Sparetimes Newsletter

Volume 15 Issue 1

August 2007

Welcome back bowlers! The winter leagues are now forming and have lots of different opportunities and formats for you. We will, at this time, have three bowling centers to choose from: Bird Bowl, Homestead Bowling Center and The Fish Bowl. Contact the centers to see which leagues suit you the best. Keep bowling active in our area. Sign up now and support your sport!


Here is a summary of the changes in USBC rules and procedures for this bowling season:

  • Unopposed pre or post bowl high scores (298 game, 299 game, 300 game, 800 series, 11-in-a-row game) will not be eligible for USBC awards
  • The 100 pins over average award has been changed from a watch to an emblem
  • The choice for an award for a 298 or 299 game has been changed to be only a plaque
  • Any protest resulting from competition in the final two weeks of a league schedule must be filed within 72 hours of the final date of the league schedule or the end of a segment if the league bowls a split season

If you have any questions about rules you can call the association office at (305) 665-2225 or visit the USBC web site at to view the USBC rule book. Click "Rules" on the left side to get started.


The Greater Miami USBC Association meeting, held on July 21, had many representatives from assorted leagues in attendance. At the meeting a proposed budget was approved and an election was held to fill the openings on the board of directors. Two new directors were elected: Melissa Coile and Peggy Guest. In addition to this, Patty Nevers was elected as our new President, filling the spot previously held by Phil Schemer. Many thanks to him for all of his hard work this past year.


This year we will be inducting three members into the Greater Miami USBC Bowling Hall of Fame. The three men that were voted in are Gary Fox, Harold Harper, and Richie Omodeo, Jr. All are being inducted into the Hall in the category of bowling ability. Gary Fox has been bowling in South Florida for many years and has had many high games and sets during that time. Harold, who was previously inducted for service, continuously racks up honors scores and high averages to justify

  his new place on the Hall of Fame Honor Roll. Richie Omodeo, Jr. will join his father, Richie, Sr. and his mother, Patty Omodeo Cohen, to make the distinction of being the first whole family unit to be inducted. A dinner has been planned for their induction and will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at the Miami Elks 948 Lodge at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are available for $30. Contact Danielle Graham at (305) 271-0564 or 305-246-1333. All of the proceeds go into the Junior Scholarship Fund, which helps provide a great education for our youth. We hope you will be able to attend this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you there.


The turnout at last season’s Senior Handicap Tournament was so impressive that it was decided to hold more than one tournament a year. The next tournament is scheduled for September 16 at Bird Bowl at 11:00 a.m. Sign-up is from 9:30 a.m to 10:45 a.m. There are separate divisions for men and women. Women can opt to bowl with the men, making the men’s division an open division. The open division will bowl 4 games and the women will bowl 3 games. The entry fee is $20 for the women’s division and $25 for the open division. Those in the open division can also enter an optional scratch division for an additional $25, where the scores bowled will count toward both handicap and scratch. All USBC sanctioned Miami senior bowlers were mailed an entry form. If you didn’t receive one, you can register for the tournament by either visiting the association web site under the "Tournaments" section at, calling the association office at (305) 665-2225, or just coming to Bird Bowl on September 16 before 10:45 a.m. Tell your friends and plan for a good time.

At the April 15, 2007 tournament, 90 bowlers competed. 45 were in the women’s division and 45 were in the open division. As a tournament highlight, Carlos Baquero bowled a 290 game. The top winners were as follows:

Women’s Division Handicap (3 games)

1st Carmen Grau (661)
2nd Joyce Williams (657)
3rd Gladys DeMarize (641)

Open Division Handicap (4 games)

1st Carlos Baquero (1048)
2nd Dennis Burdick (1042)
3rd Richard Omodeo (991)

Optional Scratch (Within the Open Division)

1st Carlos Baquero (1012)
2nd Harold Harper (936)
3rd Richard Omodeo (925)



The annual Greater Miami USBC Association City Tournament was held at Bird Bowl on February 24-25 and March 3-4, 2007. This was the first time the new USBC board conducted the tournament. The overall results can be viewed on the association web site at, under "Tournaments". Here are the top finishers:


Handicap Team:
A Division (760 & up):
1st Mike Hamilton Team 2992
(Damian Akers, Mike Hamilton, Enrique Quinoa, Carlos Suarez)

2nd Roger Boone Team 2874
(Jeffrey Boone, Roger Boone, Steve Delisi, Charles Maxey)

B Division (759 & under):
1st WGAF 2992
(Juan Loyal, Francisco Martinez, Robin Smith, Andrew Perez)

