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Volume 12 Issue 3

April 2005


The 63rd annual tournament of the Greater Miami Bowling Association will be held at Homestead Bowling Center on June 4-5 and 11-12, 2005. Squad times will be 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. There will also be a 9:00 a.m. Sunday squad available on June 12. The tournament is open to all ABC sanctioned members within the GMBA (male and female). Females not currently ABC members will be allowed to join ABC at the tournament site if they wish to bowl. The tournament will feature 2 separate divisions, based on average. The handicap is a very competitive 90% of 230. Multiple entries are now permitted in the Singles, cashing only once though with the highest score. As before, you can also bowl in the Team and Doubles events multiple times. You can earn yourself a free entry into the tournament by organizing at least four teams to enter the tournament. Entry forms are now available in bowling centers. You can also visit the GMBA Internet Web site at to enter the tournament. Call the GMBA office at (305) 665-2225 or send an email via the web site if you need an entry form or have any questions about the tournament. The regular entry closing date is May 31, 2005, but late entries will also be accepted after then as walk-ins at each tournament squad. The GMBA will accept Visa and MasterCard as a method for entry fee payments.


City Tournament
Thank you ladies, for making our 61st Annual City Championship Tournament such a success. Our entries were up and the tournament went smoothly. Thanks to the wonderful management and staff at Homestead Bowling Center. The top finishers for the events were:

Team - Handicap:
Queen Pins 2460
Wayne Realty 2412
Team Yaniz 2405
Rudy's Girls 2401
Paula's Pro Shop 2382

Team - Scratch:
Jojo's Posse 2171

Doubles - Handicap:
Theresa Deutsch/Sherry Cockfield 1331
Marie Rathburn/Renee Babbitt 1265
JoAnn Liebold/Laura Prickett 1263
Diane Torres/Colette Combs 1244
Earline Merritt/Cynthia Jones 1243

Doubles - Scratch:
Theresa Deutsch/ Sherry Cockfield 1173

Singles - Handicap:
Leah Williams-Jones 719
Viviana Villamizar 701
Earline Merritt 680
Grace Morgan 653
Sandra Gates 649

Singles - Scratch:
Viviana Villamizar 637

All Events
Handicap: Leah Williams-Jones 2001
Scratch: Janelle Woodburn 1839

Additional thanks go to the Women's Board of Directors and Auxiliary for all of the hours spent working the Tournament.

For the complete list, please refer to the GMWBA web site at


Seniors Tournament
By the time this Sparetimes edition goes to press, our 2nd Annual Senior's Tournament will have taken place at Bird Bowl. The entries are up and we expect the event to be as much fun as last year's.

We hope all of you are going to bowl in the women’s state tournament in St. Petersburg. At the delegates meeting, our own Sue Jacobs will be inducted into the Florida Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame for meritorious service. For the last 30 years she has served our association as a member of the board and as an officer for the last 17 years. She was inducted into the Greater Miami Bowling Council Hall of Fame for Outstanding Service in 1996. She has served the State Board for many years as an officer and as an important committee member. Sue holds a full-time job with the Dade County School System, yet always finds time to participate in all levels of our sport. She is very deserving of this honor and we are very proud of her. Congratulations, Sue.

Also, congratulations go to Janelle Woodburn. She needs to be congratulated for attaining an average of 224 in the 2003-2004 season. This was the highest women's average ever recorded for a season in Dade County history. She is working toward being on the top of the list this season, too, by shooting award scores throughout this year.

Annual Meeting
During our well attended Annual Meeting, awards were passed out and an election was held. Patty Nevers was voted in as our next GMWBA President. Good luck to her in this upcoming transition year. Our outgoing President, Margo Buzzard, did a great job while in office these past couple of years.

League Officer of the Year
As a reminder, get your nominations in for League Officer of the Year. If you have a Secretary, Treasurer or other league officer that goes that extra mile, tell us about her/him, but do so before May 20, 2005. Send your nominations to our association office.

In Memory
Condolences go to the family of Shirley Beck, long time member of the Board of Directors of our association. Earlier this year Shirley succumbed to an illness and passed away. A simple, but moving service was conducted by her church. We will miss this wonderful lady who gave so much of her time to the sport she loved.


