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Volume 12 Issue 1

August 2004


Legislation was passed at the ABC and WIBC national conventions this past spring that affects the rules of bowling in every league. Below are the significant rule changes in which leagues should be aware.

  • Rule 100e (League Handicap) - This rule now provides that if a bowler does not complete at least the league minimum number of games (usually 3) when establishing an average, then the actual number of games bowled would be used to determine the average for handicap purposes. The scenario for this would be where a bowler does not have an entering average, i.e. a new bowler, and fails to bowl the 3 games to establish average, then does not return in future weeks. Because the first series bowled is less than the minimum for an average to be computed, the handicap to be given to that bowler is to await until the minimum games have been reached so an average can be computed. When this happens and the bowler does not return, the average to be used for that first week of competition is based on the games bowled.

  • Rule 100k - new rule (Managed Leagues) - This rule is for when a league wishes to be under an individual manager, who has supervisory control of the operation of the league. The league manager must be a member of ABC or WIBC. The manager is responsible for the duties of the secretary and treasurer as described in rules 102e and 102f. The manager in essence, makes all the league decisions, instead of the board of directors. In order for a league that existed the previous season to become a Managed League, a two-thirds approval vote of the board of directors is required. New leagues can declare themselves as a Managed League by majority vote at the organizational meeting. Any league wishing to use this kind of structure is strongly advised to carefully read about this in the rule book, and if there are any questions, ask the local associations or national headquarters.

  • Rule 114a - (League Withdrawal/Resignation) - This rule now provides for a bowler who properly withdraws from the league to return later to the league. If the bowler rejoins the same team from which he/she resigned, no vote of the team captains is required. If the bowler wishes to join a different team, then two-thirds approval vote of the team captains is required.

Every team captain in every league is entitled to receive an ABC/WIBC rule book. Be sure to get yours from your league secretary.

Rules can sometimes be difficult to understand and can certainly be subject to interpretation. Whenever you are trying to interpret a rule, the key factor to consider is its intent. Granted, the language may not be specific, but the underlying intent is important. If you have any questions about any rules, please don’t hesitate to seek assistance by contacting the Greater Miami Bowling Association office at (305) 665-2225 or the Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association office at (305) 665-0788.



Here is the schedule of the city tournaments to be held in 2005:

GMWBA: Homestead Bowling Center in February
GMJBA: Piper Lanes in March
GMBA: Homestead Bowling Center in June


There is not a whole lot to report about ABC. The new United States Bowling Congress (USBC) replaces ABC, WIBC and YABA on January 1, 2005 at the national level. The local associations will need to commit by next May whether they plan to merge with each other by May, 2006. It is not known if there will be a search for an a person to be the head of the national USBC. There appears to have been nothing sent out to give necessary credentials for the position. We should know very soon, as there will be a meeting of the ABC Board of Directors on October 31 in Milwaukee. The meeting will be to discuss the conclusion of ABC, WIBC, YABA and USA Bowling and the transition into USBC. We hate to see this great organization of ABC dissolved, but the changeover to the USBC is for the betterment of sanctioned bowling, and the change is needed.

More will be reported on USBC in the next issue of the Sparetimes in January, 2005. There should be a clearer picture of the direction by then. Also, the leadership from the Greater Miami local associations will have met to determine whether a merge is warranted, and if so, what are the recommended parameters of a merger.


The Council
The Bowling Council is comprised of representatives from the Greater Miami Bowling Association, Greater Miami Women’s Bowling Association, Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association and the Miami Bowling Proprietors. Its purpose is to provide for setting up and running the annual Top 8 Tournament, provide for the Hall of Fame and to provide scholarships for youths. The Bowling Council conducts the Top 8 Tournament and the Hall of Fame to raise funds for scholarships. Each year, several scholarships are awarded. Information about applying for a scholarship can be obtained by contacting Paul Boller at (305) 245-7394.

The Bowling Council has held it's annual election of officers for the coming year. The new President is Patty Nevers, Vice President is Phil Schemer, and Secretary/Treasurer is Paul Boller.

