird Bowl at (305) 221-1221 extension 14 or 15.

Summer League High Games and Series

High Games - Men: High Series - Men:
Greg Atwood 300 Wayne Graham 806
Gary Fox 300 Jay Buzzard 769
Wayne Graham 300 Michael Schwerdt 720
Dennis Buck 279 Rene Fundora 706
Dave Covington 279 Manuel Garriga 682
Julian Herradon 279 Mike Moya 676
Michael Schwerdt 277 Rene Ramos 676
High Games - Women High Series - Women
Lisa Fuentes 257 Jennifer Hernandez 714
Jennifer Hernandez 252 Lisa Fuentes 644
Milena Soledad 235 Milena Soledad 636
Lynn Smith 230 Lynn Smith 603
Margaret Estevez 225 Doris Kakouris 593
Susan Riusech 211 Margaret Estevez 588
Danielle Graham 210 Mary Martinez 584
High Games - Boys High Series - Boys
Brett Bigenho 300 Brett Bigenho 736
Chad Brewer 279 Chad Brewer 704
Chris Best 265 Chris Best 690
David Beck 257 A.J. Hamby 666
Sebastian Guerra 253 David Beck 660
    Andrew Koff 646
High Games - Girls High Series - Girls
Caitlin Graham 247 Caitlin Graham 661
Brooke Kern 245 Brooke Kern 649
Jennifer Houston 593    


In the last issue of the Sparetimes, we reported Ricardo (Ricky) Mesa leading the classified division of the ABC National Tournament. Ricky had 690, finishing in second place, out of 12,830. Someone else had 700. Ricky had held the lead from March 15 until the middle of June, with only a few days left in the tournament. Naturally, we in Miami are very disappointed he didn’t win the championship title. But, finishing in second place in the national tournament is certainly a proud honor. Ricky will receive a commemorative watch from the ABC for second place, as well as a very nice prize check.

We should also acknowledge one of the Miami teams for finishing in the Top 100 of the regular division. Dave’s Pro Shop II team finished in 99th place, out of 10,023 teams. It is considered a good honor to finish in the Top 100. The team consisted of Peter Loney, Seymour Ginsberg, Michael Greene, Richie Omodeo, Sr., and Stan Wells (who was a substitute for Robert Richards).


In June of 1999, Stefanie Nation became the youngest member, ever, to win a spot on the USA Junior Olympic Team. Stefanie finished sixth to secure the final spot on the girls team. Although she never participated in National or International competition, she received invaluable insight into determination, fortitude, and desire. Her time spent at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado only added fuel to a fire that would not and could not be diminished. Along with her brother Keith, she worked long, hard hours on her physical and mental game.

After two disappointing Junior National Tournaments that ended in near misses, local and national awards that eluded her, and a 300 game, the first bowled by a girl in the local junior city tournament, that received minimal attention, Stefanie stepped forward and put her name in the local, state, and national record books for all to see.

On Friday, July 18, 2003, in St. Louis, Missouri, Stefanie won the girls division of the Junior National Championship Tournament.

Stefanie is a graduate of Palmetto Senior High School and the "Junior Bowling Program, Inc." at Piper Lanes. She is currently attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando where she is a member of the girl’s collegiate team coached by Team USA Coach Pat Costello. Stefanie also works at Boardwalk Bowl. During the recently completed "Pepsi Cola State Finals", she greeted and mingled with her bowling chums who had come to compete in the tournament.

Just prior to leaving for this year’s Junior Nationals, Stefanie commented that although she loves UCF and working at Boardwalk Bowl, she misses her mother Nancy, father Butch, Grandma, and brother Keith. But she stressed that the


biggest void in her life comes from missing her other family, the bowlers and staff at Piper Lanes.

Junior bowling in Miami may never again see a young lady of this caliber, a young lady with such a consuming desire to excel at something she really loves. But it is not her desire or skill that will and does set Stefanie apart from all the others. Both Stefanie, and Keith, have been blessed with parents that instilled in them a respect of others, a positive attitude, temperaments seldom seen in older athletes.

Stefanie has taken the first step towards fame. Hopefully her trip will be an exciting and rewarding one.

As we pass through this life, we are rarely given the opportunity to become involved with such exceptional individuals as Stefanie and Keith Nation. May the junior bowlers of Greater Miami always strive to reach for that star that will propel them to what they dream to accomplish.


In a few weeks, another bowling season will start and knowing bowling etiquette will help not only the new bowlers but some of us that forgot what "etiquette" is all about. When you compete in league bowling, you expect to have a good time. That means enjoying the companionship of your friends, relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere of the bowling center and getting exercise while developing your skills.

Nothing can spoil a great time faster than having an annoying person bowling next to you. You feel you have the right to be treated with respect. Practicing the proper bowling etiquette will help make such enjoyment possible. You must first treat others with respect in order to receive it. When you get up to bowl, and there are two people on either side of you, who should bowl first? The general guideline is the first one up should go first. If there is any question, the person to the right should bowl first. Once you are lined up in your stance don’t wait, bowl your shot. You can’t stare the pins down. If you want to knock them down you have to throw the ball. In the heat of competition, emotions and enthusiasm can run high. That’s one of the things that makes bowling such a great sport. Make sure your enthusiasm doesn’t hinder or irritate those around you.

Bowling is considered by many as a wholesome family sport. Please don’t use profanity in the bowling center. Do have a good time, but try not to be overly loud or rowdy. Avoid negative mental attitudes. Throwing temper tantrums or becoming glum and moody will do more than aggravate your teammates. Negative mental attitudes will adversely affect your performance.

Also, caring for a bowling center is everyone’s responsibility, not just the proprietor’s. The condition of a bowling center reflects on the public perception of bowlers and bowling as a sport.


Congratulations to the South Florida Elks traveling League. During the 2002-2003 season, bowling only 13 weeks, the Men and Ladies were able to raise and donate in excess of $3,000.00 to their different charities.


Thanks for reading our newsletter. The editors and staff of Sparetimes hope you have enjoyed reading about bowling news and information in the Greater Miami area. We do welcome your comments, suggestions, and newsworthy articles for publishing. Send us your feedback and news articles in the mail to the address listed below, or you can email to the GMBA web site at We plan to have our next issue out in January.

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