Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 14 Issue 1

January 2007


As most of you know, our three associations have now merged into one. The women, men, and juniors are now represented by a common group of dedicated individuals for the advancement of bowling in Dade County their main goal. The new name is now the Greater Miami USBC Association.

Basically, the purpose of the merger is to provide a single point of service organization in order to provide better service to bowlers. There is also a slight savings in operating costs. The merger, actually, has very little impact to bowlers. League secretaries are the ones who will be most affected by the merger. So far, everything appears to be going very smoothly in the transition. The group has hired Harold Harper to be the Association Manager and he is available to answer any of your bowling questions. He can be reached at (305) 665-2225.

In May, we will have an election to replace or retain about a third of our board members. If you are interested in working hard and trying to meet the needs of local bowlers, please keep this in mind when the elections take place. Watch for information forthcoming about this.

Below is a list of the local board members who are available to serve your bowling needs:


Phil Schemer (President) (305) 234-8399
Butch Hall (Vice Pres.) (305) 245-7692
Johanna LaRosa (Vice Pres.) (305) 621-3018
Patty Nevers (Vice Pres.) (305) 351-6675
Bruce Garey (Sgt-At-Arms) (305) 651-5856


Glenda Beckett (305) 232-9292
Christopher Best; (305) 553-9344
Susan Coile (305) 552-9650
Sharon Colon (305) 254-6298
Joan Dillon (305) 554-7683
Eugene Finley (305) 651-7969
Shelley Goldstein (305) 596-0986
Danielle Hall (305) 305-0158
Stacey Harper (305) 969-1579

  Rudy Levarity (305) 332-5450
Luis Lora (305) 220-6638
Rick Mesa (305) 345-9066
Becky Murray (305) 725-5041
Joyce Rumbaugh (305) 969-5075
Teri Sadler (305) 223-2631
Ronnye Weisberg (305) 382-0105

Youth Directors: (for youth-related items)

Larry Brande (954) 297-2073
Mindy Coile (305) 552-9650
Danielle Graham (305) 271-0573
Alyssa Harper (305) 969-1579
Betty Jo Martelli (305) 258-5435
Natalie Riveron (305) 227-2894
Dianna Rose (305) 972-8187
Tere Sinclair (305) 385-2831
Matthew Watson (305) 232-7666


The First Greater Miami USBC Associationís handicap city tournament will be held at Bird Bowl on February 24-25 and March 3-4, 2007. The tournament is open to all USBC sanctioned bowlers, including those from associations outside of Greater Miami. The tournament has three classifications: Women (women only), Open (men and women) and Youth (youth only). There are separate handicap divisions within the Open and Youth classifications. Bowlers will compete only against bowlers in their divisions within their classification. There are two squads each day, except for the first Saturday where there will be a 9:00 squad for youth bowlers only. Entry forms will be available in January at bowling centers. Contact the Greater Miami USBC office at (305) 665-2225 if you are not able to find one.


The Greater Miami USBC Association is offering a special handicap Adult/Junior doubles tournament as part of their city tournament at Bird Bowl on Saturday, February 24, 2007 and Sunday, February 25, 2007. Squad times are 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Adults can pair with juniors to compete for scholarship money for the junior bowler. This will be a great opportunity for junior bowlers to bowl with an adult for some scholarship money. Entry forms will be available in January at bowling centers.



We plan on having our Third Annual Seniors Tournament later on this year, perhaps in April. This is a chance for all senior bowlers to come out and show their stuff. This year, it will be open to both men and women, and will be bowling in their own separate divisions.

Some of you get a little intimidated bowling in the bigger tournaments with all of the younger bowlers, but this is different. Those of you who have participated in this event in the past need to recruit more bowlers for this fun event. Let them know about the good time you had and it will make it a successful endeavor this year too!


Do you know any bowlers within the Greater Miami USBC Association who have consistently excelled at bowling ability or bowling service for at least 8 years? If so, you should nominate them for the Greater Miami USBC Association Hall of Fame. All it takes is a phone call to Danielle Graham at (305) 271_0573. Hurry, though. The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2007.