2nd Tap That 10 2932
(Graciela Dube, Mireya Gomez, Rosa Mendez, Jackie Yaniz)

Scratch Team:
1st Mike’s Pro Shop 2794
(Mike Greene, Mike Hamilton, Harold Harper, Mike Kaczka)

Handicap Singles:
A Division (190 & up):
1st Albert Davis II 829
2nd Keith Nation 825

B Division (189 & under):
1st Jackie Yaniz 792
2nd Andrew Perez 783

Scratch Singles:
1st Keith Nation 825
Handicap Doubles:

A Division (380 & up):
1st Julian Herradon, Jr. - Andy Forthmuller 1546
2nd Michael Smith - Joey Colon 1523

B Division (379 & under):
1st Susana Torres - Jose Torres 1481
2nd Damian Akers - Michael Sinclair 1467

Scratch Doubles:
1st Julian Herradon, Jr. - Andy Forthmuller 1474

Handicap All Events:
1st Mary Martinez 2290
2nd Richard Rump 2253

Scratch All events:
1st Keith Nation 2236


Handicap Team:
1st Tap That 10 2716
(Graciela Dube, Mireya Gomez, Rosa Mendez, Jackie Yaniz)

2nd Late Bloomers 2708
(Sherry Cockfield, Sharon Colon, Sue Jacobs, Ronnye Weisberg)

Scratch Team:
1st Late Bloomers 2380
(Sherry Cockfield, Sharon Colon, Sue Jacobs, Ronnye Weisberg)

Handicap Singles:
1st Jackie Yaniz 738
2nd Sherry Cockfield 698

Scratch Singles:
1st Sherry Cockfield 666

Handicap Doubles:
1st Graciela Dube - Rosa Mendez 1329
2nd Patty Nevers - Karen Silva 1313

Scratch Doubles:
1st Stacey Harper - Nikki Mundon 1173

Handicap All Events:
1st Graciela Dube 2173
2nd Jackie Yaniz 2149

Scratch All events:
1st Graciela Dube 1957


Handicap Team:
Division #1 (600 & up):
1st Andrew Meyers Team 2555
(Nicholas Delisa, Jason Martin, Andrew Meyers, Ryan Piedra)

2nd Wonderbread 2495
(Kayleen Boyd, Alyssa Harper, Betty Jo Martelli, Zachary Rogers)

Division #2 (400 - 599):
1st Terminators Too 2525
(Jeremy Burstein, Tori Burstein, Charlie Forero, Melissa Perez)

2nd The Whoppers 2520
(George Acevedo, Eduardo DelCastillo, Everton Drakes, Gabriel Rodriguez)

Division #3 (399 & under):
1st The Four Aces 2365
(Summer Ames, Sarah Ferrer, Kenneth Hall, Joseph Torres)

2nd Girl Power 2310
(Katie Ferrer, Julie Sacher, Ashley Sanchez, Tyler Smith)

Open Scratch:
1st Andrew Koff Team 2523
(Andrew Koff, Steven Malone, Patrick O’Donnell, Colin Thrash)

Handicap Singles:
Boys Division #1 (150 & up):
1st Jason Martin 707
2nd Darryn Auerbach 697

Girls Division #1 (150 & up):
1st Ana Koff 692
2nd Mindy Coile 627

Boys Division #2 (100 - 149):
1st Eric Gonzalez 709
2nd Charlie Forero 695

Girls Division #2 (100 - 149):
1st Melissa Font 655
2nd Michele Harper 654

Boys Division #3 (99 & under):
No entries

Girls Division #3 (99 & under):
1st Samantha Boellard 592

Open Scratch:
1st Jesse Rodriguez 745

Handicap Doubles:
Division #1 (300 & up):
1st Jorge Rego - Tanya Thompson 1351
2nd Zacare Orsborn - Charlie Valdes 1313

Division #2 (200 - 299):
1st Samantha Boellard - Michele Harper 1307
2nd Joshua Lewis - Sabrina Torres 1306

Division #3 (199 & under):
1st Kenneth Hall - Tyler Smith 1148

  Open Scratch:
1st Darryn Auerbach - Jesse Rodriguez 1478

Handicap All Events:
Boys Division #1 (150 & up):
1st Darryn Auerbach 2107
2nd Charlie Valdes 2047

Girls Division #1 (150 & up):
1st Ana Koff 1916
2nd Caitlin Graham 1911

Boys Division #2 (100 - 149):
1st Charlie Forero 1983
2nd Eric Gonzalez 1949

Girls Division #2 (100 - 149):
1st Michele Harper 1989
2nd Tori Burstein 1917

Boys Division #3 (99 & under):
No entries

Girls Division #3 (99 & under):
1st Samantha Boellard 1748

Open Scratch:
1st Andrew Koff 2138

The following high score honor awards were recorded:

300 games: Greg Atwood, Keith Nation
299 games: Stacey Harper
800 series: Keith Nation (825)
11-in-a-row: Keith Nation (290)


The 2007 Top 8 Tournament was held on June 17 at Bird Bowl. The competition format was 8 games of head-to-head match play.