On January 11, 2005 bowling lost a real friend and a genuinely fine person. Richard (Ed) Arnette passed away. Ed was a staunch supporter of bowling, particularly with his sponsorship for youth leagues and events. He also sponsored numerous adult leagues and bowling teams over the years. He served on the Greater Miami Bowling Association board of directors in the 1970's and 1980's. The Sparetimes extends condolences to his family.



The final ABC Convention was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 18, 2005. At the conclusion of the meeting, the ABC flag was retired.

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is now in full operation. This is the organization that was formed as a merger of the three main sanctioning bodies of ABC, WIBC and YABA. The USBC went into effect on January 1, 2005.

Plans are being made to merge the three Miami associations (GMBA, GMWBA and GMJBA) into a single organization. In order for this to happen, the GMBA Council of Delegates, who will meet on May 15, 2005, must approve the merger proposal. Women membership from within he GMWBA have already given their approval for the GMWBA to merge. The GMJBA Board of Directors has also given their approval for the GMJBA to merge. The final piece is the approval from the GMBA Council of Delegates.

Assuming the needed approval is given, the expected date of the merge is by August 1, 2006. There is much work to be done by a special group (called a “transition board”) in the next year to implement the merged associations. For this summer, this winter, and summer, 2006, the business of league sanctioning will be pretty much the same as it has always been. Women’s leagues will still submit their sanctions to the GMWBA. Men’s leagues will still submit their sanctions to the GMBA. Mixed leagues will still split the sanctions, submitting the women’s sanction cards to the GMWBA, and the men’s sanction cards to the GMBA. Youth leagues will still submit their sanctions to the GMJBA. For the winter, 2006, it will be different, with there then being one organization. There is one exception for adult sanctioning: Women who want to sanction with the GMBA in order to participate in the GMBA tournaments, can sanction with just the GMBA or with both the GMWBA and GMBA. Women who want to participate in the GMWBA tournaments will need to be sanctioned with the GMWBA. Thus, dual memberships will still be a requirement for this coming year if women wish to participate in both the GMWBA and GMBA tournaments. The difference this year for dual membership is that full sanction fees would need to be paid only to either the GMWBA or GMBA, with local membership fees ($8.00) needing to be paid to the other.

Starting this summer, everyone’s sanction card will say “USBC” instead of “ABC”, “WIBC”, or “YABA”. There is not going to be an increase in the sanction fees this coming year.


Summer is almost here. Get your friends together and join a summer youth league. Call your local bowling center for more information.

Coach of the Year
The GMJBA is proud to announce their Coaches of the Year. Carlos Riusech, Bird Bowl; Blondell Michael, Cloverleaf; Richard Coile, Don Carter Kendall Lanes; David Rowen, Piper Lanes; Mike Noud, Homestead Bowling Center. They were presented with jackets during opening ceremonies of the city tournament at Piper Lanes.

City Tournament
The 36th Annual Youth Bowling Championships were held during March at Piper Lanes. It was a wonderful tournament and we wish to thank Lisa Garrido and her staff for all of their help. Results for all six divisions are listed below:

Open Scratch:
Team: Klassic Kids 2197
(Ana Koff, Brooke Kern, Andrew Koff & David Beck)
Doubles: Brooke Kern & Caitlin Graham 1148
Singles Girls: Caitlin Graham 570
All Events Girls: Caitlin Graham 1696
Singles Boys: Eddie Martelli 659
All Events Boys: Jonathan Rawcliffe 1735

Division 2:
Team: Just Friends 2418
(Tyler Rose, Jennifer Houston, Andrew Llorett & Eddie Martelli)
Doubles: Ana Koff & Andrew Koff 1255
Singles Girls: Mindy Coile 556
Singles Boys: Shawn Humphreys 551
All Events Girls: Jennifer Houston 1692
All Events Boys: Matthew Watson 1602

Division 3:
Team: Insert Name Here 2505
(Steven Graham, Jared Kaufman, Nicole O'Grady & Alyssa Harper)
Doubles: Jemie Lavilla & Daniel Perez 1257
Singles Girls: Shawna Dempsey 676
Singles Boys: Tyler Rose 661
All Events Girls: Angela Truncale 1835
All Events Boys: Tyler Rose 1820