The nominees will be asked to provide a resume of their qualifications and achievements, which will be reviewed by a screening committee for eligibility. Those who meet the qualification standards will be forwarded for voting by current Hall of Fame members in June.


On August 15, 2006, a truly remarkable bowling feat happened. Bowling at Bird Bowl, we had two of our men bowlers bowl an 807 series. That in itself is awesome enough, but they took it a step further. Both were bowling at opposite ends of their league and each bowled exactly the same three scores in exactly the same order, yet neither knew the other was doing it at the time. Congratulations go to Harold Harper and Mike Hamilton for their bowling performances that night. Their scores were 248-280-279.


Do you believe in deja vu? Michael Hamilton probably does. Last year at the Kendall Lanes Adult/Child Holiday Tournament, left hander Michael Hamilton bowled his first adult 300 game Then, later that same week during league play at Bird Bowl he bowled another 300 game. Well, he did it again, but better. On December 26 at Bird Bowl during the Bird Bowl Adult/Child Holiday Tournament, he bowled a 300 game and 835 series. Then later that week during league play at Bird Bowl, he bowled a 300-299-243 for an 843 series.

We can only bet that he canít wait for next yearís Holiday Adult/Child tournament so he can try for a three-peat. Congratulations on fantastic bowling, Mike.


Are you, as a league bowler, getting the awards recognition you are earning? League secretaries are supposed to identify award scores and submit the award applications to the association office. During the first six months of the newly merged associations, we can report that only a few secretaries are actually doing this. We would like to provide a list of the available local and USBC awards that are available to bowlers. Make sure to notify your league secretary if you have any of the achievements listed below. The USBC awards pertain to both adults and youth bowlers.

Local Adult Awards:

First Lifetime 600 Series
First Lifetime 700 Series
275-300 Game
75-99 Pins Over Average Game

Local Youth Award:

50+ Pins Over Average Game

USBC Awards:

Triplicate Series
Big 4 Split Conversion
7-10 Split Conversion
All Spare Game
Dutch 200 Game
75-99 Pins Over Average Game
100+ Pins Over Average Game
140+ Pins Over Average Series
80+ Game (with average of 50 or less)
100+ Game (with average of 70 or less)
120+ Game (with average of 90 or less)
140+ Game (with average of 100 or less)
160+ Game (with average of 120 or less)
180+ Game (with average of 140 or less)
200+ Game (with average of 160 or less)
250+ Game (with average of 170 or less)
200+ Series (with average of 50 or less)
300+ Series (with average of 90 or less)
400+ Series (with average of 115 or less)
500+ Series (with average of 140 or less)
600+ Series (with average of 175 or less)
700+ Series (with average of 210 or less)

USBC High Score Awards:

298 Game
299 Game
300 Game
800+ Series
11 Strikes in a Row Game



Dade County All Stars

This tournament organization has been around since 1969. They hold handicap tournaments, usually on the fourth Sunday of each month (unless it is a holiday weekend). Participants can also enter an optional scratch prize fund. It is open to men and women USBC members with a 21 game verifiable average. The minimum recommended average for bowlers is 165. You donít have to be a member to bowl in the tournaments. If you like good, competitive tournaments with good sportsmanship, this tournament is for you.

For information, please contact Francie Boellard at (305) 408-9093 or visit their web site at

Dade County Bowlerettes

This is the oldest womenís traveling tournament in the South Florida area. They hold both scratch and handicap tournaments on the first Sunday of each month (unless it occurs on a holiday weekend). There are 5 handicap divisions. Four of the tournaments are mixed (men/women) competition. Bowlerettes is open to any woman from any county with a USBC card and a 21 game verifiable average. Any woman may bowl, no matter what her average may be. They bowl in both Dade and Broward counties, alternating as much as possible.