To qualify for the 2007 Top 8, bowlers must have competed in at least two leagues, had at least 60 games, and finished with a composite average of the two leagues high enough to be in the top 8 in the city.

The following bowlers qualified for the 2007 Top 8 Tournament:

Men: Women:
Keith Nation Stacey Harper
228.95 208.61
Harold Harper Melissa Coile
227.38 204.54
Richie Omodeo Jr Traci White
226.78 198.58
Mike Hamilton Sherry Cockfield
224.60 195.26
Wayne Graham Janet Diaz-Dominguez
222.99 193.50
Cliff Watson Nikki Mundon
222.78 192.32
Jerry Mugar Graciela Dube
221.68 191.93
David Smith Danielle Hall
220.10 187.04
Boys: Girls:
Andrew Koff Caitlin Graham
228.29 203.93
Colin Thrash Alyssa Harper
215.87 189.29
Matt Tuckfield Ana Koff
213.10 176.36
Gregory Smith Mindy Coile
209.16 170.60
Zachary Rogers Tanya Thompson
200.35 168.68
Brandon Fraum Kelsey Hudek
197.66 160.73
Andrew Meyers Andrea Rizzo
190.66 160.21
Patrick O’Donnell Rebecca Noud
187.69 149.38

Due to some of these bowlers not being able to bowl in the Top 8 Tournament, alternate bowlers were used as replacements. The alternates were on the list of the top 12 composite averages. The following alternate bowlers competed in the tournament:

Men: Mke Greene 219.75 (9th)

Boys: Jared Kaufman 185.53 (9th)
Sam Stacy 176.60 (10th)
Jason Martin 174.81 (11th)

Girls: Sabrina Torres 124.64 (9th)

  The tournament scoring was very good. The champions, runners-up and their tournament averages for the 8 games are as follows:

Champion Runner-up

Women’s division:
Melissa Coile 237.38
Stacey Harper 225.13

Men's division:
Keith Nation 242.13
Harold Harper 231.13

Girl’s division:
Caitlin Graham 204.13
Ana Koff 172.88

Boy’s division:
Andrew Koff 238.25
Andrew Meyers 226.13

Congratulations to Mike Greene for bowling a 300 game in this tournament.

Unfortunately, there were only 5 girls who actually were able to compete in the tournament. Replacements could not be made because there were no more remaining girls who met the qualifications. It has been increasingly difficult over the past few years to get eight girls who meet the qualifications to bowl in the tournament. To address this, the qualifications for the 2008 Top 8 have been changed so that a secondary list of bowlers will be made of those top average bowlers who have only one league with at least 60 games. In the future, if the tournament field falls short once the primary list (where two leagues with at least 60 games are required) is exhausted, the secondary list will then be used to fill the field.


The annual Junior Olympic Gold tournament was contested in July in Buffalo, New York. We had several local youth bowlers compete. Here is how they finished in the very large field of bowlers from across the nation:

Andrew Koff 20th Place
Matthew Tuckfield 50th
Zachary Rogers 440th
Greg Smith 480th
Jared Kaufman 813th

Brigette Harrelson 81st Place
Alyssa Harper 96th
Ana Koff 252nd
Jennifer Houston 359th

Congratulations go to Andrew Koff on making the finals.


Congratulations to the following local youth bowlers who received All-Dade honors from the Miami Herald:

Brandon Fraum (Killian) 199 average
7th at GMAC
Shawn Humphreys (Krop) 203 average
District Champion
Andrew Koff (Gulliver) 216 average
District & State Champion, Player of the Year
Kevin Rosenberg (Killian) 190 average
GMAC Champion
Colin Thrash (Ferguson) 219 average
Dade High Average

Mindy Coile (Southwest) 190 average
District Champion
Alyssa Harper (Varela) 192 average
Dade High Average, Player of the Year
Nicole O’Grady (Coral Reef) 179 average
th at District
Jenna Sadler (Palmetto) 182 average
GMAC Champion
Angela Truncale (Hia-Miami Lakes) 192 average District Champion

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