Division 4:
Team: Let's Roll 2471
(Dante Collins, Kevia Goins, Akeem Viel & Courtney Conyers)
Doubles: Michael Sims & Michael Johnson 1333
Singles Girls: Courtney Conyers 657
Singles Boys: Jared Kaufman 697
All Events Girls: Ariel Sakowitz 1921
All Events Boys: Michael Johnson 1903

Division 5:
Team: Razorbacks 2716
(Tacoi Sumler, Daniel Gajus, Lance Elder & Adam Rodriguez)
Doubles: Craig Etherly & Charles Williams 1292
Singles Girls: Courtney Estevez 653
Singles Boys: Christopher Bender 670
All Events Girls: Zalika Cabey 1913
All Events Boys: Larry King 1876

Division 6:
Team: Hot Shots 2424
(Janine Monfries, Juniette Hernandez, Crystal Veber & Arlin Sorhaindo)
Doubles: Seth Todd & Courtney Estevez 1246
Singles Girls: Erica Martinez 659
Singles Boys: Bradlee Michael 799
All Events Girls: Briann Sampson 1893
All Events Boys: Bradlee Michael 2059

Junior Gold Qualifiers: Caitlin Graham & Eddie Martelli

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered their time for this tournament. The Youth Leaders did a great job! We hope to see everyone at next year's tournament.

The GMJBA has processed 276 new awards since January 1. There has not been very many high scores but we have noticed that many junior bowler scores are on the rise. 120 games are now 160 and 180 games, and 400 series are now 550 and 600 series. This is a reflection on the bowler, coaches and parents. Keep up the good work All of the following awards have been recognized by USBC:

7-10 split: Luke Curtis, Andrew Koff
Big 4 split: Douglas Hulse
Triplicate: Trashaunna Harrell 100, Jared Kaufman 158
650 series boys: Bruce Bass 667, Phillip Caplan 652, Justin Cohen 658, Sebastian Guerra 660, Thomas Sims 664
700 series boys: Shane Hemperely 706, Kevin Hulse 709, Eddie Martelli 713, Jonathan Rawcliffe 717, Zach Rogers 712
750 series boys: Jesse Thrash 751
800 series boys: Michael Sinclair 814
280 game boys: Josh Kaufman 289, Eddie Martelli 289
600 series girls: Christina Gamble 612, Alyssa Harper 602, Samantha Murphy 602.
650 series girls: Michelle Massard 654
700 series girls: Caitlin Graham 745
300 game: Colin Thrash

Great bowling junior bowlers!


Keystone Junior Bowlers Tour
The Keystone Junior Bowlers Tour holds over 100 events each year in various zones. Bowlers may enter as few or as many events as they desire, and they may bowl in any zone in the US or Canada. The tournaments are a quick, one squad 4 or 6 game scratch format immediately followed by the top five in each age group bowling in the TV style stepladder finals. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and local scholarships are awarded. Entry fees are low and there is no membership fee. Bowlers travel to the tournament site and bowl the same day and do not need to sign up in advance. Local tournaments are run by Ana Koff, Tournament Director and her staff, Ilene & Jack Tuckfield, Carlos Llorett and Amanda Karas. Most tournaments are every 4 to 6 weeks from September to May and are held on Sundays. For additional information please go to (Zone7C) On behalf of the GMJBA we wish to thank Ana and her staff for the wonderful job they do at every tournament. Keep up the good work! Parents, please check out this tournament for your children. They are fun and very rewarding. Hope to see you in the fall!

Junior Gold National Championships
This year, Dade and Broward counties are sending over 25 bowlers, and the State of Florida is sending 88 to the Junior Gold National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana in July. The 2006 Junior Gold will be held in Broward County. This is a great way for our junior bowlers to meet new friends and to bowl on different lane conditions. It is a great experience.


