The Greater Miami Bowling Association was established in 1937.  The association's largest year for membership was 1984, with 13,800 adult male members.  The most centers at one time was 20.  During the last 70 years, the association has only had seventeen different presidents. After Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, many of the bowlers quit or moved to other areas and we have had a steady decline of membership since that time. 

On May 31, 2006, the Greater Miami Bowling Association, Greater Miami Women's Bowling Association and the Greater Miami Junior Bowling Association merged into a single entity, what is now the Greater Miami USBC Association.  This merger followed the national USBC guidelines in merging the local associations into one association.  The merger took effect on August 1, 2006.  Philip Schemer was elected as the first GMUSBC President.  He had served as the last President of the Greater Miami Bowling Association. 

Services of the Greater Miami USBC

    Checks and certifies all bowling lanes
    Assigns a member of the Executive Committees to each establishment for the purposes of helping with league operations
    Processes all league sanction applications to the United States Bowling Congress
    Recommends approval for sanctions of tournaments
    Promotes and conducts association tournaments and other tournaments
    Distributes league supplies to all league secretaries
    Maintains individual records of all members
    Interprets rules, furnishes counsel and guidance to assist members and leagues in settling difficult problems
    Conducts hearings relative to infraction of USBC and city association rules
    Assists with the USBC youth bowling program in the Miami area
    Conducts annual school of instruction for league officers
    Publishes annual yearbook showing averages of USBC sanctioned bowlers
    Processes all USBC awards and distributes to the league secretary
    Processes all USBC high score award applications and presents the awards to the bowlers
    Distributes league award kits
    Handles Scholarships, Greater Miami USBC Hall of Fame, BVL and Annual Match Game Elimination Tournament (Top 8) for Scholarship Fund

How To Reach Us
To contact the GMUSBC office, please call the Association's Manager at 305-665-2225 or send an email

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