For information and/or applications, in Dade County, please contact Shelley Goldstein at (305) 215-0986, or in Broward County, call Lisa Gomez at (954) 431-5732.


This has been a rather incredible year for Bird Bowl. With the increase in bowlers due to the closing of other centers, we have had to make some major adjustments. We also are in the process of making major renovations to our center to help make your experience at Bird Bowl a pleasurable one.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome new staff members: John Snyder and Candice Williams (Night Managers), Beau Bryant (Restaurant Manager), Marilyn Henning (Front Desk), Gerard Onedo (Director of Promotions, Marketing & Sales), Il'ya Grubin, Mike Sinclair and Mike Robbins (Mechanics), Karen Foley (Bartender) and Susie Coile (Junior Director and Program Manager). We also welcome all of the Junior Coaches from Don Carter Kendall Lanes: Marilyn Henning, Dianna Rose, Joe and Susie Torres, Stephen Rochlin, Ann Tait, Carlos Forero, Richard Coile, Steve Malone, Juan Wolf, Kathy Meyers and Tere Sinclair.

Some of our major accomplishments for 2006 were: Improvements to our Birthday Package (now includes: Master of Ceremonies, Gampa "G", DJ Rozwell, Party Hostesses and a whole lot of fun)! We also reconditioned all eighteen of our pool tables and hosted our first Pool Table Tournament in November.

To our bowlers, let us first apologize for any inconvenience that any of our renovations may cause during the bowling season. We will do our best not to disturb you during this time. Some of our major undertakings for the first quarter of 2007 include the installation of new combination lockers, leveling all the bowling circles to allow easier access for our bowlers and disabled individuals, new flooring, just to name a few.

The Youth Fair's First Annual Middle School Tournament will also be held on Friday, January 26, 2007 at 10 a.m. The Middle School Tournament will be held in February.


Our Holiday Jamboree Tournament was a lot of fun and we had some great scores. In the Adult/Child Tournament. Winners were as follows (money earnings shown are in scholarship dollars):

Division A

1st Place: Natalie Riveron ($100) & John Beck
2nd Place: Michele Harper & Stacey Harper

Division B

1st Place:Darryn Auerbach ($100) & Craig Auerbach
2nd Place: Solomon Porto ($50) & Mike Hamilton

Youth bowler Darryn Auerbach bowled a beautiful 299 game. Mike Hamilton bowled a beautiful 300 game and 835 series. Harold Harper showed off his bowling skills (and luck) by picking up a 7-10 split.

In the Youth Singles Tournament, winners were as follows (money earnings shown are in scholarship dollars):

The handicap division winners were:

Division A

1st Place: Nicholas Crook ($100)

Division B

1st Place: Michele Harper ($125)

Division C

1st Place: Ryan Piedra ($125)

2nd Place: David Garcia ($75)

Michele Harper (10 years old) bowled her lifetime high game of 220 and high series of 484. Congratulations Michele!

The scratch division winners were:

Division A

1st Place: George Acevedo ($100)

Division B

1st Place: Matt Ezrol ($125)
2nd Place: Bobby Walters ($75)
3rd Place: Scott Anderson ($50)
4th Place: Alyssa Harper ($25)

Over the holiday week, we had some amazing scores. In the Heiniken-Perky's Pizza League, team mates Mike Hamilton and Andy Forthmuller recorded 300-299-244 (843 series) and 279-257-278 (814 series), respectively. WOW!

For upcoming events, visit our web site at to learn more about our upcoming events, such as a Super Bowl Party and Fourth of July Party.


The 2007 Top 8 Invitational Tournament is currently scheduled to be held on Fatherís Day (June 17). The top 8 each of men, women, boys and girls will bowl head-to-head matches within their division to vie for the title of "Top 8 Champion". The eligibility requirements this year have changed in that bowlers are required to bowl in at least two leagues. (The old requirement of two different bowling centers has been removed). For youth bowlers, one of their two leagues may be in Broward county. The top 8 bowlers are selected based on their composite averages of their best two leagues.

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