The Sparetimes would like to congratulate Stacey Harper for bowling an 818 series in the HVAC M:echanical/Wednesday Handicap Classic League at Piper Lanes on March 16, 2005. Stacey is the sixth woman to bowl an 800 series in Miami (Leslie Young, Erin Salinetro, Lisa Fuentes, Jennifer Hernandez and Janelle Woodburn were the others). As an interesting tidbit, this now makes four husbands/wives who have bowled an 800 series: Leslie Young/Ronnie Young, Erin Salinetro/Chris Salinetro, Jennifer Hernandez/Peter Hernandez and Stacey Harper/Harold Harper.


As many of you know, Don Carter Kendall Lanes, a household name for many years, sadly enough will be closing their doors after Labor Day this year. As someone once said, “All good things must come to an end”. While we all wonder “where will we go?” we must also look at where we have been. For 29 years we have been a social cocoon for many. The friendships established over the years will not close their doors. We would hope that all of you will keep in touch and continue to bowl.

This definitely will be a “Summer To Remember” at Don Carter Kendall Lanes. We will be giving away a brand new car to one lucky league bowler at the end of the summer season. Come in and take a look at the car which is displayed in the middle of our center and pick up some information on how you could be driving away in a brand new Chevy Aveo.

We will be fully operational throughout the summer with leagues, open bowling, specials, birthday parties and camps! Toward the end of the summer, we will hold a special appreciation event for all our league bowlers. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event!

On the agenda for upcoming tournaments we have the “Kid’s Alley”. It will be starting at 10:00 a.m. on May 21 and 22, 2005. Kids (4 to 12 years) bowl for 14 weeks and receive top brand name toys each week.

There is no other sport like bowling. From young to old we gather weekly to meet and bowl. We would like to thank all of our league bowlers for their constant dedication to the center. The memories will stay with all of us for many years to come. It is hoped the time you spent with us was enjoyable.



As of the time of the publishing of this edition of the Sparetimes, the information we have is that two bowling centers in Miami are being sold. Although we understand that the sales of these two centers have not actually been consummated, the expectation is that if and when the sales do become final, each would be scheduled to close as bowling centers. The closings would happen sometime by the start of this coming fall season.

Don Carter Kendall Lanes and Cloverleaf Lanes each has announced a pending sale. With the closing of these two centers, Miami will be losing 122 lane beds. This, of course, will have a major impact on league bowling in the city, not to mention the lack of available lanes for the casual open bowlers. The leagues in these two centers are making arrangements to move to other centers. It is certainly hoped that the bowlers will follow their leagues to their new locations and continue to bowl.

It is quite disheartening to be losing these two centers, especially since each has been in operation so long. (Cloverleaf Lanes since the 1950's, and Don Carter Kendall Lanes since 1976). They each have given Miami bowlers many years of bowling fun and enjoyment. Their presence in our sport will most definitely be missed.


By special request, we have included an explanation in Spanish about ABC, WIBC, YABA and USBC for our Latin readers. Since this is the final year of ABC, WIBC and YABA, we feel it is an important enough issue to warrant an article in Spanish about it.

Adios ABC, WIBC y YABA. Saben quienes eran estos? ABC (American Bowling Congress) para los hombres; WIBC (Womens’ International Bowling Congress) para las mujeres; YABA (Youth Alliance Bowling Association) para los ninos y jovenes adultos.

La interrogante era: porque tener 3 diferentes organizaciones, porque no una sola para todo el mundo. Finalmente se ha hecho realidad. A partir del primero de enero de 2005, despues de muchas investigaciones, reunions, discusiones, nacio USBC (United States Bowling Congress) que va a servir a mas de 3 millones de boleadores.

Si usted obtuvo su ABC bowling card o sanction card para 2004-2005 es valida hasta el verano del 2005. Una vez usted comience la nueva temporada 2005-2006, notara el cambio. Su nueva tarjeta dira “USBC” y el valor sera el mismo.

Si no quiere esperar a que comience la nueva temporada de bowling o si usted no participo en bowling en este ano, puede ir a y comprar su nueva tarjeta. El numero en la tarjeta no va a cambiar tampoco. Para mas informacion visite

Este es solo el primer paso al futuro del bowling. Participe en una liga y diviertase, haga nuevas amistad


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With mortgage rates still low, but on the verge of starting to rise again, call James at (305) 670-7275 if you are interested in a mortgage loan. He is a fellow bowler who will see that you get the best mortgage deal available.


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