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame elections were held in June. The inductees for this year are, for many years of outstanding ability, Sharon Colon and Orlando DeArmas. Their inductions will be held at the Miami Elks Lodge on October 16, 2004. You are invited to attend to share their moment. The dinner will be either beef or chicken, with the cost $30.00 per person. Cocktail hour will be 6:00 to 7:00, followed by the dinner. The Bowling Council can use some door prize donations. All proceeds from the dinner and door prizes go into the Junior Scholarship Fund. For door prize donations, tickets and more information contact Paul Boller at (305) 245-7394 (home), or (786) 351-1601 (cell). Send written requests for tickets to Paul at 27210 SW 153rd Avenue, Homestead, Fl. 33032.

  Bowlers Victor Link
The annual BVL drive will be coming along in November. Please help to try get your league to contribute 100% for $1.00 per person to help this very worthy cause for disabled veterans. When your league secretary distributes the BVL envelopes to the teams, please donate the $1.00 to assist our veterans.

Top 8 Tournament
The Top 8 Tournament was held on Sunday, August 1 at Cloverleaf Lanes.

To qualify for the Top 8, bowlers must compete in two leagues in two different bowling centers, have at least 60 games, and finish with a composite average of the two leagues high enough to be in the top 8 in the city.

The following bowlers qualified to bowl in the Top 8 Tournament from this past bowling year. Their composite average is shown:
Men: Women:
Dave Covington Janelle Woodburn
227.06 218.30
Mike Kaczka Stacey Harper
226.59 203.11
Greg Atwood Sharon Colon
225.33 197.95
Keith Nation Nikki Mundon
224.84 196.66
Harold Harper Lisa Fuentes
224.82 195.60
Mike Greene Erin Salinetro
223.77 194.69
Steve Delisi Patty Nevers
223.36 193.41
Jairo Hernandez Penny Joslin
223.21 190.19

Boys: Girls:
Mike Hamilton Brigette Harrelson
221.54 199.00
Chad Brewer Caitlin Graham
218.92 195.60
Jesse Thrash Brooke Kern
210.64 191.49
Andrew Koff Jennifer Houston
209.48 182.14
Chris Miller Mindy Coile
205.84 176.43
Richie Naue Alyssa Harper
205.01 169.94
Chris Szymanski Samantha Murphy
199.53 166.80
Jason Watson Megan Cherry
196.69 161.36

Due to some of these bowlers not being able to bowl in the Top 8 Tournament, alternate bowlers were used as replacements. The alternates were on the list of the top 12 composite averages. The following alternate bowlers competed in the tournament:

Men: Carlos Baquero 222.74 (9th)
Boys: Steven Wilson 196.26 (10th)
  Kevin Hulse 198.04 (11th)
  Michael Sinclair 194.17 (12th)
Girls: Ana Koff 148.35 (9th)
  Nicole O’Grady 147.70 (10th)

The tournament scoring was very good. The winners and runners-up are:

Women’s division:
Janelle Woodburn, champion
Stacey Harper, runner-up by 10 pins

Men's division:
Keith Nation (first year ABC bowler), champion
Greg Atwood, runner-up by 183 pins

Girl’s division:
Jennifer Houston, champion
Caitlin Graham, runner-up by 22 pins

Boy’s division:
Mike Hamilton, champion
Jesse Thrash, runner-up by 53 pins

High game scores were bowled by juniors Jesse Thrash (297), Jennifer Houston (268), adults Jairo Hernandez (289), Stacey Harper and Janelle Woodburn (255 each).

Door prizes were won by Katie Roby, Inferno bowling ball donated by Bob's Pro Shop at Cloverleaf Lanes; Paul Boller $50.00 gift certificate from Mike's Pro Shop at Bird Bowl; Mike Hamilton, $25.00 gift certificate from Bird Bowl; Chuck Atwood, $25.00 gift certificate from Mike Greene - All Star Auctions; Mitch Bell, $25.00 certificate from Mike Greene.


City Tournament
The 62nd Annual Greater Miami Bowling Association City Tournament was held at Don Carter Kendall Lanes on June 6 and 12-13, 2004. The results can be viewed on the GMBA Internet web site at, under “Tournaments”. Here are the top finishers:

Handicap Team:
A Division:
1st Rudy’s Gang #7 2906
(Adlia Streeter, Jr., Martine Miller, Ramon Lopez, Tim Miller)
2nd Trouble Makers 2899
(Teri Sadler, Rick Mesa, Stacey Harper, Harold Harper)

B Division:
1st Sho Nuff 3074
(Ivory Williams, Charles Williams, Roderick Cabey, Raphael Williams)
2nd Stroke & Choke 2862
(Russ Lesher, Scott Lesher, Todd Lesher, James Dixon)

Handicap Singles
A Division:
1st Ramon Lopez 823
2nd James Gonzalez 807

B Division:
1st Robert Deal 836
2nd Lenard Clark, Jr. 828

Handicap Doubles
A Division:
1st Alvaro Prada/Jesus Gonzalez 1527
Stacey Harper/Harold Harper 1527
3rd Mike LaCroix/James Hird 1523

B Division:
1st Albert Davis II/Lenard Clark, Jr. 1645
2nd Philip Crawford/David Crowley 1578

Handicap All Events
1st Ivory Williams 2452
2nd Albert Davis II 2365

Team : Tony Acosta’s Team 2724
(Tony Acosta, Julian Herradon, Jairo Hernandez, Orlando DeArmas)

Singles: Greg Atwood 749

Doubles: Peter Hernandez/Wayne Graham 1470

All Events: Peter Hernandez 2262

The scoring was high, and the following high score honor awards were recorded:

300 games: Dave Covington
  Peter Hernandez
800 series: Peter Hernandez (813)
290 games: Robert Deal
  Harold Harper
  Peter Hernandez
  Larry Lunny
  Alan West

Of noteworthy mention is Mike Hamilton, just out of the juniors, with a 791 series. Also, Keith Nation, who has completed his first year out of the juniors, had a 747 series.

Secretary of the Year Award
The 2003-2004 GMBA Secretary of the Year award goes to Mike Schrader of the Southwest Handicap League at Bird Bowl. Mike has won this award several previous times, mainly because he does an outstanding job of submitting league paperwork to the GMBA office in a most timely and accurate manner. Mike will receive a plaque and $100.00 gift certificate for a pro shop of his choice.

  Special Tournaments
The GMBA plans to conduct several special tournaments in the coming year. One will be a 180-under tournament in the fall. Watch for flyers for this tournament, or refer to the GMBA web site at under “Tournaments”.

ABC Awards of Merit
Each year, the American Bowling Congress provides a special award for the bowlers in each local association with the highest series and highest average. For the 2003-2004 season, these awards go to Kevin Morrissey for an 833 series at Piper Lanes, and Wayne Graham for a 231 average at Bird Bowl. Wayne edged Orlando DeArmas by just a few percentage points for the average award. Wayne averaged 231.545, while Orlando averaged 231.342. Incidentally, Wayne is a long-time member of the local Hall of Fame, and Orlando will be inducted on October 16.


Welcome back for another year of great bowling. Those of you already bowling on a league know how much fun it is, so talk it up with your friends and encourage them to come out for some fun too. There are many different kinds of leagues to choose from including: ladies leagues (morning and evening), mixed leagues, adult/child leagues, senior leagues, men's leagues, juniors, and the only ladies scratch league in South Florida. Let's help make participation in our sport blossom this year.

Sharon Colon - Hall of Fame Inductee
The GMWBA would like to congratulate Sharon Colon, GMWBA board member, on her upcoming induction into the Hall of Fame. Sharon has been a valued member of the bowling community for many years and her selection on the basis of her bowling achievements is well deserved. Congratulations Sharon.

WIBC Sanction Fees
A reminder that the women's WIBC sanction fees are now the same as the men's ABC sanction fees, both being $16.00. For those of you that are sanctioned elsewhere in the state or country, you will need to pay $6.50 for the local dues.

Association Functions
Many of you may not know what your association does for you. Our association along, with the men's association, provide the following services for the bowlers:

  1. Certify the bowling lanes meet specifications
  2. Process league sanction applications
  3. Run the annual association tournaments as well as other special tournaments.
  4. Provide league supplies and hold a workshop for all league secretaries and officers
  5. Maintain records of all of the bowlers and assemble a yearbook with all of the bowlers’ averages
  6. Interpret rules and provide guidance to league members
  7. Process awards and deliver them to the bowling establishments
  8. Assign association representatives to the various bowling lanes in the county to help the leagues with any problems
  9. Work in cooperation with the Greater Miami Bowling Council in many ways: Top 8 Tournament, Hall of Fame, Scholarships, Junior Orange Bowl Tournament, etc.
  10. Maintain web sites to keep you informed:
    GMWBA -
    GMBA -
    GMJBA -

If you have any questions, please contact us at the bowling office at (305) 665-0788.


The 36th Annual Youth City Championships will be hosted by Piper Lanes in March of 2005.

Elections were held on May 8th. Joan Dillon was re-elected as President and Bruce Garey as Sergeant at Arms. Bob Jones resigned from Kendall Lanes as a director and Tere Sinclair will replace him.


Check with your bowling centers to see when their Junior Programs will start their winter leagues.

Junior Secretary/Treasurer Danielle Graham reports on her first year in office:

My first year has been wonderful and very exciting. Working together with the men's and women's associations has been very rewarding. I want to thank their Presidents and Executive Directors for their advice and help and their interest in the Junior Association. Together we will be there for the junior bowler. We should be proud of our youth bowlers and the "MANY" deserving awards they received this past year. I was very fortunate to witness many 300's, 700's and 800's. Our juniors have represented the GMJBA in many tournaments throughout the state this past year and we sent over 20 bowlers to Dallas in July for the 2004 USA Junior Gold Bowling National Championships. This was my first year at this tournament and it was very exciting. My daughter, Caitlin, myself and her two friends drove the 1370 miles to Dallas. We met professional bowlers, found our way to Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and the center across from the motel. We learned lane conditions can be very tough and many new parents to this event wanted to know why they were putting their kids through this. We have many new friends and stories. We are looking forward to Indiana next year.


The winter league schedule will be posted on the web site. Join a league for the winter season. For more information call (305) 221-1221 ext. 14 or 15 and ask for Danielle or Judy.

Junior leagues will start on Saturday, August 28 and run through May 7. This is for ages 2 through 21. The meeting and sign up will be on Saturday, August 28 at 8:45 a.m. and the league will start at 9:30 a.m. Weekly fees are $7.00 with a yearly sanction fee of $11.00. Scholarship Division fees are $10.00 weekly.

Bird Bowl Junior Scratch Scholarship League will begin on Wednesday, August 25 at 6:30 p.m. with a meeting and the league will start at 7:00 p.m. This is a scratch league and there are two divisions based on average. Four games are bowled across eight lanes. Weekly fees are $10.00 per week.

Bird Bowl Invitational is a competitive league for competitive bowlers and will have an organizational meeting on Tuesday, August 24 at 7:00 p.m. Bowling will start Tuesday, August 31 at 8:15 p.m. The team average cap is 840, with a minimum average of 170 for men and 160 for women.

Bird Bowl wants to welcome Mike Hamilton, who bought the Pro Shop from Dave Covington. Mike left the Junior Bowling Program and joined the ABC this summer. Mike received many awards as a junior bowler and we wish him well in the big leagues.

On a very sad note, Natan R. Rok, owner of Bird Bowl, passed away in June. Natan was a wonderful man and he will be missed by all of us.

Bowling instructor Richard Cheney is available for private lessons by appointment only. Instructions are for all ages and a video camera is used. Contact Richard at: Beeper: (305) 566-2426 Cell: (305) 479-4130.


Dave Covington, who is a top bowler in the local Hall of Fame, and owned and operated the Pro Shop at Bird Bowl, will be leaving the area for career advancement opportunities in Michigan. He will be leaving with his family (wife, Suzann, also a top bowler in the local Hall of Fame, and daughter Colbi). We thank them for the good memories and wish them much success.


Thanks for reading our newsletter. The editors and staff of Sparetimes hope you have enjoyed reading about bowling news and information in the Greater Miami area. We hope you will continue to be interested in our publication. We do welcome your comments, suggestions, and newsworthy articles for publishing. Send us your feedback and news articles in the mail to the following address:

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